Tuesday, March 01, 2016

North-east Alliance tee times for Duff House Royal tomorrow (Wednesday)

8-20 C Cassie A Campbell G Esson T Boyle
8-30 R Lamb M Merchant P Morrison C Goodwin
8-40 D Lawrie S Davidson M Brown R Brown
8-50 D Mackay T Mathieson K Nicol G McBain

9-00 L Roger M Rendall H Roulston A Smith.
9-10 G Chalmers A Stuart S Hanson.
9-20 D Booth R Reid R Blackmore.
9-30 D Mackay P McLean B Ritchie S Finnie.
9-40 K McGillivary J Stewart L Duncan J Crawford.
9-50 J Scott B Skene M Forster C Nelson
10-00 M Thompson R Cameron N Chisholm
10-10 J Forrest N Stewart B Lumsden M Duncan
10-20 S Mackie S Scott J Hosie
10-30 D Fleming L Fowler A Gall S Roger
10-40 S Allison R Davidson G Mackie
10-50 D Leslie D Wright P Cheyne H Macnaughton

11-00 J Morris E Riley G Riley D Nelson
11-10 T Collie M Lawrie G Cochran D Brown
11-20 D Bisset F Bisset J Murray
11-30 N K Parker W Skene R Duncan D Lane
11-40 J Borthwick P Low D Townsley M Roger
11-50 S Kiloh S Lawrie D Craigie

12-00 C Lawrie P Lawrie S Lawrie M MacDougall
12-10 K Duncan M Patterson R McKen
12-20 J Nicolson C Duffus
12-30 J Hopwood Laura Murray Keil Beveridge S Macneil
12-40 J Duff G Munro D Macandrew

+This is the third last competition in which Order of Merit points, sponsored by the Brimmond Bistro @ Craibstone Golf Club  can be gained. Next week is the first round of the championship at Portlethen and the Wednesday after (March 16) is the final round of the championship at Craibstone.
The 1-2-3 in the three Order of Merit sections (scratch - Class 1 handicap - Class 2 handicap) - will receive their prizes (£75, £50, £40) in the Craibstone clubhouse.
The Alliance am-am team event will be played at Craibstone over one round of stoke-play on Thursday, March 17



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