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North East Alliance Order of Merit

Cruden Bay's touring pro Kevin Duncan continues to put pressure on the rest of the field with 4776 points after a blistering 64 at Fraserburgh today to extend his lead in the scratch OOM section.  The Class 1 handicap section is a little more fluid with strong finishes at the top of the table leading to some positional changes.  The same is true for the Class 2 handicap section where the leaders are beginning to bunch up after an extended start by the front runners.  All to play for in all three sections!

Scratch Section Top Twenty
1 K Duncan (Cruden Bay) 4776 (1)
2 J Duff (Newmachar) 4138 (2)
3 E Wheat (Montrose Golf Links) 3502 (3)
4 S Finnie (Caledonian) 3100 (5)
5 P McLean (Peterhead) 2929 (4)
6 K Zeynalov (Portlethen) 2617 (6)
7 K Nicol (Dunes GC) 2613 (7)
8 B Murray (Portlethen) 2338 (9)
9 S Kiloh (Portlethen) 2099 (8)
10 J Nicolson (Newmachar) 1901 (11)
11 B Nicolson (Newmachar) 1888 (10)
12 C Dempster (Paul Lawrie GC) 1801 (14)
13 R Cameron (McDonald Ellon) 1762 (12)
14 J Calder (Newmachar) 1613 (13)
15 S Lawrie (Paul Lawrie GC) 1400 (15)
16 R McConnachie (Peterculter) 1350 (16)
17 D Leslie (Bon-Accord) 1324 (20)
18 P McKenna (Peterculter) 1224 (17)
19 L Murray (Kippie Lodge) 1200 (26)
20 S McWilliam (Royal Aberdeen) 1199 (21)

Class 1 Handicap Section Top Twenty
1 E Wheat (Montrose Links) 2899 (1)
2 S Finnie (Caledonian) 2887 (2)
3 S McWilliam (Royal Aberdeen) 2667 (5)
4 J Nicolson (Newmachar) 2493 (3)
5 D Leslie (Bon-Accord) 2409 (8)
6 D Adam (Kemnay) 2325 (4)
7 S Kidd (Longside) 2188 (6)
8 B Nicolson (Newmachar) 2074 (7)
9 M Duncan (Murcar Links) 1992 (10)
10 D Fleming (Portlethen) 1988 (13)
11 J Borthwick (Craibstone) 1975 (12)
12 D McLean (Kemnay) 1901 (9)
13 D Templeton (Murcar Links) 1826 (11)
14 B Murray (Portlethen) 1818 (20)
15 W Skene (Deeside) 1814 (16)
16 C Duffus (Royal Aberdeen) 1637 (14)
17 J Emslie (Royal Aberdeen) 1592 (18)
18 J Calder (Newmachar) 1588 (15)
19 R Bruce (Edzell) 1538 (17)
20 M Merchant (Newmachar) 1417 (19)

Class 2 Handicap Section Top Twenty
1 A Sorley (Newmachar) 3628 (1)
2 R Denning (Inverurie) 3439 (2)
3 P Cornfield (Newmachar) 3063 (3)
4 L Fowler (Royal Aberdeen) 2812 (6)
5 R Ruddiman (Royal Aberdeen) 2712 (4)
6 R Brown (Kemnay) 2604 (8)
7 D Townsley (Peterculter) 2499 (5)
8 R Coupar (Duff House Royal) 2213 (14)
9 M Forster (Cruden Bay) 2163 (7)
10 R Smith (Craibstone) 2137 (11)
11 G Allan (Newmachar) 2114 (12)
12 J Scott (Peterculter) 2037 (9)
13 M MacKay (Kemnay) 1940 (10)
14 G Thom (Murcar Links) 1888 (13)
15 P Guthrie (Trump International) 1763 (15)
16 T Boyle (Portlethen) 1749 (16)
17 P Cheyne (Northern) 1700 (17)
18 M Brown (Kemnay) 1606 (18)
19 K Mathieson (Kintore) 1576 (24)
20 I Birnie (Deeside) 1526 (19)

