Tuesday, February 05, 2008

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The Australian foursome of Andrew Tampion, Brad Lamb, Ewan Porter and Peter Fowler qualified for this year’s Open championship at Royal Birkdale after taking the top four positions at International Final Qualifying at The Lakes in Sydney.
Tampion led by three shots at the halfway 18-hole mark and held on to that lead for the remainder of the day, shooting eight-under-par 137 for the tournament and finishing three shots clear of the field.
The 23-year-old shot rounds of 67 and 71 at the one-day 36-hole qualifier and while overjoyed with the win, was overawed by the experience.
“I don’t really know what to say, I don’t think it’s sunk in yet,” said Tampion who qualified for the Open for the first time after two previous attempts, at Sunningdale last year and Kingston Heath the year before.
“I mean, to play in the Open is every Aussie kid’s dream so I am really looking forward to it.”
Ewan Porter and Peter Fowler, who both qualified at The Lakes last year, once again won a place at the Open but for Porter it was a much more nerve-wracking experience.
The 25-year-old, who called The Lakes home for many years, finished three shots ahead of the field last year on 11-under and comfortably took first place. This year, however, he had to wait, having finished an hour ahead of a pack of players all within reach and threatening a play-off.
“I was pretty tense waiting today”, said Porter. “I really didn’t play very well and especially compared to last year where I just cruised through, it was much tougher and more of a grind this year. I just held on to the positive memories from last year and I think the fact that I know the course well really helped.”
Peter Fowler will play in the Open for the 12th time. The 48-year-old outplayed many 20 years his junior today and qualified through IFQ - Australasia for the third time in four years.
“I thought I’d messed it up on the back nine. I was struggling a bit, it’s a long day,” said Fowler who birdied the final hole to secure equal second spot.
“I was just determined to hit that last shot and birdie. It was all or nothing. It just shows what you can do when you put your mind to it.”
Brad Lamb will be making his first appearance at the Open Championship after three failed attempts to qualify at IFQ.
“It’s quite a bizarre feeling actually, but I am really looking forward to it. It’s just such a great opportunity for us here, because really, with a field of 55 and four spots available, the odds are pretty good.
“We get to play in our own country and I have always played well at The Lakes, so it has all worked out well.”
The 2008 Open championship will be played at Royal Birkdale from July 17-20.

Par 146 (2 x 72)
Players from Australia unless stated
138 TAMPION, Andrew 67 71.
141 LAMB, Bradley 71 70, PORTER, Ewan 72 69, FOWLER, Peter 72 70.
142 PIKE, Aaron 74 68, BASIC, Neven 74*, 68.
143 BASIC, Neven 72 70.
143 MARTIN, Andrew 75 68, SUMMERS, Anthony 71 72, CAMPBELL, Christopher 73 70, PRESNELL, Alistair 72 71
144 DARTNALL, Steve 73 71, JONES, Steven 75 69, PARSONS, Lucas 74 70, CURTAIN, Michael 73 71, TSCHUDIN, Andrew 75 69, MARANTZ, Paul 74 70, JEFFRESS, Steven 72 72.
145 GOW, Paul 73 72, STIVALA, Nigel 75 70, LEE, Won Joon 75 70, KULACZ, Rick 75 70, COLLINS, Steve 72 73.
146 BLAND, Adam 74 72, HICKMOTT, Luke 72 74.
147 DIAZ, David 73 74, DOWNES, Chris 71 76, WRIGHT, Michael 71 76, ECOB, Matthew 72 75, WILSON, Peter 73 74.
148 LEISHMAN, Marc 73 75, BROWN, Anthony 76 72, BUNNY, Ben 74 74.
149 PITT, Andrew 76 73, BROWN, Mitchell 74 75, MOSELEY, Jarrod 70 79, MAKER, Justin 71 78, ABBOTT, Jonathan 74 75, SHEEHAN, Paul 76 73, ORMSBY, Wade 73 76, WALTERS, Euan 74 75.
150 DODT, Andrew 80 70, BALLARD, Matthew 80 70, LA'CASSIE, Bronson 73 77, ISHIKAWA, Ryo (Japan) 72 78.
151 LAYCOCK, Scott 73 78, CRAWFORD, Adam 70 81, LONG, Michael (New Zealand) 76 77.
154 NITTIES, James 74 80.
155 CONRAN, Steven 73 82, HALLER, Ryan 76 79.
160 HALL, Ashley 78, 82



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