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Daniel Kay (Dunbar), beaten by David Law in the 2011 Scottish amateur championship final at Western Gailes, is back in the limelight as leader by three shots at the halfway stage of the South-east District Championship at Bruntsfield Links, the final 72-hole event with an SGU Order of Merit tag.
In difficult, windy conditions Kay, pictured above, shot very steady rounds of 69 and 71 for a 36-hole tally of two-under-par 140 - eight under the combined CSS of 74x2
His nearest challenger is Greg Marchbank (Thornhill) on 143 (73-72)
Highlander Jeff Wright from Forres is in third place on 144 with a pair of 72s.
Best round of the day was a second-round 68 by Chris MacLean (Balmore) who led for a long way in the recent North-east District Open at (windy) Peterhead. He is joint eighth on 146.
Drumoig professional's son Connor Syme, who won that 72-hole event, is by no means out of contention at Bruntsfield after a pair of 73s for 146.
A total of 43 players with aggregates of 153 and better qualified for Sunday's final 36 holes.

QUALIFIERS 154 and better
Pat 142 (2X71) CSS 74 (reduction only) and 74
140 D Kay (Dunbar) 69 71
143 G Marchbank (Thornhill) 71 72
144 J Wright (Forres) 72 72
145 S Gibson (Southerness) 75 70, M Clark (Kilmacolm) 74 71, R Campbell (Falkirk) 73 72. M Bacigallupo (Longniddry) 73 72
146 C MacLean (Balmore) 78 68, C Syme (Drumoig) 73 73, M Howard (Royal Birkdale) 73 73, A Blaney (Liberton) 72 74, A Dunton (McDonald Ellon) 70 76
147 K Duncan (Cruden Bay) 77 70, K Cantley (Liberton) 77 70, S Rennie (Drumpellier) 74 73, S Borrowman (Dollar) 72 75
148 A Davidson (Charleton) 74 74
149 K Godsman (Moray) 76 73, G Stevenson (Whitecraigs) 75 74, A Moir (Thornton) 74 75, N Macandrew (Royal Aberdeen) 73 76
150 J Wilson (Balmore) 76 74, W Robson (Bellingham) 75 75, S McLaren (Bruntsfield ) 73 77
151 M Johnston (West Lothian) 78 73, L Bain (Turnhouse) 77 74, M Gray (North Berwick) 76 75, A Anderson (Bruntsfield) 74 77, A Culverwell (Dunbar) 72 79.
152 K Gunnyeon (Murcar Links) 78 74, B Kinsley (St Andrews) 77 75, S Stewart-Cation (Leven Th) 77 75, J Hogg (St Andrews New) 76 76, A Sutherland (Ladybank) 74 78.
153 B Carnegie (Glenbervie) 82 71, M Napier (Turnhouse) 80 73, C Baird (Bothwell Castle) 78 75, D Miller (Duddingston) 76 77, D Cairnie (Carnoustie Caledonian) 75 78, G Wright (Bonnybridge) 75 78, C Chalmers (Cawder) 75 78, A Thurlow (Murrayfield) 75 78

154 M Pennycott (Whiting Bay, Arran) 82 72, C Deerness (Harburn) 77 77, A Hain (St Andrews) 77 77, J Duff (Newmachar) 76 78, E Bowden (Tantallon) 75 79.
155 C Farrell (Longniddry) 79 76, J Yuille (Royal Burgess) 78 77, A Carrick (Douglas Park) 78 77, T Watson (S Africa) 76 79
156 R Boyle (Bathgate) 81 75, A Crawford (Deer Park) 79 88, C Howie (Peebles) 78 78, S Heads (Hexham) 77 79, I Melville (Glencorse) 77 79.
157 B McLeod (Musselburgh) 8374, J Rhind (Kingsfield) 82 75, N Peoples (Tantallon) 78 79, P Reilly (Kilmacolm) 76 81, S Walter (West Linton) 76 81
158 J Valentine (Musselburgh) 80 78, K Reilly (Silverknowes) 74 84.
161 J Shaw (Boat of Garten) 79 82
162 S Smith (Deeside) 80 82 

9.03 and 13.33: Gunnyeon and Culverwell
9.12 and 13.42: Anderson and Gray
9.21 and 13.51: Bain and Johnston
9.30 and 14.00: McLaren and Robson
9.39 and 14.09: Wilson and Macandrew
9.48 and 14.18: Moir and Stevenson
9.57 and 14.27: Godsman and Davidson

10.06 and 14.36: Borrowman and Rennie
10.15 and 14.45: Duncan and Cantley  
10.24 and 14.54: Dunton and Blaney
10.33 and 15.03: Syme and Howard
10.42 and 15.12: MacLean and Campbell  
10.51 and 15.21: Bacigallupo and Clark

11.00 and 15.30: Gibson and Wright
11.09 and 15.39: Marchbank and Kay.




Two boys from opposite ends of the country, Lockerbie's Christopher Finnie and Marc Watt from Inverallochy near Fraserburgh share the lead after 36 holes of the Scottish Under-16 Junior Tour Championship at Forfar Golf Club.
Finnie birdied the 14th, 15th and 18th to add a second-round par 69 to his opening score of 74.
Watt matched Finnie's five-over 143 tally with stead rouns of 71 and 72.
With one round to go on Sunday, they are a shot ahead of Cameron Black (Cardross) and Callum Burns (Balmore).
Those players with 36-hole tallies of 155 and better qualified for the final 18 holes.

Par 138 (2x69)
143 C Finnie (Lockerbie) 74 69, M Watt (Inverallochy) 71 72
144 C Black (Cardross) 73 71, C Burns (Balmore) 73 71
145 G Burrett (Haggs Castle) 72 73
146 R Watson (Muckhart) 74 72, D Howie (Peebles) 77 69, F Asher (Nairn) 74 72
147 K Bowman (St Andrews New) 77 70, J Stewart (Old Ranfurly) 74 73
148 S Scott (Nairn) 77 71, M Rickard (Cupar) 76 72.
149 M McCulloch (Portpatrick Dunskey) 79 70
150 J-P Ralph (Royal Liverpool) 74 70, R Franssen (Inverness) 74 76, M McCrone (Troon Welbeck) 74 76.

MISSED THE CUT (players with 155 and better qualified)









It's going to be the shoot-out at Dumfries and Galloway Golf Club on Sunday with seven pros in the mix at the top of the leaderboard for the second round of the Kerr Investments 36-hole pro-am.
Stephen Gray (Hayston), Keir McNicoll (Gullane) and Gareth Wright (West Linton) are joint leaders on three-under-par 67, just one shot ahead of David Nicol (Dundonald Links), Fraser Mann (Carnoustie Links), Christopher Currie (Caldwell), Graham Fox (Clydeway Golf) and Robert Arnott (Bishopbriggs).
Arnott led the Dumfries and Galloway No 15 trio of Billy Boyd (handicap 18), Alan McCabe (16) and David Frazer (12) to victory in the Day 1 pro-am team event with a 21-under-par net score of 119.