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There's no stopping Cruden Bay tour pro Kevin Duncan on the North-east Alliance circuit.
He headed a field of 86 players by four strokes at Fraserburgh Golf Club today (WED) with an excellent round of six-under-par 64 which included nine birdies in halves of 32.
He also had a double bogey 6 at the 13th.
Duncan, pictured, put his latest success - his sixth of the season including his Scottish Alliance triumph at Boat of Garten - down to very good short-iron play.
He won the £140 top scratch prize by four strokes from four players on the 68 mark: Kris Nicol (Dunes GC), Paul Lawrie (Gleneagles Hotel), John Duff (Newmachar) and Ben Murray (Portlethen).
In all, five players got under the par of 70 with Kamran Zeynalov (Portlethen) notching a 69 to claim fifth place.
It was Lawrie's first competitive round for several months due to injury and he will be encouraged by the fact that he had birdie chances at almost every hole, apart from the par-5 15th where he had a double bogey 7 after losing a ball.
Murray earned joint second place, with the aid of an eagle 2 at the 13th
The early starters faced persistent rain and cold temperatures for most of the round although the wind was relatively light for most of the day.
The later started enjoyed some respite from the rain with some glimpses of sunshine.
There was universal praise for the condition of the course.

par 70
64 K Duncan (Cruden Bay) £140.
68 K Nicol (Dunes GC), P Lawrie (Gleneagles Hotel), J Duff (Newmachar), B Murray (Portlethen).
Class 1 - D Leslie (Bon Accord) (4) 68; M Buchan (Cruden Bay) (3) bih, M Findlay (Cullen Links) (3) bih, S McWilliam (Royal Aberdeen) (4) 69; D Fleming (Portlethen) (5) 70.
Class 2 - R Brown (Kemnay) (18) 62; G Travis (Auchmill) (16) 67; N Stewart (Northern) (13) bih, K Mathieson (Kintore) (14) bih, R  Coupar (Duff House Royal) 69


OUT: 444  435  344  35  
IN: 444  435  434  35

K Duncan 32-32 for 64
OUT: 45 434  243  32    IN: 343 634 333 32
K Nicol 34-34 for 68
P Lawrie 34-34 for 68
J Duff 34-34 for 68
B Murray 35-33 for 68


North-east of Scotland Golfers’ Alliance
Fraserburgh Golf Club – 16 January 2019

par 70
64 K Duncan (Cruden Bay)
68 K Nicol (Dunes GC), P Lawrie (Gleneagles GC), J Duff (Newmachar), B Murray (Portlethen)
69 K Zeynalov (Portlethen)
72 M Findlay (Cullen Links), M Buchan (Cruden Bay), D Leslie (Bon-Accord), L Murray (Kippie Lodge)
73 S Finnie (Caledonian), C Dempster (Paul Lawrie GC), S McWilliam (Royal Aberdeen), E Wheat (Montrose Links)
74 R McKen (Trump International), S Kiloh (Portlethen), J Nicolson (Newmachar), J Borthwick (Craibstone), F Bisset (Banchory)
75 D Fleming (Portlethen), J Emslie (Royal Aberdeen), C Angus (Kemnay)
76 K Beveridge (Kippie Lodge)
77 W Middler (Peterhead), R Blackmore (Tarland), M Fraser (Longside), D Craigie (Kemnay)
78 D Booth (Tarland), P Morrison (Newmachar), K Beveridge (Aboyne)
79 C Morrison (Inverurie), S Moore (Kemnay), L Fowler (Royal Aberdeen), W Skene (Deeside), N Hardie (Kintore)
80 R Brown (Kemnay), A Rodger (Fraserburgh), D McLean (Kemnay), M Duncan (Murcar Links)
81 R Reid (Tarland), S Allison (Bon-Accord), R Ruddiman (Royal Aberdeen), R Sinclair (Kintore)
82 R Davidson (Caledonian), G Chalmers (Alford), N Watt (Cullen Links), R Denning (Inverurie), N Stewart (Northern), G Allan (Newmachar), P Cornfield (Newmachar)
83 D Cassie (Nigg Bay), S Kidd (Longside), R Smith (Craibstone), R Coupar (Duff House Royal), G Travis (Auchmill), M Denholm (Deeside), K Mathieson (Kintore)
84 P Walker (Cruden Bay), G Homer (Aboyne), P Low (Craibstone), R Duncan (Deeside), C Duffus (Royal Aberdeen)
86 C Cassie (Nigg Bay), G Gibson (Kemnay), J Sunley (Newmachar), P Cheyne (Northern), D Townsley (Peterculter)
87 B Lumsden (Northern), G Thom (Murcar Links)
88 J Scott (Peterculter), I Birnie (Deeside), M Rogers (Kemnay), D Lawrie (Deeside)
89 D Wright (Auchmill), D Lane (Deeside)
91 M Brown (Kemnay), C Craig (Kintore), D Bisset (Banchory)
93 A Sorley (Newmachar)
94 S Davidson (Northern)
NRs J Duff (Fraserburgh), G Somers (Bon-Accord), S Hanson (Kemnay), D Wilson (Paul Lawrie GC), S Shand (Kemnay), G Leslie (Deeside).


