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Recalling the Scotland v England youth international at Dumfries in 1958


I think it's a great pity that youths internationals have disappeared from the golf calendar in recent years. The R and A, in their wisdom, scrapped this level of Under-21 boys'/young men's golf two or three years back and with it the British youths championship  and the home countries have followed suit.
It may even have been the other way round but, in any case, youths internationals are no more.
It is very hard even to look back at the youths international results of yesteryear because yearbooks, which used to be very useful for golf writers like myself as reference books, are no more. Scottish Golf does not publish one and the R and A stopped printing their excellent year book about three years ago.

Thanks to some excellent delving into past files by Stephen Burnett, an England Golf performance manager, now has a series of the collated youth international results from more than 50 years ago.
That may or may not be of much interest to some but I personally find it fascinating to pour over the old results and pick out the names of players who went on to greater things and others who make me wonder what happened to them!
Over the next few days, I will conjure up youth international results, starting with the Scotland v England match at Dumfries and County Golf Club in 1958 when the Scotland team included J R Young (Cathcart Castle) who went on to win the Scottish amateur championship at Carnoustie two years later.

The 1958 match was the last to be decided on a different calculation from the ones that followed, i.e. it was decided on the sum total of the "holes up" of the winning players in the foursomes and singles.
Thus England beat Scotland in the 1958 match by 23 holes up to the Scots' 19 holes up, as follows:

Scotland names first:
FOURSOMES (Scotland 8 holes up; England 5 holes up
A M Grossert (Ralston) and D A Walkinshaw (Mount Ellen) 0, D Moffat (City of Newcastle) and W E Proctor (Westerhope) 0.
A Cribbes (Cawder) and J D Fleming (Douglas Park) 3, P D Kelley (King's Norton) and R A Jowle (Edgbaston) 0.
R R Adams (Elderslie) and J R Young (Cathcart Castle) 0, D Ball (Rowany) and G C Marks (Trentham) 0.
D A Stevens (Blairgowrie) and P J Binns (Craigmillar Park) 3, R P Cook (Kingswood) and J W Burton (Olton) 0.
A McIntosh (Stirling) and G McLeod (Greenock) 0, C Newton (Crewe) and E Walsh (Southport Old) 5.
B J Aitken (Bearsden) and J Duffy (Cawder) 2, J Emmott (Keighley) and K P Geddes (Davyhulme Park) 0.

SINGLES (Scotland 11 holes up, England 18 holes up)
Grossert 2, Moffat 0.
Cribbes 3, Ball 0.
Walkinshaw 1, Kelley 0.
Fleming 0, Jowle 3.
Adams 0, Cook 5.
Young 1, Proctor 0.
Stevens 0, Burton 2.
Binns 0, Marks 5.
McIntosh 0, Emmott 1.
McLeod 0, Geddes 0.
Aitken 4, Newton 0.
Duffy 0, Walsh 2.

Overall result:
SCOTLAND 19 holes up, ENGLAND 23 holes up.

+If anyone has memories of that match, whether as a player, or a spectator, or maybe a team picture, send an Email to

*Coming up next: the 1959 youth international at Pannal GC, Yorkshire, where Scotland beat England 12-6.




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