Friday, February 05, 2016

 PGA Winter 4 Ball Glasgow Gailes tee times for Monday, February 8 (rescheduled from January 18):

 Tee  Time      Name

  1   9:30 AM   Stuart Williamson
                Ross MacLeod
                Craig Everett
                Daniel Flannery

  1   9:40 AM   Nick Walton
                Blair Harvey
                Mark Kerr
                David Patrick

  1   9:50 AM   Paul O'Hara
                Steven O'Hara
                Jason McCreadie
                Craig Ronald

  1   10:10 AM  Derek Watters
                Andrew Fullen
                Alan Reid
                Graham Fox

  1   10:20 AM  Cameron Marr
                Callum Beveridge

  1   10:30 AM  Louis Gaughan
                Stuart Callan
                Charles Dernie
                Sam McLaren

  1   10:40 AM  Stephen Gray
                Campbell Elliott
                James Erskine
                Stuart Kerr

  1   10:50 AM  Martyn Huish
                Euan Bowden
                Paul Brookes
                Paul Wytrazek

  1   11:00 AM  Kenneth McLean
                William Fairfull-Smith
                Paul Wardell
                Fraser Mann

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