Czech Ladies Open makes debut on Ladies European Tour
The Ladies European Tour and LET Access Series jointly announced today a new event set to debut on their 2019 schedules. The Tipsport Czech Ladies Open will be played at Golf Resort Karlštejn on from August 23-25 and will become the second dual-ranking event between the LET and LETAS, following the Jabra Ladies Open.

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Portlethen Golf Club
David Pocock appointed new head professional

By David Fleming, club captain
I am delighted to announce that David Pocock, 

pictured below, has accepted our offer to 

become our New PGA head professional.

When we started the 

recruitment process,

given the time required to

advertise for and interview 

potential candidates in 

addition to allowing

for any notice period that 

may require to be given by 

the successful

candidate, the Club 

 Committee were

of the opinion that we would be

doing well to have Stuart Wilson's

replacement in post before the start

of the new season.

The even better news is, therefore, that David will take up his duties on Tuesday, February 12, in which case the period during which we need to make interim arrangements, will be of very limited duration.

By way of background, David is an Aberdonian by birth and played off scratch before turning professional and beginning his career in golf in 2003 by being appointed an Assistant Professional at Oldmeldrum.

He progressed by becoming one of the teaching professionals at Pine Lodge Golf Centre at Kemnay for a couple of years and then became Head PGA Professional / Director of Golf at Kingscliff Golf Solutions, a corporate golf company based in Aberdeen until 2010.

Pocock then headed south to Wales where he was head PGA professional at Rhondda Golf Club until 2012 and then became a co-founder and director of Golf of Valleys Golf Enterprise which was the first Golf Social Enterprise in the UK, delivering golf sessions to over 25,000 school children as well as adults in some of the most deprived areas in the country.

David was so successful in this role, in 2014 he was head hunted by his current employers, Bryn Meadows Golf Hotel and Spa, which is the second largest independently-owned golf resort venue in Wales.

He was Head of Golf Operations there and was also heavily involved in Sales and Marketing including Social Media responsibility. 

Pocock has also been involved in writing successful grant applications to assist the establishment of a 9-hole academy course and simulator studio in addition to instigating and growing the largest junior academy and junior section in Wales with over 200 children and beginner adults in membership and coaching weekly.

During the interview process I was very impressed with David’s personality and generally relaxed approach while demonstrating a depth of knowledge of all aspects of a Golf Club operation. Indeed, I am genuinely excited at the prospect of what David can bring to Portlethen Golf Club.

There is little doubt that Stuart Wilson will be a hard act to follow, but I do think in this appointment, members will again benefit from the services that can be offered by a PGA professional in addition to which, we have a great opportunity to ensure the club continues to progress and jump even further up the league table of clubs where someone would wish to be a member.

Please, therefore, do make sure you introduce yourself to David as soon as you can after he arrives and make him feel welcome and part of the club as soon as possible.

