Friday, October 16, 2015

Italian govcrnment's boost for bid to stage 

2022 Ryder Cup match in Rome

Italy’s 2022 Ryder Cup bid has received a significant boost as the Italian government, led by the Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, added their unequivocal support to the endeavours of the Italy 2022 bid for Rome, one of the world’s most historic and romantic cities, to host The 2022 Ryder Cup Match.

With the proven economic impact of The Ryder Cup in terms of direct and indirect revenue in terms of tourism as well as the legacy of an invigorated golf industry, Italy’s passion to host one of golf’s most important events has resulted in unprecedented government buy in and support. 

Franco Chimenti, President of FIG stated; “We have received the full backing from the Italian State which strengthens our bid significantly. Mr Renzi’s support is such an important asset to our bid to host one of the great sporting events to be held in Rome.”

Giovanni Malagò President of CONI (The Italian Olympic Committee) commented.
 “The government have been fantastic in their support for this bid throughout the process and, alongside our 2024 Olympic bid, we are looking to build a strong foundation for Italy on the global sporting calendar.
"We are proud that The Ryder Cup has been embraced by not only the State government but also the Regions of Lazio and Guidonia as well as the City of Rome.”



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