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8.30 David-Ross Nicol Dundonald Links G C
1 Adrian Orton Kilmarnock Barassie G C
      Duncan R Scott Royal Troon G C

8.38 Iain McNab Trump Turnberry
2        Peter Thomson Kilmarnock Barassie G C
  Anthony Cecchini Royal Troon G C

8.46 Alan Welsh Cathkin Braes G C
3 Bill McMahon Irvine G C
          Colin McLatchie West Kilbride G C

8.54 Michael Patterson Kilmacolm G C
4 Allan Paterson Glasgow G C
  Alasdair Malcolm Prestwick St Cuthbert G C

9.02 Calum Nairn Kilmarnock Barassie G C
5 John Rushbury Royal Troon G C
          John Watt Prestwick St Cuthbert G C

9.10 Derek Watters Gourock G C
6 Donald Mackay Cowal G C
  Eric Ewart Royal Troon G C

9.18 Iain Ross Lenzie G C
7      Reg Short Kilmarnock Barassie G C
       Jonathan d'Aguilar Glasgow G C

9.26 Stuart Houlden East Kilbride G C
8      John Greene Cowglen G C
  Alan McCaw Glasgow G C

9.34 Jonathan Mullaney Unattached
9 Raymond Christian Royal Troon G C
          Chris McKenzie Sandyhills G C

9.42 John Henry Clydebank  and District G C
10    Gerry Smith Royal Troon G C
  Chris Currie Glasgow G C

9.50 Paul O'Hara N Lanarkshire Leisure
11 Mark Lappin Dundonald Links G C
  John Lappin Portland Troon G C

9.58 Anthony O'Donnell Largs G C
12 Ian McLarty Royal Troon G C
  George Higgins West Kilbride G C

10.06 Stephen Wilson Dundonald Links G C
13      Jim Shearer West Kilbride G C
  Jim McEwan Elderslie G C

10.14 Euan Campbell Paisley G C
14        Jim Johnston Belleisle G C
  Peter J Boyd Fereneze G C

10.22 Stephen Gray Lanark G C
15 Gordon Clark Loudoun Gowf G C
  Alastair Connell Cawder G C

10.30 Fraser McKenna Caldwell G C
16 Ian McConnochie Western Gailes G C
            Thomas Rogers Caldwell G C

10.38 Keith Ross Glasgow G C
17 John Tanner Kilmacolm G C
            Alex Fallis Cowglen G C'

10.46 Nick Walton Glasgow G C
18 Scott Chisholm Balmore G C
  Colin Peddie Kirkintilloch G C

10.54 Mark O'Donnell Linlithgow G C
19 George Crawford Haggs Castle G C
  Neal Stewart Haggs Castle G C

11.02 Peter Miller Dundonald Links G C
20 Scott Bissett Kirkintilloch G C
          Alan Auld Crow Wood G C

11.10 Campbell Elliott Haggs Castle G C
21      John Cameron Cathkin Braes G C
            David Allan Haggs Castle G C

11.18 Joe Devlin West Kilbride G C
22        John Leitch Haggs Castle G C
  Steve Banks West Kilbride G C

11.26 David Wordsworth Irvine G C
23        James McPherson Cathcart Castle G C
  Alistair Nicol Portland Troon G C

11.34 Paul McKechnie Braid Hills Golf Centre
24 Tom McGill Glasgow G C
  David Mackay Royal Troon G C

11.42 Craig Ronald Carluke G C
25       David Cooper Cowal G C
  Thomas Thomson Haggs Castle G C

11.50 Harry Miller Royal Troon G C
26 Scott Miller Royal Troon G C
  Frank Craig Hamilton G C



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