Finally, I would remind you again that you all have the opportunity to join with us at an informal function to say farewell to Stuart Wilson on Wednesday, January 30 from 7pm onwards.

Stovies will be on offer to all those attending. As I have already said in my earlier message, it would be great if as many Members as possible can manage along and, just to aid planning, please remember to drop Dino or myself a note to intimate that you are going to be there.

I hope all of the foregoing is self-explanatory but if any matter requires clarification, as always, please feel free to email me directly on


David A. Fleming

Club Captain.


Micheluzzi, Windred go 1-2 at Aussie Am as match-play starts
David Micheluzzi (Golf Australia photo)
David Micheluzzi (Golf Australia photo)
MELBOURNE, Australia (Jan. 16, 2019) – It’s a truism that great stories can come at any point among the top 64 men who qualify for the Australian Amateur match play.

But at the top and bottom of tomorrow’s batting order are the undoubtedly top two yarns of day two.

World No. 8 David Micheluzzi set a second course record in as many days to stamp his authority on the national championship he so covets and win the medal by an astonishing seven shots at 16 under.

At the other end of the day, and with qualifying’s very last putt, St Michael’s youngster Harrison Crowe remarkably took the 64th and last match play berth for the second year running.

Crowe had been 5-over par for the tournament through 27 holes and thinking about his flight home to Sydney.

Four hours later, he’d made the third and final birdie of an 11-man playoff with a curling downhill putt on the first at Woodlands to breathe life into his campaign.

“After nine holes today I was looking really ordinary, (but I) had 4 under on the back nine and had to make a birdie up the last just to get into the playoff,” Crowe said. “To hole that (playoff) putt there down the hill felt really good. I just ground it out, tried to make birdies and pushed … and it worked out in my favor. I made it tough for myself two years in a row, but I’m still here and still going.”

Crowe knew instinctively that his heroics set up a Thursday morning clash with Victorian powerhouse Micheluzzi.

“I know he’s had 16 under … but anything can happen in match play and I just need to play my own game and see what happens tomorrow.”

Micheluzzi, off an 8-under 63 at Spring Valley on Tuesday - an amateur course record - couldn’t find the bottom of the cup early after teeing off 10, carding seven pars to begin his round.

But the 22-year-old caught fire from the 17th, rattling off an astonishing seven birdies and an eagle in his next nine holes.

The Australian Open joint low amateur was left with a putt on the ninth hole, his last, for a round of 63 and to hold the Woodlands course record alone, but it wasn’t to be.

But the Victorian’s second straight 8-under round shot him to 16 under and locked up stroke play honors.

“I felt like I had no idea what I was doing – I felt like I was on repeat,” Micheluzzi joked post-round. “From 17th to seventh hole, it felt like it went for an hour and it probably went for two and a half hours, it just went so quickly.

“Some shots I don’t really remember hitting. I must have been so in the zone that nothing could stop me which is pretty cool.”

With Min Woo Lee turning pro this week, Blake Windred has become Australia’s second-highest ranked amateur - and he played like it on Wednesday.

The New South Welshman followed Micheluzzi into the clubhouse with a 7-under 65 of his own to sit outright second on the standings at 9 under.

That means Australia’s top two men will enter the match play as the No. 1 and No. 2 seeds.

Also carding stunning 65s at Woodlands were international duo Conor Purcell, of Ireland, and Canada’s Joey Savoie, leaving them in a share of third at 8 under. Germans David Rauch, Michael Hirmer and Jannik De Bruyn and Kiwi young gun Daniel Hillier round out the top five at 7 under.

A quartet of Victorians, including in-form Andre Lautee, hold a share of ninth at 6 under.

Micheluzzi’s playing partner and his conqueror in last year’s final, Japan’s Keita Nakajima, ground out a solid 3-under 69 on Wednesday to keep his hopes of going back-to-back alive.

His Japanese compatriot Ren Yonezana also fired a course-record equalling 8-under 64 to forge his way into the match-play following his 5-over 76 at Spring Valley yesterday.

