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Seven Scots are through to the last 16 of the Eden Tournament, St Andrews. It's 10 years since a Scot
 last won the popular men's open amateur scratch tournament over the Eden Course.

P Johnson (Hawick) bt A Johnston (Bonnyton) at 19th
C Pierce (Holywell) bt R Campbell (Kinross) 1 hole.
L Becht (Belgium) bt C Harrison (Sandiway) 4 and 2.
P Sinclair (Crow Wood) bt D Lamond (Haggs Castle) 1 hole.
B David (Colchester bt G Watton (Ludlow) 5 and 4.
N Blyth (Germany) bt P Kitching (Millbrook) at 20th.
J Dougall (Caldwell) bt G Halkett (Kirkintilloch) 1 hole.
T Simmonds (Gullane) bt L James (Dudley) at 19th
J Lamb (Glencorse) bt A Wiggins (Tewkesbury Park) 2 and 1.
G Lamond (Glasgow) bt S Heap (Taunton) 3 and 2.
M Ferguson (Brocton Hall) bt M East (Moortown) 2 and 1.
M Betts (Vicars Cross) bt S East Moortown) at 19th.
D Stone (Lancaster) bt E Gibson (Crow Wood) 7 and 5.
R Storey (Forest Pines) bt D Haye (Netherlands) 1 hole.
B Ford (Glen) bt M Hogg (Rushcliffe) 5 and 3.
R Blair (Leighton Buzzard) bt S Boyle (Kirkintilloch) 2 and 1.
A Stone (Lancaster) bt R Cowe (Kelso) 4 and 2.
C Earl (Upton by Chester) bt S Greenhalgh (Manchester) 2 holes.
D Whitfield (Penrith) bt D Aitken (Lenzie) 4 and 3.
D Waugh (Baberton) bt D Gray (Penrith) 2 and 1.
D Humphries (Ludlow) bt N Smith (Ludlow) 5 and 4.
J Sharpe (Helsby) bt G Ross (Alloa) at 19th
S Roberts (Vale) bt A Carlyle (St Andrews) 2 and 1.
J Berry (Torwoodlee) bt R Simpson (Bonnyton) 4 and 2.
F Zamudio (Argentina) bt C Sinclair (Gullane) 3 and 2.
G Whitbread (Colchester) bt T Hein (Germany) 4 and 2.
A McDonald (Crow Wood) bt D Ronan (West Herts) 4 and 3.
A Raphael (St Andrews) bt C Finch (Grange Park) 5 and 4.
A Collman (West Herts) bt M Anderson (Tantallon) 4 and 3.
G Evans (Lee Park) bt S Shore (Stanton on Wolds) 3 and 2.
J Hawksby (Millbrook) bt S Richardson (Knott End) 6 and 5.
M Saunders (Gullane) bt T Moffat (Crow Wood) 7 and 6.
Johnson bt Pierce 5 and 4
Becht bt Sinclair 7 and 6
David bt Blyth 3 and 2.
Dougall bt Simmonds 3 and 2.
Lamb bt Lamond 4 and 3.
Betts bt Ferguson 4 and 3
Storey bt D Stone 4 and 2.
Blair bt Ford 3 and 2.
A Stone bt Earl 2 and 1.
Waugh bt Whitfield 1 hole
Humphries bt Sharpe 3 and 2
Berry bt Roberts 3 ande 2
Whitbread b Zamudio 3 ande 1
McDonald bt Raphael 1 hole
Collman bt Evans 2 and 1
Saunders bt Hawksby 3 and 1.

K Donagh (Puckrup Hall) bt R Cousin(Appleby) 1 hole.
V Walden (Tewkesbury Park) bt C Ellis (Brickhampton Court) 2 holes.
M McGrath (Ireland) bt C Harrington (Vicars Cross) 2 holes.
S Green (Worcestershire) bt A McDonald (Pitreavie) 3 and 2.
C Dawes (Tewkesbury Park) bt S Carruthers (Thornhill) 3 and 2.
C Appleby (Fairhaven) bt A Rigby (Helsby) 3 and 2.
D Bible (Ashford) bt S Hogg (Shetland) 5 and 4.
R Rodgers (Ludlow) bt P MacNaught (Sundridge Park) 7 and 6.
C James (Blundells Hill) bt A Wiggins (Tewkesbury Park) 7 and 6.
G Porteous (Kilspindie) bt G Finch (Grange Park) at 20th.
J Harty (Ireland) bt A Docherty (Baberton) at 19th.
A Crawford (Hallamshire) bt N Bevan (Tewkesbury Park) 2 and 1.
R Steib (USA) bt S Dawes (Tewkesbury Park) at 19th
L Troy (Ireland) bt N McKenzie (Cawder) at 21st
R McNamara (Tewkesbury Park) bt P G Foster (Houghton) 6 and 4.
A Meyrick (Ludlow) bt R Poupart (Kirkintilloch) 3 and 2 



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