Par 70
67 S Gray (Hayston), K McNicoll (Gullane), G Wright (West Linton)
68 D Nicol (Dundonald Links), F Mann (Carnoustie Links), C Currie (Caldwell), G Fox (Clydeway Golf), R Arnott (Bishopbriggs)
69 G Paxton (Ralston), C Marr (Musselburgh), M Patterson (Kilmacolm).
71 C McMaster (Panmure), S Taylor (Bothwell Castle), S Herald (Mearns Castle), G Brown (Montrose Links), DPatrick (Kingsfield), D Orr (Mearns Castle)
72 J Erskine (Dumfries and Galloway), G Hutcheon (Paul Lawrie GC), R Dixon (Renaissance), S Henderson (Kings Links), R Jack (Dumfries and Galloway), C Matheson (Falkirk Tryst), M Kerr (Marriott Dalmahoy), P O'Hara (Clydeway Golf), P Walker (Ballumbie Castle).
73 R Pickard (Loretto), D Wood (Hirsel), C Robinson (Portpatrick Dunsket), P Wardell (Whitekirk)
74 G Law (Uphall), G McB ain (Paul Lawrie GC), C Ronald (Carluke), J McCreadie (Buchanan Castle),  J McKinnon (Irvine)
75 C Haugh (Cawder), J Lomas (Caprington).
76 R Buckley (Royal Musselburgh), S Craig (Craig Golf), L Gaughan (Bathgate), A Welsh (Cathkin Braes)
77 A Brown (Archerfield Links), M King (Kingsfield), R Neill (Drumpellier), Helen Searle (Gailes Golf)
79 C Porciani (Turnberry Hotel, R Leeds (Turnberry Hotel), S Lamb (Peebles).
80 S Costello (Strathaven), D Williamson (Kirkhill). 

 Round 2: Dumfries and Galloway Golf Club 

 Tee  Time      Name

  1   7:15 AM   Duncan Williamson, Kirkhill Golf Club

  1   7:24 AM   Scott Costello, Strathaven Golf Club

  1   7:33 AM   Stephen Lamb, Peebles Golf Club

  1   7:42 AM   Ross Leeds, Turnberry Hotel

  1   7:51 AM   Ciar Porciani, Turnberry Hotel

  1   8:00 AM   Helen Searle, Gailes Golf & Leisure

  1   8:09 AM   Ross Neill, Drumpellier Golf Club

  1   8:18 AM   Mark King, Kingsfield Golf Centre

  1   8:27 AM   Alistair Brown, Archerfield Links

  1   8:36 AM   Alan Welsh, Cathkin Braes Golf Club

  1   8:45 AM   Louis Gaughan, Bathgate Golf Club

  1   8:54 AM   Stephen Craig, Craig Golf 79

  1   9:03 AM   Ryan Buckley, Royal Musselburgh Golf Club

  1   9:12 AM   Jonathan Lomas, Caprington Golf Club

  1   9:21 AM   Craig Haugh, Cawder Golf Club

  1   9:30 AM   James McKinnon, Irvine Golf Club

  1   9:39 AM   Jason McCreadie, Buchanan Castle Golf Club

  1   9:48 AM   Craig Ronald, Carluke Golf Club

  1   9:57 AM   Greg McBain, Paul Lawrie Golf Centre

  1   10:06 AM  Gordon Law, Uphall Golf Club

  1   10:15 AM  Paul Wardell, Whitekirk Golf Course

  1   10:24 AM  Christopher Robinson, Portpatrick Dunskey Golf Club

  1   10:33 AM  Daniel Wood, Hirsel Golf Club

  1   10:42 AM  Richard Pickard, Loretto School Golf Academy

  1   10:51 AM  Patrick Walker, Ballumbie Castle Golf Course

  1   11:09 AM  Paul O'Hara, Clydeway Golf

  1   11:18 AM  Mark Kerr, Marriott Dalmahoy Golf & Count

  1   11:27 AM  Scott Henderson, Kings Links Golf Centre

  1   11:36 AM  Greig Hutcheon, Paul Lawrie Golf Centre

  1   11:45 AM  Craig Matheson, Falkirk Tryst Golf Club

  1   11:54 AM  Ross Jack, Dumfries & Galloway Golf Club

  1   12:03 PM  Ross Dixon, Renaissance Club

  1   12:12 PM  James Erskine, Dumfries & County Golf Club

  1   12:21 PM  David Orr, Mearns Castle Golf Academy

  1   12:30 PM  David Patrick, Kingsfield Golf Centre

  1   12:39 PM  Graeme Brown, Montrose Golf Links Ltd.

  1   12:48 PM  Scott Herald, Mearns Castle Golf Academy

  1   12:57 PM  Steven Taylor, Bothwell Castle Golf Club

  1   1:06 PM   Christopher McMaster, Panmure Golf Club

  1   1:15 PM   Michael Patterson, Kilmacolm Golf Club

  1   1:24 PM   Cameron Marr, Musselburgh Golf Club

  1   1:33 PM   Greg Paxton, Ralston Golf Club

  1   1:42 PM   Robert Arnott, Bishopbriggs Golf Range

  1   1:51 PM   Graham Fox, Clydeway Golf

  1   2:00 PM   Christopher Currie, Caldwell Golf Club

  1   2:09 PM   Fraser Mann, The Carnoustie Golf Club

  1   2:18 PM   David Nicol, Dundonald Links

  1   2:27 PM   Gareth Wright, West Linton Golf Club

  1   2:36 PM   Keir McNicoll, Gullane Golf Club

  1   2:45 PM   Stephen Gray, Hayston Golf Club




Joakim Lagergren is one step closer to sealing a maiden European Challenge Tour title at the Northern Ireland Open Challenge as the Swede displayed the composure of a seasoned champion, striding six shots clear on Day Three at Galgorm Castle.
The 22 year old was coolness personified in much more favourable conditions at the stunning Ballymena venue and a five under par third round 66 means he is well on course for a wire-to-wire victory.
Lagergren began the week in explosive style, carding a course record nine under par 62 on the opening day before proving he could also grind it out as strong winds failed to derail his title charge on the second day, a level par 71 handing him a one shot lead heading into the weekend.
His third round came somewhere in between his roller-coaster rounds during the week, as he strode clear with a superb four under par front nine and, while he opened his back nine with back to back bogeys, the Stockholm player picked up shots at the 12th, 15th holes and 18th to march into a near-unassailable lead.
“I was surprisingly calm out there,” said Lagergren, who is now 14 under for the week. “I had no worries at all and kept calm all day. It’s always a bit nervous on the first tee but I was hitting good shots in the beginning and I got off to a good start so I think that’s a good thing.
“Then you are calm all day instead of getting angry when you’re hitting bad shots. The start was good for me today.
“I had good chances on the first three holes, it was just a matter of time before the first birdie would come. Then as soon as I got a couple under I felt more settled. I holed a nice 25 foot putt at the eight, having just missed the green, so that was a real bonus.
“Otherwise it was just solid play and I gave myself a lot of chances. I didn’t want to step down even if I was leading by three, I just wanted to keep making birdies so I wasn’t looking too much at what everyone else was doing.”
Lagergren won three times on the satellite Nordic Golf League before earning a European Tour card for the 2012 season via Qualifying School, so he feels he is well capable of handling the pressure on the final day at Galgorm.
Certainly, he feels he has formed a special bond with the local fans, who have turned out in their thousands this week and are expected to set a new Challenge Tour attendance record on championship Sunday.
The crowds have been great,” he said. “They are great fans, they have been cheering me on. I think there is something there, they really are urging me on. It’s really nice.
“I played with Dermot (McElroy, local amateur) the first two days and it feels like those fans were still following me today so it has been special.
“I have been in this position on The European Tour before, I was tied for the lead going into the weekend at the Madeira Islands Open, and also back in the Nordic Golf League, when I won a few times.

