Saturday, August 08, 2015

Sunday tee times for Leven Gold Medal

7.30 C Macneal and A Moir
7.40 A Hain (withdrawn) and S Aitken
7.50 J Johnston, R Campbell and D Mitchell

8.00 J A Wilson, M Anderson and A Davidson
8.10 S Renie, R White and R Wardlaw
8.20 G Forrester, R J Smith and G Wishart
8.30 C Cochrane, M Napier and J Shaw
8.40 R Walsh, G Smail and K Blyth
8.50 E Wood, D Sutton and M Miller

9.00 C Low, S Stewart and B A Kinsley
9.10 A Campbell, M Hogg and A Carrick
9.20 A McDougall, D Elder and F Carr
9.30 CWallace, J Wright and K Godsman
9.40 Robertson, B Hume and B Fotheringham.

A Hain  has withdrawn from 7.40 third round startingtime


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