At the end of regulation play, 61 players on even par advanced automatically to the match-play phase, leaving 11 men to battle for the final three spots.

Remarkably, three birdies on the first hole meant New South Welshmen Crowe and James Conran, plus Queensland-based Japanese Yuji Sekito, advanced. Conran will have the chance to emulate his father, long-time professional Steve, who won the 1989 Australian Amateur at Victoria.

The men’s match play Round of 64 begins tomorrow at Woodlands with the first tee time 7: 30 a.m. with the women’s Round of 32 from 12 midday.


AD_HSBC_CHAMPIONSHIP_RS_LAND_CMYK_ColourLowry leads in Abu Dhabi after
equalling course
record of 62

This image of Shane Lowry is displayed by courtesy of Getty Images
Round One Report
Shane Lowry will take a three-shot lead into the second round of the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship presented by EGA after equalling the course record with a sparkling 62 on Wednesday.
The Irishman became the first man to match Henrik Stenson's 13 year old record after firing ten birdies and no bogeys at Abu Dhabi Golf Club early on day one.
Lowry enjoyed a long break over the Christmas period having not played competitively since the 2018 ISPS Handa Melbourne World Cup of Golf in November, and the 31 year old looked refreshed at the first Rolex Series event of the 2019 Race to Dubai season, matching his career best round from the 2009 Irish Open, which he won while still an amateur.
Louis Oosthuizen, Richard Sterne and Mike Lorenzo-Vera were in a tie for second after making the most of favourable scoring conditions in the morning, while afternoon starter Pablo Larrazábal was alongside them on seven under par after carding a stunning eagle, six birdies and one bogey in his first round.
Three-time former champion Martin Kaymer, Englishmen Lee Westwood and Ian Poulter, Dane Søren Kjeldsen and Swede Alexander Björk were another stroke further back, with World Number Two Brooks Koepka at five under par.
Meanwhile, Raphaël Jacquelin joined an exclusive club when he became the 12th man to reach the impressive milestone of 600 European Tour events.
The 44 year old turned professional in 1995 and has so far claimed four European Tour titles, as well as winning twice on the Challenge Tour. The Frenchman follows in the footsteps of Sam Torrance, Miguel Ángel Jiménez, Barry Lane, Colin Montgomerie, Roger Chapman, Paul Lawrie, Eamonn Darcy, Peter Baker, Malcolm Mackenzie, David Howell and Robert Karlsson by entering the 600 club.
Player Quotes
Shane Lowry: “Golf is such  a funny game, isn't it? Obviously quite a lot of time off since the World Cup but put in a decent bit of work the last two weeks over here in Dubai and just gone out with not much expectation but knew I was playing okay, and everything clicked.
“I didn't hit as many fairways as I would have liked, but I was hitting everything close and managed to hole a couple of putts, as well. It was one of those days where it just felt comfortable. Even standing there on the last hole, sometimes you can get a little bit anxious or nervous in situations like that, but I just felt great.
“I'm obviously over the moon. It equals the best score I've ever shot. I knew that, as well, and I said it to my caddie coming down the last. A birdie here would be the best score I've ever shot, which obviously he said, then why don't you just go for it. I left the putt short, but I felt like I hit a decent putt, it was just a bit more into the grain than I felt, and yeah, obviously I'm very chuffed."
Mike Lorenzo-Vera: “I have to say I've been sick for the last two days with a really bad throat and fever, so had some really bad nights. So very happy about the start anyway.
“It's going to be definitely my objective to catch at least one (win), but we are trying to just be out of the result and then just try to work well and then the results will come.”
Louis Oosthuizen: “It's very important to keep going and play well. A good start to the season is always nice for the rest of the year, you can sort of build on that, so if I can put three more good rounds together and then see if I can have a good finish this week."
Pablo Larrazábal: “I'm four under par the front nine, playing great golf, and didn't make birdie on ten. It looked like the run slowed down a little bit and on 14, we were between clubs. I hit a perfect seven just short of the landing area we wanted to, and then I thinned it from the bunker over the green, and up-and-down from bogey there.
“On 16 we had a good number, 158 metres, and we tried to land it like 148, 150, and it landed perfectly, and the four or five people that were on the green started screaming. You know, it's been a long time since I had holed an eight-iron. Good to have it, I’ll take it, and nice 34, birdie-birdie to finish, and very happy with the round.”
Brooks Koepka: “I felt like I played well, struck it well, made those kind of key par putts coming down on the back nine. The actual front nine wasn't the best; it was a little sloppy. But I'll just clean it up for tomorrow.
“It was perfect. The wind is barely blowing, perfect weather. The golf course is in great shape. These fairways are quite tight. You hit it in the rough and who knows what's going to happen. The rough is getting a little juicy, especially in the morning when it's a little wet.”