Par 213 (3x71)
199 J Lagergren (Swe) 62 71 66,
205 M Orrin (Eng) 66 71 68, T Sluiter  (Ned) 67 70 68, B Stone (RSA) 69 67 69,
206 C Ford (Eng) 70 70 66, A Bernadet  (Fra) 68 70 68, S Brown (Eng) 65 69 72, R Davies (Wal) 68 70 68,
207 T Linard (Fra) 67 68 72, J Caldwell  (Nir) 65 73 69, M Haines  (Eng) 71 71 65, B Ritthammer (Ger) 68 70 69, R Russell (Sco) 71 70 66, K Ferrie (Eng) 68 68 71, D Kemmer (USA) 66 69 72,
208 P Maddy (Eng) 69 70 69, N Quintarelli (Ita) 69 75 64, J Lando Casanova  (Fra) 68 71 69, G Shaw (Nir) 67 72 69, R McEvoy  (Eng) 67 73 68,
209 M Decottignies-Lafon (Fra) 70 74 65, S Henry  (Sco) 72 69 68, M Ford (Eng) 71 68 70,
210 E Espana (Fra) 71 70 69, A Snobeck  (Fra) 64 78 68, R McGowan  (Eng) 66 72 72, J Sjöholm (Swe) 68 72 70, P Dwyer (Eng) 69 72 69, A Björk (Swe) 68 74 68,
211 J Guerrier  (Fra) 74 70 67, R Gowers (Eng) 71 71 69, C Paisley  (Eng) 72 67 72, R Kind (Ned) 68 73 70, M Lafeber (Ned) 72 72 67, S Little (Eng) 70 70 71,
212 J Harrison (Eng) 69 73 70, J Huldahl (Den) 70 73 69, J Edfors (Swe) 68 75 69, J Winther (Den) 69 75 68, S Arnold  (Aus) 70 74 68, J Stalter (Fra) 72 71 69, T Murray (Eng) 74 68 70,
213 J Maw (Eng) 68 74 71, M Delpodio  (Ita) 69 73 71, C Aguilar  (Esp) 69 73 71, D Stewart (Sco) 70 74 69, C Hanson (Eng) 68 74 71, K Benz (Sui) 67 76 70,
214 G Cambis  (Fra) 68 76 70, A McArthur  (Sco) 69 72 73, P Figueiredo  (Por) 68 76 70, B Åkesson (Swe) 71 73 70, D McElroy (am) (Nir) 67 73 74,
215 J Garcia Del Moral (Esp) 70 74 71, N Kearney (Irl) 68 75 72, B Virto  (Esp) 74 69 72, C Shave (Eng) 72 72 71,
216 M Murphy  (Irl) 72 70 74, W Booth  (Sco) 67 76 73, J Senior (Eng) 72 71 73,
217 C Shinkwin (Eng) 68 76 73, A Dunbar (Nir) 70 74 73, J Galbraith (am) (Nir) 70 72 75,
218 C Kelly (Sco) 72 72 74,
220 J Garcia Pinto (Esp) 73 71 76, A Wrigley (Eng) 70 74 76,






Colin Montgomerie’s breathless bid for back-to-back victories in the Travis Perkins Masters remains on track after the Scot moved four shots clear at Woburn Golf Club with a three under par second round of 69.
The 2010 European Ryder Cup Captain won the title by six shots last year and has been in dominant form once again as he looks to claim his third European Senior Tour victory of the season, following double Major success at the US Senior PGA Championship presented by KitchenAid and the US Senior Open.
Having shared the overnight lead with American Gary Rusnak, Montgomerie claimed the outright advantage with a birdie on the first hole, but then gave that shot back with his a bogey on the par three third hole.
He then birdied the fifth, tenth and 12th holes, but dropped a shot on the 15th before holing an eight foot birdie on the last for a seven under par total of 137.
In contrast, Rusnak found the trees on the closing hole en route to a double bogey six, meaning he slipped back to one under par, leaving fellow American Mike Cunning, who posted a round of 68, as Montgomerie’s nearest challenger on three under par.
Eight-time European Number One Montgomerie took a three-stroke advantage into the final round 12 months ago, and he will have the cushion of an extra shot this time round.
However, he remains aware that it will be far from a victory parade after struggling with his driving by comparison to his flawless display off the tee in a first round of 68.
“It was job done today, really,” said the 51 year old. “It was important to keep moving in the right direction, which I’ve done, but I didn’t play as well as yesterday. I didn’t drive the ball as well.
“Round here, if you don’t drive the ball well, you put yourself under pressure. I knew that today and a couple of mistakes and bogeys,were made due to the fact that I didn’t hit the fairways.
“I wasn’t swinging the club as well as I was yesterday, when I knew exactly where the ball was going to go, so that will need to improve tomorrow.”
As well as aiming to become only the second player after Carl Mason to successfully defend the Travis Perkins Masters title, Montgomerie is also trying to beat Mason’s record as the quickest player to win four times on the European Senior Tour. 

Mason achieved the feat in 11 appearances, whereas Montgomerie is playing in just his ninth event, and victory would also further extend his commanding cushion at the top of the Senior Tour Order of Merit. 
“I have to be careful tomorrow, but if I am under par I should be safe,” he said. “There are a lot of good challengers though who can shoot a 66 so you have to be careful. I’ll watch the leaderboards and play conservatively to a point, but at the same time when it is time to attack I will do so.”
Cunning posted four birdies in his opening six holes, but fell back after bogeys on the seventh and tenth holes. The two-time Senior Tour winner then followed a birdie on the 15th hole with a bogey on the 16th, before finishing strongly with back-to-back gains.
Spaniard Miguel Angel Martin, who was joint runner up behind Montgomerie last year, is also in contention once again, carding a round of 70 to sit five shots behind the leader on two under par. 

He is in a three-way share of third position with 2011 champion Boonchu Ruangktit (69) and Cesar Monasterio (72), the Argentine who won last week’s English Senior Open.

Par 144 (2x72)
 137 C Montgomerie  (Sco) 68 69,
 141 M Cunning (USA) 73 68,
 142 M Martin (Esp) 72 70, C Monasterio (Arg) 70 72, B Ruangkit (Tha) 73 69,
 143 A Bossert (Sui) 74 69, P Fowler (Aus) 71 72, T Thelen (USA) 72 71, R Gibson (Can) 70 73, C Williams (RSA) 73 70, B Lane (Eng) 73 70, G Rusnak (USA) 68 75,
 144 R Drummond (Sco) 73 71, J Carriles (Esp) 72 72, J Rivero (Esp) 73 71,
 145 D Smyth (Irl) 76 69, P Walton (Irl) 70 75, M Davis (Eng) 75 70, N Job (Eng) 73 72,
 146 E Romero (Arg) 75 71, P Wesselingh (Eng) 73 73, J Remesy (Fra) 74 72, M Farry (Fra) 70 76, P Golding (Eng) 71 75, J Bruner (USA) 73 73, S Luna (Esp) 72 74, A Franco (Par) 73 73,
 147 C Mason (Eng) 75 72, G Manson (Aut) 76 71, K Tomori (Jpn) 74 73, S Tinning (Den) 75 72, T Johnstone (Zim) 79 68, A Sherborne (Eng) 71 76,
 148 G Brand Jnr (Sco) 73 75, J Smith (USA) 72 76, J Quiros (Esp) 73 75, M Harwood (Aus) 75 73, A Oldcorn (Sco) 74 74, B Conser (USA) 75 73,
 149 N Ratcliffe (Aus) 75 74, J Berendt (Arg) 73 76, B Cameron (Eng) 76 73, P Eales (Eng) 76 73, P Linhart (Esp) 76 73, J Sallat (Fra) 73 76,
 150 M Piñero (Esp) 77 73, W Grant (Eng) 76 74, L Carbonetti (Arg) 76 74, R Rafferty (Nir) 77 73, S McAllister (Sco) 75 75, J Spence (Eng) 77 73, J Cañizares (Esp) 77 73,
 151 D O'Sullivan (Irl) 73 78, S Cipa (Eng) 77 74, S Brown (Eng) 79 72, G Emerson (Eng) 75 76, P Barber (Eng) 78 73, M James (Eng) 73 78,
 152 S Torrance (Sco) 73 79, A Murray (Eng) 80 72,
 153 G Wolstenholme (Eng) 77 76, P Jonas (Can) 78 75, K Spurgeon (Eng) 78 75, M Mackenzie (Eng) 75 78,
 154 G Ryall (Eng) 77 77,
 155 M Wharton (Eng) 82 73, J Gould (Eng) 79 76,
 156 G Brand (Eng) 75 81, D Durnian (Eng) 80 76,
 157 M Bianco (Ita) 80 77, T Price (Aus) 81 76,
 162 B Stevens (Eng) 84 78,






Great Britain and Ireland men's team followed up their boys' success in the Jacques Leglise Trophy match at Barseback, Sweden by winning the St Andrews Trophy.
Starting the second and final day on level terms at 6-6 with the Continent of Europe, GB and I took a stranglehold on the outcome by winning the morning foursomes 4-0.
That took the pressure off in the afternoon when the singles were shared 4-4, giving GB and I a comfortable 14-10 win.

