Tuesday, August 02, 2016


Chelmsford five-handicapper Oscar Yeomans had the best Stableford points total today (Tuesday) in the St Andrews Boys Open competition for the David Ayton Cup over the Strathtyrum Course.
He totalled 41pts, the equivalent of a five-under-par stoke-play round, finishing one point ahead of France's Ferdinand Le Tendre, who plays off 2, with Ben Ratcliffe (Hull) (4) and Aidan Kemp (Strawberry Hill) (6) sharing third place with 39pt apiece.
Local girl Charlene Wilson (St Regulus) finished 3pt clear with a total of 41 Stableford points off 12 of a handicap in the St Andrews Junior Ladies Open's Links Trust Quaich, again over the Strathtyrum course.
Joint runners-up on the 39pt mark were Ailsa Brannock (Castle Douglas) (19) and Anna MacKenzie (East Renfrewshire) (8).
41pt O Yeomans (Chelmsford) (5)
40 F Le Tendre (Fra) (2)
39 B Ratcliffe (Hull (4), A Kemp (Strawberry Hill) (6)
38 T North (Howley Hall) (1), J McCabe (Lenzie) (6), R Church (Oxley Park) (7), J Wilkes (Swindon) (2)
37 A Wierzba (Pol) (4), J Gonseth (Fra) (1), I Gladovsky (Spa) (3), J Crabb (Chesfield Downs) (5), B Gill (Northcliffe) (5)
36 R Goodyear (Forest Pines) (4), C Jackman (Dunblane New) (5), J Audibert (Fra) (scr), M Wilso (Bothwell Castle) (5),G etrie (Luffenham Heath) (2), A Simeurt (Fra) (scr)
35 E Muckley (Great Barr) (5), J Vinther Laurson (Den) (5), O Benson (Redbourn) (3), J Agerschou den) (12), B Rogers (Clober) (8).
42pt C Wilson (St Regulus) (12)
39 A Brannock (Castle Douglas) (19), A MacKenzie (East Renfrewshire) (8)
38 L Craig (Elderslie) (12)
37 E Crang (Darlington) (5)
36 I Lorente (Spa) (8), N Lendrum (Parklands) (5)
35 N Ainsley-Thomas (Whittlebury Park) (4), E Henderson (Loretto School) (9).
34 N Michas (Pol) (10)
33 N Robertson (Stirling) (3), H Darling (Broomieknowe) (6), B Greenhalgh (Manchester) (1), L Towers (Minto) (12), P Wilson (Burntisland) (7).
32 C Kelly (Hagley) (2), M Ashley (Strathmore) (5), C Laesecke (St Regulus) (17).
31 H Kelly (Fulford) (24), A Piechula (Pol) (10)
30 L McClymont (Milngavie) (6)
29 R Watkins (Falkirk Tryst) (12), C Keogh (Kibworth) (13), z Wojcik (Pol) (9)
28 R McSharry (Workington) (11), E Furniss (Gaudet Luce, Worcs) (6)
26 Claudia Bowman (Durham City) (6)
25 S Kemp (Helensburgh) (13), E Logie (Buckpool) (6)
24 A Field (Burnham and Berrow) (4)
19 S Pook (Auchterarder) (13)



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