Thursday, March 12, 2015

Banchory Golf Club teaching professional Steven Chalmers has been awarded PGA Advanced Status by the Professional Golfers Association for his hard work for developing junior golf in his home area. 

This award is a nationally recognised award for excellence in the professional's field of endeavour, which is golf coaching in this case.
In 2014 Steven also:
Gained the PGA Level 3 coaching award

Gained the Advanced certificate in Golf Coaching at Birmingham University

Appointed a Scottish development coach in 2012, Chalmers has had  great success with his squad players winning and gaining entry into advanced squads
Chalmers' unique junior coaching programme is attracting record numbers. Around 100 juniors sign up for group coaching in 2014.
He says: "The secret is not to bore the kids with all the technical jargon. Coach the basics but let them have fun and discover how enjoyable golf can be. 
"One of the big successes has been if we make a golf change we do it in a game format so the kids are having fun while learning a new skill. I also go in much more coaching on the golf course and games simulating on-course scenarios."
Steven believes in making sure the juniors have correct sized equipment and keeping them active during sessions.

"Inactivity during a session leads to a loss of focus and to boredom, which can lead to a possible drop-out in the future. I make sure all tasks and games are aimed at pupils' skill level and achievable tasks.
"If tasks are to hard and not achievable you again risk losing pupil interest. My big tip is to speak to juniors at their level and not  talking to them as mini-adults level i.e. keep what you say basic and to a minimum as kids do not understand commands as adults do.
"These are some guidelines I stick to all the time and have reaped the rewards as the golf programme numbers increase."



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