Barseback, Sweden.
Day 1: GB and I 6, Continent of Europe 6
Day 2: GB and I 8, Continent of Europe 4

A Chesters and R Evans (Eng) bt J Carlota (Por) and D Berna (Spa) 3 and 1.
G Forrest and B Neil (Sco) bt M Gallano and E Cuartero (Spa) 1 hole.
P Dunne and G Hurley (Ire) bt D Van Driel (Net) and A Erhardt (Fra) 5 and 4.
N Marsha (Eng) and G Robertson (Sco) bt L Bem (Fra) and M Eggenberger (Swi) 1 hole.
Chesters lost to Carlota 2 and 1.
Evans halved with Gallano
Neil bt T Gornik (Slov) 2 holes
Forrest halved with Bem
Hurley bt Berna 1 hole
Dunne bt Eggenberger 4 and 3.
Marsh lost to Van Driel 2 and 1.
Robertson lost to Cuartero 3 and 2.



Otto leads as Gallacher’s Ryder Cup bid 

goes to the wire in Italian Open


Hennie Otto will take a two stroke lead into the final round of the 71st Open d’Italia presented by Damiani at Circolo Golf Torino – La Mandria, where Stephen Gallacher’s bid to steal the last available qualifying place on Europe’s Ryder Cup team looks likely to go to the wire.
Otto, who experienced tightness in the back he had operated on twice at the beginning of the summer after eight holes of the third round, posted a one under 71 to move to 16 under and into  two-shot lead over Scotland’s Richie Ramsay in second spot – the position that Gallacher is coveting above all else this week.
Gallacher needs to win or finish second (alongside no more than one other player) to take the last of available spots on Paul McGinley’s European Team and he is just four shots behind Ramsay with 18 holes of the qualification campaign to go before McGinley completes his 12-man team with three Captains Picks next Tuesday.
Gallacher cared a three under 69 to move to ten under and will have to get past Bernd Wiesberger (-13), Ross Fisher and Lee Slattery (both-11) if he is to turn his Ryder Cup dream into reality.

Key Player quotes

Stephen Gallacher: “It keeps me in touching distance. The worst thing I could have done was open up a big gap which was insurmountable. I’ve not done that so a good day tomorrow and I am still right in there.
“I am lying sixth going into the last round – six behind first and four behind second – so it’s all to play for. You never know what happens in this game. I just need to go out and try and get as many birdies as possible and see what happens. It’s a tough week obviously. I have done my day job and done it well but it is a long week and will take a lot out of me mentally but I have two weeks off and one round to go so will give it my best shot.
“This is the only time in my career that I would be happy not to win a golf tournament. Second will do me fine tomorrow.”
Richie Ramsay: “That was very satisfying and a really good day on the golf course. I hit a lot of good shots out there. It sounds funny but it was quite easy – I was accepting of the bad shots I hit and just got on with it and then I managed to make a few birdies as well, especially holing a 40 foot putt on the last. 

"That was a great way to finish the day and gets me one closer to Hennie. I was very positive and confident today and hopefully I can do it all again tomorrow.
“I love the back nine on a Sunday when I am in contention. It’s what I love most about the game and I actually think it is when I am at my most confident. It will be great fun tomorrow.
“I know Stevie (Gallacher) well. I spend a lot of time at Kingsfield where he practises. It’s a big ask this week but he has shown over the past 12 months how good a player he is. I think if he didn’t qualify he would still be an asset to the team. Not just for his ball striking and general play, but his attitude and the kind of guy means he would bring a lot to the team. 

"His record at Gleneagles is impressive too. I would hate to be the person that denies him but I think if Stevie was in my position he would play to win and that is the attitude I have to take into tomorrow.”
Hennie Otto: “It was a rough day to be honest. My back started to tighten after 8 holes but I managed to get it round even though I couldn’t swing it properly. I got a little lucky at time as well but you need that in this game if you are going to win a tournament.
“I don’t have a lot of pain it is just tightness more than anything. It’s uncomfortable but not painful enough to stop me playing. I’m not really worried about it – I was in serious pain before the operations but this is nothing like that and I can get it fixed with some stretching and physio just now.
“It’s nice to be up there. I haven’t been up there for a while but I am hitting a lot of good shots and I will just focus on that.”


Par 216 (3x72)

200 H Otto (RSA) 67 62 71
202 R Ramsay  (Sco) 67 69 66
203 B Wiesberger  (Aut) 66 66 71
205 L Slattery (Eng) 70 68 67; R Fisher (Eng) 69 66 70;
206 S Gallacher (Sco) 72 65 69
207 F Molinari (Ita) 66 72 69; J Luiten (Ned) 69 68 70; D Howell (Eng) 73 67 67; S Chowrasia (Ind) 69 72 66
208 M Korhonen (Fin) 70 67 71; C Del Moral (Esp) 70 68 70; R Wattel  (Fra) 73 68 67; M Warren (Sco) 69 70 69; R Gonzalez (Arg) 74 66 68; A Sullivan (Eng) 70 72 66; S Dyson  (Eng) 71 68 69; D Fichardt (RSA) 68 69 71; J Morrison  (Eng) 70 66 72;
209 M Bremner (RSA) 71 68 70; S Hansen (Den) 71 66 72; A Hartø  (Den) 70 69 70; D Clarke (Nir) 72 70 67; A Levy (Fra) 73 68 68; R Bland (Eng) 67 71 71; D Huizing (Ned) 69 71 69; T Fleetwood  (Eng) 72 70 67; M Madsen  (Den) 68 68 73; F Laporta (Ita) 68 72 69; D Lipsky (USA) 69 67 73; S Benson (Eng) 70 67 72; E Lipparelli (am) (Ita) 68 70 71;
210 S Kapur (Ind) 73 69 68; A Gee  (Eng) 72 70 68; E Goya (Arg) 71 70 69; A Quiros  (Esp) 70 72 68; A Wall (Eng) 71 70 69; C Lee (Sco) 70 72 68; S Walker (Eng) 70 72 68;
 211 M Siem  (Ger) 73 68 70; E Molinari  (Ita) 71 69 71; P Whiteford (Sco) 73 67 71; R Cabrera-Bello (Esp) 73 63 75; J Heath  (Eng) 73 68 70; S Kim (Kor) 70 72 69; F Andersson Hed (Swe) 74 67 70;
212 D Im (USA) 71 71 70; J Hansen  (Den) 69 71 72; D Horsey (Eng) 71 69 72; L Bjerregaard  (Den) 74 68 70; R Kakko  (Fin) 69 72 71; W Ormsby (Aus) 74 68 70; R Rock (Eng) 69 70 73; A Saddier (Fra) 70 70 72
213 F Bergamaschi (Ita) 72 69 72; F Aguilar (Chi) 68 69 76; A Tadini (Ita) 72 69 72; T Lewis (Eng) 71 69 73; M Manassero (Ita) 73 69 71; D Drysdale (Sco) 73 69 71; K Broberg (Swe) 73 68 72;
214 G Maybin (Nir) 67 73 74; N Elvira  (Esp) 75 67 72; M Carlsson  (Swe) 72 70 72; G Molteni (Ita) 70 70 74; M Kieffer (Ger) 68 70 76; J Knutzon (USA) 70 70 74; B Rusch (am) (Sui) 73 66 75;
215 D McGrane (Irl) 71 71 73; J Campillo (Esp) 71 71 73; E De La Riva  (Esp) 72 70 73
216 G Porteous (Eng) 71 71 74; O Fisher  (Eng) 74 67 75; J Hahn (USA) 67 73 76
217 T Pieters  (Bel) 70 68 79






