Tuesday, January 31, 2017

 Seniors deserve better deals (discounts and incentives) from their golf clubs

FROM louis@journalistic.org
With a variety of efforts to make golf more accessible and affordable to the younger generations, it seems that golf clubs have ironically forgotten about the older generation in doing so. In the sense that, they are being left out from membership discounts/incentives.
Recent research conducted by GolfSupport.com has found that more than 80% of UK golf clubs don’t offer membership discounts/incentives specifically for seniors.
·         Leicester has the highest proportion of golf clubs offering seniors membership discounts/incentives – 41.7%
·         London has the lowest proportion of golf clubs offering seniors membership discounts/incentives – 6.8%
·         Our own survey revealed: over 90% of seniors believe that they should get some sort of incentive or discount on golf club membership fees
 The research conducted included investigating 244 golf clubs in 15 different towns and cities across the UK.
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