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Recalling Scotland v England youth internationals

Pannal the venue again and Scots repeat victory

For some reason lost in the mists of time, the 1960 youths international match was played at Pannal Golf Club, Yorkshire for the second year in a row instead of at a Scottish venue.
So Pannal again it was and the result in favour of Scotland was almost a repeat of 12 months earlier with the Scots beating England 11.5 to 6.5 (it was 12-6 in 1959), establishing a one-point lead in the morning foursomes and then scoring an emphatic 8-4 victory in the singles.

FOURSOMES: England 2.5, Scotland 3.5
England names listed first
D Ball (Rowany) and G C Marks (Trentham) lost to A R Murphy (Falkirk Tryst) and G B Cosh (Cowglen) 2 holes.
P B Flaherty (Addington) and R V Braddon (Beaconsfield) lost to M C Douglas (Thornhill) and J Wood (Melrose) 3 and 2.
I Stungo (Sudbury) and J R Langridge (Rochester and Cobham) halved with E M Shamash (Kirkcudbright) and J A Davidson (Eastwood).
J M E Anderson (Royal Liverpool) and L G B Williamson (Hadley Wood) bt H C Brownlee (Craigmillar Park) and J Wilson (Kilmarnock Barassie) 2 and 1.
J A Sanderson (Seaham Harbour) and P R Johnston (Mid-Herts) bt J Ferguson (Scotscraig) and S Bunton, junior (Old Ranfurly) 2 and 1.
R Foster (Bradford) and D Carmichael (Hessle) lost to J Duffy (Cawder) and T C Steele (Lanark) 2 and 1.

SINGLES: England 4, Scotland 8
England names first
Ball bt Cosh 2 and 1.
Marks lost to Murphy 6 and 5.
Stungo lost to Shamash 6 and 5.
Anderson lost to Douglas 1 hole.
Flaherty bt Davidson 2 and 1.
Langridge lost to Brownlee 1 hole.
Braddon lost to Ferguson 3 and 1.
Carmichael lost to Duffy 2 holes.
Sanderson bt Wilson 2 holes.
Foster bt Bunton, junior 2 and 1.
Johnston lost to Steele 2 and 1.


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