Great Britain and Ireland, with the help of Scots Ewen Ferguson (Bearsden) and George Burns (Williamwood) staged a stirring fightback to beat
the Continent of Europe 12 1/2-11 1/2 in the U18 boys' international match for the Jacques Leglise Trophy at Barseback, Sweden today.
The GB and I boys had begun the second and last day with a 2pt deficit (5-7) but overturned that with a 3 1/2-1/2 success in the morning foursomes followed by a 4-4 share of the afternoon singles.
Both Ferguson and Burns, with different partners in the foursomes, won their morning ties and then came out after lunch to win their singles by 2 and 1.

Day 1 - GB and I 5, Continent of Europe 7.
Day 2 - GB and I 7 1/2, Continent of Europe 4 1/2
FOURSOMES (3 1/2-0 1/2)
H McCullen (Eng) and T Harry (Wal) halved with A Blomme and M Kinhult (Swe).
M Penge and A Turner (Eng) bt V Van Veen (Net) and K Ganter (Spa) 4 and 3.
E Ferguson (Sco) and B Moore (Eng) bt O Bergqvist (Swe) and K Reitan (Nor) 2 and 1.
R Lester (Ire) and G Burns (Sco) bt S Mazzoli and F Zuckermann (Ita) 1 hole.

McCullen lost to Kinhult 2 and 1.
Harry lost to Bergaqvist 2 holes
Ferguson bt Blomme 2 and 1.
Burns bt Reitan 2 and 1.
Penge lost to Mazzoli 1 hole.
Moore bt Zuckermann 5 and 4.
Turner lost to Ganter 1 hole.
Lester bt V Novak (Cze) 2 and 1.









If Kyle Godsman's name is not in the SGU international team selectors' notebooks, it  should be!
After four years playing the US college golf circuit as a student at the University of South Carolina-Aiken, the 23-year-old (pictured) from Hopeman, Morayshire has come home to achieve five top-10 finishes in the five 72-hole Order of Merit events in which he has played.
Kyl is bidding for a sixth prominent placing in this weekend's South-east District Open at Bruntsfield Links, the last of the 2014 SGU 72-hole Order of Merit events.
A couple of weeks ago, he came third in the North-east District Open at Peterhead. This past weekend, he was beaten by fellow Moray Golf Club member Stuart Tatters in a play-off for the North of Scotland Open amateur stroke-play championship at Elgin.
Last year, during his summer break back home, he won the North District championship at Royal Dornoch.
"I believe this success is down to playing a very competitive schedule in America against the top golf program's in that country and also my current coach, David Torrance at Nairn Dunbar, " said Godsman as he looked forward to this weekend's final event on the 2014 SGU Order of Merit, the South-east District Championship at Bruntsfield Links, Edinburgh..
"I plan to continue working with Dave throughout the winter to continue improving my game. We know where the improvements need to be made. I have been working with Dave from a young age so we have a great understanding of each other. "
Looking back to Sunday's result at Elgin, Godsman says he has mixed feelings - disappointment that he lost the play-off but pleasure in getting himself into a position from which he could and perhaps should have won.
"I was pleased that in the final round I was able to birdie the 16th and 17th under pressure to give myself a winning chance.

 "Stuart Tatters is a great player and we have previously had some great battles locally and I'm sure it won't be the last!
"Looking to next year, it will be great to have the Scottish amateur stroke-play championship at Lossiemouth. It's not often you get home course advantage in a major national event. Then there's the Scottish amateur match-play championship at Muirfield, a venue which should attract a great field.
"I look forward to improving my game with David Torrance and playing a full schedule next year with the hope of catching the eye of the national selectors! A first cap for Scotland is my target."
"I'm in a fortunate position where I am, working part-time with flexible hours that gives me the opportunity to travel and play in the order of merit events."
Kyle is cautious to queries about turning professional.
"It is something that I have considered. Next year playing a full schedule is an important year. If I continue to make progress at the amateur level then I would consider making the step up if the financial backing is available at the time."









NORTON, Massachusetts -Highlander Russell Knox climbed back to his best form for weeks with a 67 for a share of sixth place at the end of the first round of the Deutsche Bank Championship.

Ryan Palmer has felt all year that something special was going to happen. For now, he'll take his lowest round of the season.
Palmer took only 21 putts and made birdie on half of his holes Friday on the TPC Boston, giving him an 8-under 63 and a two-shot lead over Keegan Bradley after the opening round of the Deutsche Bank Championship.
''It was one of my best ones of the year, for sure,'' Palmer said.
He didn't miss a putt inside 15 feet and closed out his round with a pitching wedge to 18 feet, making the downhill putt for his ninth birdie.
Bradley matched his low round of the season, though what meant more was the timing. This is the final week before U.S. captain Tom Watson decides which three players he will pick to fill out his Ryder Cup team. Bradley always seemed like a logical choice, though he wants to leave nothing to chance.

He played bogey-free in a gentle breeze, and it was just the start he needed.
''I'm not going to sit up here and say any cliches that I'm not thinking about the Ryder Cup or any of that,'' Bradley said. 
''I am very aware every second of the day that I'm being watched by the captain. And I'm just trying to embrace that, be aware of it and enjoy it if I can.''
Webb Simpson, who also needs a pick to return to the Ryder Cup, and Jason Day of Australia were among those at 66.
Jordan Spieth recovered from a double bogey to start his round and, with his entire family in tow, turned it around with four birdies and an eagle for a 67. 
Also at 67 was Ian Poulter, who seems certain to be a Ryder Cup pick for Europe on Tuesday considering how much damage he's done to the Americans in the competition. Poulter was thinking only about his golf, which hasn't been very good this year.
''I just want to play golf,'' Poulter said. ''It's been a (bad) year, and I want to turn it around right now.''
Rory McIlroy was brilliant at times and sloppy at other times in his round of 70.
Phil Mickelson had a 74. He wasn't sure what to expect and even Lefty had to be surprised by his card that featured six pars, six birdies, four bogeys, a double bogey and a triple bogey.
''I said it would be feast or famine,'' Mickelson said. ''I was hoping it would be Stableford. If it was Stableford, I'd be right in it.''
Instead, he needs a good round Saturday to make sure he stays in the top 70 in the FedEx Cup to advance next week to the third playoff event in Denver.
For two weeks - especially this one - the FedEx Cup shares the stage for that other cup. So many players are thinking less about the chase for a $10 million bonus, and more about a chance to play a tournament where they don't get paid at all.
Watson and European captain Paul McGinley announce their three picks Tuesday. This is the final qualifying week for Europe, though only the players competing in Italy this week can affect the standings.
Palmer finished No. 18 in the Ryder Cup standings. His name hasn't been mentioned as prominently as others bidding for captain's pick. But he looked plenty good Friday.
''I keep telling myself something is going to happen. I don't know where or when,'' Palmer said. ''My game has been in good shape. It was a matter of getting it all together.''
His regular caddie, James Edmondson, didn't make the trip. Edmondson is close friends with Lance Bennett, who works for Matt Kuchar. Bennett's wife died of a seizure Tuesday in Dallas, and caddies and some players wore a black hat with an orange ribbon as a tribute to Angela Bennett. The couple has a 4-year-old daughter.
''When he said, 'I may need to stay home,' I said, 'Done. Don't worry about. We're just playing golf,''' Palmer said.
Bradley won all three of his matches with Mickelson in the last Ryder Cup at Medinah and is desperate to be on the American team that will try to win the cup back on Sept. 26-28 at Gleneagles . And he's not shy about saying so.
''When I wake up, I'm thinking about it. When I'm on the course, I'm thinking about it,'' he said.
Bradley was never in big trouble. He drove it long and straight, and that goes a long way on the TPC Boston. Bradley played with Mickelson in three matches at Medinah in the last Ryder Cup, and they never lost. Bradley also played a practice round at Gleneagles with Watson before the  Open.
''I think if I go out and shoot good scores, yeah, I think I'm in good shape,'' Bradley said. ''But there's so many great players that aren't on this team. I don't take anything for granted. I don't think I'm a lock by any means.''