Scots' scores
 par 72

69 Scott Jamieson (T22)
70 Richie Ramsay, Robert MacIntyre (T38)
71 Grant Forrest, David Drysdale (T62)
73 Liam Johnson (T96)
74 Stephen Gallacher (T107)
75 David Law (T117)


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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

European Solheim Cup team will wear Abacus Sportswear at Gleneagles match in September

For the sixth time, Abacus Sportswear will return as the official apparel supplier to the European Solheim Cup team for the next contest, to be staged at Gleneagles Hotel, Perthshire from September 9-15, 2019.


North-east Golfers' Alliance Start Sheet
Fraserburgh GC

Wednesday, January 16, 2019                                                  

By ALAN GALL, NE Alliance secretary
Local playing conditions at Fraserburgh GC: Mats required on fairways, semi-rough and tees where an iron is played.


Charlie Cassie
Nigg Bay

David Cassie
Nigg Bay

Kris Nicol
Dunes Golf Centre

Justin Duff

Raymond Reid

Doug Booth

Richard Blackmore

William Middler

Raymond Brown

Mike Brown

Sandy Davidson


Gordon Gibson

Mike MacKay

Phil Morrison

Calum Morrison

Graham Somers

Stewart Allison

Stewart Finnie

Ritchie Davidson

Simon Hanson

Gavin Chalmers

Craig Dempster
Paul Lawrie Golf Centre

Paul Lawrie
Gleneagles GC

Brian Ritchie

John Duff

Colin Craig

Jim Scott

Peter Walker
Cruden Bay

Stuart McWilliam
Royal Aberdeen

Stewart Kidd

Martin Fraser

Steven Moore

Dave McLean

Ally Sorley

David Wilson
Paul Lawrie Golf Centre

Kevin Duncan
Cruden Bay

Ross McKen
Trump International

Derek Craigie

Michael Buchan
Cruden Bay

Neil Watt
Cullen Links

Michael Findlay
Cullen Links

Ian Birnie

Mike Rogers

John Sunley

Peter Cheyne

Ritchie Smith

Richard Wright

Mike Duncan
Murcar Links

Les Fowler
Royal Aberdeen

David Fleming

Jim Emslie
Royal Aberdeen

David Leslie

Gary Homer

Robert Coupar
Duff House Royal

Peter Low

Gary Leslie

Donald Lawrie

Richard Denning

Graeme Travis

Ben Lumsden

Jackie Forrest

Norman Stewart

Morty Denholm

Steve Shand

Gordon Angus

Richard Ruddiman
Royal Aberdeen

Willie Skene

Alistair B Clark

Graham Thom
Murcar Links

Robbie Duncan

David Lane

Ben Murray

Kamran Zeynalov

Sam Kiloh

Patrick McKenna

Neil Hardie

Colin Duffus
Royal Aberdeen

Ken Mathieson

Derek Townsley

Ryan Bruce

Keil Beveridge
Kippie Lodge

Laura Murray
Kippie Lodge

Kimberley Beveridge

David Bisset

Fergus Bisset

Ewan Wheat
Montrose Golf Links

John Borthwick

Ross Sinclair

Graham Allan
John Nicolson

Paul Cornfield


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