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Shamash golfing family quite a famous one in Scotland

Reference the series about Scotland v England youth internationals of the late 1950s-early 1960s.

Email from Martin Scott:
Is the E Shamash (whose name appears in the Scotland line-up for the youths match against England at Pannal 1960), any relation to Ben Shamash who reached the final of the Scottish amateur championship about 10 years ago?
 I love reading about old news you are posting. Keep up the good work.

Colin Farquharson writes: The Shamash golfing family is quite a famous one in Scottish golfing history over the past 120 years or so.
The "E Shamash" was Edward Shamash, a Kirkcudbright GC member who reached the final of the British boys' championship in 1955.
He was certainly related to Ben Shamash who lost at the 37th to Glenn Campbell (Blairgowrie) in the 2005 Scottish men's amateur championship final at Southerness. Whether he was a brother, son or cousin of Eddie Shamash, I do not know.
The Under-16 boys international between Scotland and England used to be for the "Eddie Shamash Trophy."
Ben had a sister, Addi Shamash, who was prominent in Scottish girls'/women's amateur golf for a spell. 
If anyone has any knowledge of who was/is who in the Shamash golfing family, please Email the info to
Pictures also if available, although that's a long shot!             



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