Friday, August 29, 2014


Next time you're feeling sorry for yourself for whatever

 reason, think of Tommy Morrissey

Meet the 3-year-old golf prodigy ...

born without a right hand

By John Strege

When Tommy Morrissey was 13 months old, he began watching golf telecasts with his father Joe and “he’d watch it as though he understood what was happening,” his mother Marcia said.
At 18 months, he began mimicking what he was seeing on those golf telecasts, meanwhile, getting angry when someone changed the channel.
So his parents gave him a plastic club and ball and he began swinging away and hitting the ball with uncommon efficiency for a toddler, more so for one born without a right hand.
“My husband plays golf and I play golf,” Marcia said. “Thomas became obsessed with it. He started watching YouTube instruction all on his own, mostly Bubba Watson, really. So we began nurturing his obsession. It’s unreal.”

Tommy is now three, has real equipment and plays as often as time and his parents allow, which is frequently, given that they’re members at Frenchman’s Reserve Country Club in Palm Beach Gardens, near their home in Jupiter, and Linwood Country Club in Linwood, New Jersey where they spend summers.
They took Tommy to Linwood’s professional Jeff LeFevre this summer. “He immediately took a very nice, natural square set-up,” LeFevre said. “He took the club back to parallel and paused at the top. When he hesitates at the top he looks at the target, then back to the ball.
“He never whiffed (missed) one. And after watching him hit a couple hundred balls now it’s amazing to me that he never ever whiffs.”
Doctors at Shriners Hospital in Philadelphia predicted that he’d have exceptional hand-eye co-ordination, Marcia said. “His body and his brain think he’s right-handed, but without a right hand his brain has to compensate in ways yours and mine would not.”
Marcia, meanwhile, is reading “Imperfect: An Improbable Life,” Jim Abbott’s autobiography. Abbott, who was born without a right hand and played 10 years in the major leagues (baseball), often spoke about his indifference to not having a right hand.
The same holds true with Tommy, Marcia said. “Thomas has no idea he’s any different than anybody else,” she said. “He just never even questions it.
The first time LeFevre saw him hit balls, tears came to his eyes, he said, a reaction others have had, too. “You’re heartfelt for what he’s going through,” he said, “then you realize he doesn’t see it as a handicap, that he was just born with one arm and that’s the way it is.”
As for his passion for the game, he once temporarily lost his putter. “Boy, was he upset. He had such a fit,” LeFevre said. “His passion is just incredible.”



Honours even after the first day of the St Andrews Trophy at Barseback, Sweden

After a series of close matches in the afternoon singles and morning foursomes the honours were even after the first day of the 2014 St Andrews Trophy at Barseback in Sweden. 
The Great Britain and Ireland team turned around deficits in several matches against their Continent of Europe opponents to finish tied at 6-6 going into the final day's play on Saturday
GB and I tean captain Nigel Edwards said, “We had our backs against the wall all day really in the foursomes and singles. Coming down the closing holes the lads played well. 
"To get to 4-4 out of the afternoon’s singles was a bonus just as it was to get to 2-2 out of the foursomes. We need to up the ante tomorrow and push on. Perhaps we need to be a little more focused on the front nine and come out of the blocks quicker.”
All of the singles matches went to at least the 17th hole and the biggest winning margin was Irishman Gary Hurley’s 3 and 1 win over Finland’s Albert Eckhardt.
After Ashley Chesters led the GB and I team out with a one-hole victory over Spain’s Mario Galiano, the Continent of Europe took charge with wins for Portugal’s Joao Carlota, Spain’s Daniel Berna and Dutchman Darius van Driel.
Paul Dunne followed his compatriot Hurley’s example with a 2 and 1 win over Slovenia’s Tim Gornik while the matches between England’s Nick Marsh and Frenchman Leonard Bem and Scotland’s Graeme Robertson and Emilio Cuartero from Spain were halved.
It was all square after the morning foursomes. After a promising start in all four matches, the Continent of Europe had to be content with one win, two halved matches and a defeat.
After trailing in the early stages, the English pairing of Ashley Chesters and Ryan Evans won the 12th, 14th and 15th holes to turn around the match against Carlota and Stirling student Mathias Eggenberger, from Switzerland, and seal a 3 and 2 win for GB and I.
Scots Grant Forrest and Bradley Neil came back from two holes down and birdied the 18th to win the hole and halve the match with Spain’s Mario Galiano and Cuartero. 
Hurley and Dunne were three down after the 12th hole but fought back bravely, winning the next three holes, to claim a point against van Driel and Eckhardt.
Bem and Gornik were comfortable 5 and 4 winners over Graeme Robertson and Jamie Savage.

The Continent of Europe take a 7-5 lead into Saturday's final day of the Jacques Leglise Trophy.
Home favourites Oskar Bergqvist and Adam Blomme led the way in the afternoon singles with the former securing an impressive 5 and 4 win over England’s Bradley Moore. His compatriot won by two holes against Scotland’s George Burns.
Norway’s Kristoffer Reitan won the first hole with a bogey five and never looked back as he clinched a 4 and 3 win over Englishman Jamie Dick. 
Italy’s Stefano Mazzoli edged a close match by one hole to secure a valuable point against England’s Haydn McCullen.
GB and I playing captain Ewen Ferguson led from the front, defeating Vitek Novak from the Czech Republic by 5 and 4. England’s Marco Penge enjoyed a 3 and 2 win over Sweden’s Marcus Kinhult and Welshman Tim Harry carded four birdies as he won out by 4 and 3 against Vince van Veen.
In the morning foursomes, Ferguson and Moore went ahead for the first time in their match against Bergqvist and Reitan at the 17th and notched up a one hole victory.  
Five birdies in six holes from the ninth hole helped Ashton Turner and Penge win their match against Italian due Mazzoli and Federico Zuckermann by 4 and 3.
The Continent of Europe team fought back with convincing wins in the other two matches through Klaus Ganter and van Veen and Blomme and Kinhult.
For full scoring from today’s Jacques Léglise Trophy matches and tomorrow’s tee times please click here.
For full scoring from today’s St Andrews Trophy matches and tomorrow’s tee times please click here.

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T1Keegan Bradley-6F-6
T1Ryan Palmer-612-6
T3Jason Day-5F-5
T3Webb Simpson-5F-5
T5Jordan Spieth-4F-4
Complete Leaderboard »

NORTON, Massachusetts –– Different year, different day, different round, different score. Ah, but don’t be fooled. So much about Jordan Spieth’s trip around TPC Boston today felt like the stroll he made the last time he was here, on Labour Day Monday a season ago.
Credit aggressive play and productive scoring.
But if the natural assumption is that Spieth’s 4-under 67 in today's first round of the Deutsche Bank Championship was a carry-over from his scintillating 62 that closed out last year’s tournament here at TPC Boston, think again. 
“We were more referencing last week’s final round,” said Michael Greller, Spieth’s caddie.
Indeed, Spieth through 54 holes of The Barclays had been stung by the fact that he hadn’t broken 70 in any of his previous 10 rounds. So when he closed with a 67 at Ridgewood Country Club to get into a share of 22nd place, “that gave us a little bit of steam (for this week),” Greller said.
Not that the momentum started with authority, mind you, because Spieth sprayed his tee shot into a hazard right at his opening hole, the par-4 10th, and made double. “But the big thing with him has been his resiliency lately,” Greller said.
Birdies at Nos. 12, 14 and 16 surely righted the ship, but what happened at the 18th did invoke memories of last year’s final round. Just as he closed out that scintillating 62 with an eagle at the par-5 18th, Spieth slammed a hybrid from 230 yards to 27 feet, slipped home the putt, and turned in 3-under 32.
Though the 21-year-old Spieth was a popular attraction with media folks afterward, he shrugged off his round. He had finished with just one birdie and eight pars on his second nine, so he clearly didn’t keep pace with Keegan Bradley (65) on a day when good scores were plentiful. 
Given that three days are still to come this year, Spieth was more than happy to reflect upon last year’s closing round that still resonates.
“Probably the best round I’ve ever played,” Spieth said.
Hard to argue with that, given all that was riding at the time. Spieth began the 2013 DBC thinking a good performance might just earn him a captain’s pick onto the Presidents Cup team. But sitting a whopping 11 strokes off of Sergio Garcia’s lead through 54 holes, Spieth wasn’t exactly in the hunt, though he was alongside Phil Mickelson for the fourth round and that in itself was huge.
“We had never played with Phil,” Greller said, “but we know Phil is so supportive of the younger players.”
On a murky day, with threats of stormy weather dancing all around, Mickelson shot 71 but spent more of an effort cheerleading for Spieth. At the par-4 15th, Lefty tossed down a 35-footer for birdie, but Spieth stepped in and drained his birdie from from just over 30 feet.
“Why are you stealing my thunder?” Mickelson asked, with a laugh.
The thunder was all Spieth’s from there on. He made a 30-footer for birdie at the 16th, stuffed it for a 6-footer at the 17th, then slammed his second shot onto the green and made an eagle at 18. Birdie-birdie-birdie-eagle. 
With a combination of power and precision, Spieth had roared into a share of fourth and sent Mickelson chasing after a corner room of the scoring area so he could sent a text.
It was to Presidents Cup captain Fred Couples and said, in essence: “Pick this kid.”
“Coming up 18 (walking to their tee shots), that was the first time that (Mickelson) mentioned the Presidents Cup,” Spieth said. “I remember saying to him, ‘What do you think?’ And he said, ‘I think, go ahead and finish this round out. But I’m pretty sure you’re going to be looking good now. You’ve played a heck of a round.’ “
The round, of course, got better, thanks to that emphatic eagle at 18 and the rest is history. Spieth was one of Couples’ picks, as a rookie he played well alongside Steve Stricker, and the U.S. won yet another Presidents Cup.
While in many ways Spieth’s sophomore year could be considered quiet – after all, he hasn’t won and has but one top 10 since going T-2, T-12, T-4 at the Masters, RBC Heritage, and Players – the young man is very much in the thick of things in these FedEx Cup playoffs. Spieth comes into the Deutsche Bank Championship in a lofty position, ninth, and unlike a year ago when he was sweating out a Presidents Cup invite, he has already earned a position on this year's U.S. Ryder Cup team.
Focused as he is on this week’s DBC and next week’s BMW Championship, Spieth said, “I want the Tour Championship (Sept. 11-14) and Ryder Cup (Sept. 26-28) to be the best two weeks of the year.”
If Friday’s effort at TPC Boston is any indication, Spieth could be headed in the right direction. “After I made the double (on 10, to start), I calmed myself down,” Spieth said. “To go bogey-free and get some birdies from there on, I’m very pleased.”





Joakim Lagergren showed he possesses substance and style in equal measure at the Northern Ireland  Challenge as the Swede followed up his spectacular opening 62 with a battling, level par 71 in difficult conditions to maintain his lead.
As the wind howled around the picturesque Galgorm Castle on Day 2, low scores were much tougher to come by, but those who could hang in and card anything around the level par mark would make gains on the leaderboard.
While several players did make a push towards the summit courtesy of sub-par rounds, Lagergren held firm at the top, birdieing the final hole to enter the weekend one shot clear of the pack on nine under par.
The 22 year old got off to a strong start with a birdie at the first but suffered a bogey at the driveable par four second, all the more disappointing given it was playing downwind.
Back to back bogeys at the seventh and eighth were followed by a birdie at the par five ninth to reach the turn in one over and, while he began the back nine with a bogey six, two birdies on the way home were enough to copper-fasten his second round lead and he was delighted with how he showed the requisite mettle on a difficult day.
“It was really tough today,” said Lagergren, who has already played two seasons on The European Tour since turning professional in 2010.
 “In my opinion it wasn’t even the same game today.Yesterday, you could go for birdies, you could go for pins, but today par was a good score and that’s all I kept in mind all day. 
"It’s all about the state of mind. When you’re on the first tee you need to know that you can’t be too aggressive in these conditions.
“You still have to hit good shots to shoot level par, but I kept it in mind to just be calm and don’t get upset with bogeys. You need to be patient out there.
“I'm really pleased to be still top of the leaderboard. Going out in the lead with two days left, I can’t ask for much more.”
With tens of thousands of spectators expected at the weekend, the Stockholm player is relishing the opportunity to exhibit his skills in front of some of the most knowledgeable golf fans in the world.
“Hopefully we’ll see big crowds tomorrow, it would be really fun,” he said. “They have been great so far, the crowds are really good. They know the game of golf, they behave like a crowd should and they are very knowledgeable.”
Englishman Steven Brown was one of those to close the gap at the top from two to one as he signed for a two under par 69 to move to eight under par, in outright second place.
The former Walker Cup star has been on imperious form of late, his tied sixth place finish at last week’s lucrative Rolex Trophy the latest of three top ten finishes in his last five appearances, and he was delighted with how he dealt with the testing conditions.
“It was very windy this morning,” said the 27 year old, who fired three birdies in his opening four holes having teed off at the tenth. “I knew it wasn’t going to be nice after looking at the forecast but it was cold early on as well as windy.
“I drove it really well and that was the key, if you get it in play then you can still give yourself a chance. The greens are so good that if you get a few chances, you can make some putts and I converted my chances early on.
“It will be fun with all the people out watching at the weekend. Everyone knows that this tournament is a fun one because of all the people watching and they really appreciate good golf. It’s a great atmosphere so I can’t wait until the weekend.”

Par 142 (2x71)
133 J Lagergren (Swe) 62 71
134 S Brown (Eng) 65 69
135 D Kemmer (USA) 66 69, T Linard (Fra) 67 68
136 B Stone (RSA) 69 67, K Ferrie (Eng) 68 68
T Sluiter  (Ned) 67 70, M Orrin (Eng) 66 71
138 R McGowan  (Eng) 66 72, B Ritthammer (Ger) 68 70, R Davies (Wal) 68 70, J Caldwell  (Nir) 65 73, A Bernadet  (Fra) 68 70
139 J Lando Casanova  (Fra) 68 71, M Ford (Eng) 71 68, P Maddy (Eng) 69 70, G Shaw (Nir) 67 72, C Paisley  (Eng) 72 67,
140 S Little (Eng) 70 70, C Ford (Eng) 70 70, J Sjöholm (Swe) 68 72, R McEvoy  (Eng) 67 73, D McElroy (am) (Nir) 67 73,
141 A McArthur  (Sco) 69 72, R Kind (Ned) 68 73, P Dwyer (Eng) 69 72, R Russell (Sco) 71 70, E Espana (Fra) 71 70, S Henry  (Sco) 72 69,
142 A Snobeck  (Fra) 64 78, A Björk (Swe) 68 74, R Gowers (Eng) 71 71, M Haines  (Eng) 71 71, M Delpodio  (Ita) 69 73, M Murphy  (Irl) 72 70, J Maw (Eng) 68 74, J Harrison (Eng) 69 73, T Murray (Eng) 74 68, C Aguilar  (Esp) 69 73, C Hanson (Eng) 68 74, J Galbraith (am) (Nir) 70 72,
143 B Virto  (Esp) 74 69, J Stalter (Fra) 72 71, J Senior (Eng) 72 71, J Edfors (Swe) 68 75, W Booth  (Sco) 67 76, N Kearney (Irl) 68 75, J Huldahl (Den) 70 73, K Benz (Sui) 67 76,
144 A Wrigley (Eng) 70 74, S Arnold  (Aus) 70 74, G Cambis  (Fra) 68 76, J Guerrier  (Fra) 74 70, J Winther (Den) 69 75, C Shinkwin (Eng) 68 76, N Quintarelli (Ita) 69 75, D Stewart (Sco) 70 74, J Garcia Del Moral (Esp) 70 74, C Shave (Eng) 72 72, P Figueiredo  (Por) 68 76, M Decottignies-Lafon (Fra) 70 74, A Dunbar (Nir) 70 74, M Lafeber (Ned) 72 72, C Kelly (Sco) 72 72, B Åkesson (Swe) 71 73, J Garcia Pinto (Esp) 73 71,
145 D Gavins (Eng) 72 73, R Steiner (Aut) 74 71, Z Scotland  (Eng) 75 70, E Johansen  (Nor) 70 75, M Wiegele  (Aut) 72 73, M Tullo (Chi) 71 74, O Wilson (Eng) 73 72, N Johansson (Swe) 73 72, F Fritsch  (Ger) 72 73, P McKechnie (Sco) 72 73, G Boyd  (Eng) 69 76, L Goddard  (Eng) 68 77, O Ramsnes  (Nor) 74 71, D Mooney (Nir) 72 73, P Price (Wal) 73 72, J Roos (RSA) 74 71, C Sharvin (am) (Nir) 72 73,
146 S Hutsby  (Eng) 72 74, J Pastor (Esp) 73 73, M Glauert (Ger) 69 77, G Woolgar (Eng) 74 72, H Bacher (Aut) 72 74, B Parker  (Eng) 74 72, H Joannes  (Bel) 73 73, O Farr (Wal) 75 71, M Trappel  (Aut) 71 75, M Hoey  (Nir) 71 75, T Pilkadaris (Aus) 73 73, M McGeady (Irl) 71 75,
147 G Lockerbie  (Eng) 76 71, O Stark (Swe) 76 71, T Lee (USA) 68 79, P Edberg (Swe) 74 73, D Law (Sco) 76 71, C McDonnell (Eng) 68 79, B Hebert  (Fra) 75 72, S Tiley (Eng) 73 74, B Robinson (am) (Eng) 72 75
148 C McNamara (Irl) 75 73, N Lemke (Swe) 76 72, F Praegant (Aut) 71 77, L Jensen (Den) 72 76, G Murray  (Sco) 69 79, A Savolainen  (Fin) 72 76
149 C Mivis  (Bel) 73 76, J Fahrbring (Swe) 72 77, C Brazillier  (Fra) 75 74, P Widegren  (Swe) 78 71, D Geminiani (Ita) 78 71, A Hogan  (Irl) 77 72, S Whiffin (Eng) 73 76, P Gal  (Cze) 72 77, A Grant (am) (Irl) 72 77,
150 O Evans (Eng) 76 74, C Russo (Fra) 67 83, N Murray (Nir) 77 73, B Evans  (Eng) 78 72, C Macaulay  (Sco) 77 73, N McCarthy  (Eng) 76 74, D Frittelli (RSA) 72 78, A Perrino  (Ita) 75 75, C Bouniol (Fra) 74 76, J Gonnet  (Fra) 72 78, G King (Eng) 75 75, D Coupland (Eng) 74 76,
151 M Smith (Eng) 79 72, J Rask (Swe) 73 78, A Domingo (Esp) 75 76, R Coles (Eng) 77 74, R Gouveia (Por) 75 76, J Legarrea (Esp) 75 76, L Nemecz (Aut) 74 77, S Grant  (Irl) 74 77, S Hansen (Nor) 73 78,
152 L Kennedy  (Eng) 75 77, R Whitson (Nir) 76 76, L Saltman (Sco) 73 79,
153 J Wilson (Aus) 77 76, C Campbell (am) (Nir) 77 76,
154 J Timmis (Eng) 74 80, A Gabella (Sui) 75 79, M McAlpin (Nir) 74 80,
156 T Innes Ker (Sco) 77 79, B McCarroll  (Irl) 77 79,
158 J Kennegard  (Swe) 81 77,
159 S Ward (Irl) 78 81,
162 J Quinlivan (Irl) 79 83,
** J Elson  (Eng) 73 DQ, M Lorenzo-Vera  (Fra) RT  0, R McGee (Irl) RT  0,






St Andrews Golf School staff professional  Garry Forrester and amateur Mike Cordner won a three-pair play-off at Haggs Castle Golf Club today (Friday) to earn a trip to Turkey in November for the Grand Final of the Golfplan Insurance PGA Pro-Captain Challenge.
Forrester and Cordner had tied on six-under-par 66 with pro Stuart Kerr and amateur Robert Scott (Strathaven) and, from south of the Border, Matfen Hall pro John Harrison and amateur Neil Conway.
All the regional winners will be heading to Turkey for the November 26-27 £25,000 Gramd Final over the PGA Sultan Course at Antalya Golf Club.
Brechin pro Stephen Rennie and club captain Scott Ferries were only a shot away from also figuring in the play-off. They had a 67.

Par 72 (pro named first in each pairing)
66 G Forrester (St Andrews GS) and M Cordner, S Kerr (Strathaven) and R Scott, J Harrison (Matfen Hall) and N Conway. Forrester and Cordner won play-off
67 S Rennie (Brechin) and S Ferries.
68 A Cooper (Newmachar) and A Clark, D Murchie (Cr9eff) and G Thom
69 C Sinclair (Carnoustie Links) and P Sawyers, S Barnett (Hayston) and D Attison
70 I Taylor (Drumpellier) and C Clark, A Tait (Marriott Dalmahoy) and A Coventry.
71 P Jamieson (Dunblane New), and H McKay, D Watters (Gourock) and A Knox, M Pirie (Pitlochry) and R Bell.
72 P Wytrazek (Burntisland) and J McPhillips, A Webster (Edzell) and R Caitness, P Brookes (Pitreavie) and S Lindsay.




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