Friday, September 14, 2018

Robert MacKay wins North District Seniors' 

Championship at Maverston

Robert MacKay (Fortrose and Rosemarkie) won the North District Seniors' Championship for the Macallan Trophy at Maverston Golf Club today in a very tight finish.
Mackay headed a field of 35 competitors with a round of 76, one shot ahead of Andy MacDonald (Isle of Harris) and Michael Wilson (Moray), both of whom returns 77s. MacDonald was placed second on a card countback.
Robert Smith (Nairn) won Category A scratch (55 to 64 years) with a 78.
Patrick Smith (Nairn) won Category B scratch (65 to 70 years), also with a 78.
James MacPherson (Moray) won Category C scratch (71 years and over) with an 80.
par 71. 6,133yd. SSS 69. CSS 72
76 Robert MacKay (Fortrose and Rosemarkie) (Macallan Trophy)
77 Andy MacDonald (Isle of Harris), Michael Wilson (Moray).
CATEGORY A (55 to 64 years)
78 Robert Smith (Nairn).
72 John MacIver (Invergordon) (7).
76 Donald Cormack (Inverness) (12)
CATEGORY B (65 to 70 years) 
78 Patrick Smith (Moray)
71 Ian Hamilton (Nairn) (12)
76 Paul Wickes (Nairn) (12) (bih)
CATEGORY C (71 years and over)
80 James MacPherson (Moray)
75 Alan Lees (Moray) (11)

76 Alan Boxx (Boat of Garten) (13) (bih)

76 Robert MacKay (Fortrose and Rosemarkie)
77 Andy MacDonald (Isle of Harris), Michael Wilson (Moray)
78 Patrick Smith (Moray), Robert Smth (Nairn)
79 John MacIver (Invergordon)
80 James Grant (Boat of Garten), James MacPherson (Moray)
82 Patrick Tomisson (Nairn), Ronnie Spence (Newtonmore)
83 Robin Paton (Nairn), I Hamilton (Nairn)
84 James Ingram (Boat of Garten), Robert MacPherson (Moray)
85 James Young (Moray), James McLeod (Moray)
86 Alan Lees (Moray)
87 John Dawson (Moray), Ian Cooper (Nairn).
88 Donald Cormack (Inverness), Eric Brown (Inverness), Paul Wickes (Nairn), Hamish Bunker (Nairn Dunbar)
89 Alan Boxx (Boat of Garten), Stewart Robertson (Fortrose and Rosemarkie), David Sharp (Boat of Garten).
92 Roy Crane (Moray), Michael Moran (Invergordon)
95 Jeffery Gable (Moray)
98 Iain Nicolson (Nairn)
99 Alexander Souter (Moray)
102 Bruce Casburn (Moray)
116 John Disbury (Reay)
NRs Keith Ingram (Maverston), Laird Kennedy (Maverston).

71 Patrick Smith (Moray) (7), Ian Hamilton (Nairn) (12)
72 John MacIver (Invergordon) (7), Robert MacKay (Fortrose and Rosemarkie) (4)
73 James MacPherson (Moray) (7)
74 Michael Wilson (Moray) (3)
75 Alan Lees (Moray) (11)
76 Donald Cormack (Inverness) (12), Paul Wickes (Nairn) (12), Alan Boxx (Boat of Garten) (13), James Ingram (Boat of Garten) (8), Patrick Tomisson (Nairn) (6), Andy MacDonald (Isle of Harris) (1)
77 Robin Paton (Nairn) (6)
78 Ronnie Spence (Newtonmore) (4), Robert MacPherson (Moray) (6), John Dawson (Moray) (9), James Grant (Boat of Garten) (2)
79 James Young Moray) (6), James MacLeod (Moray) (6), Robert Smith (Nairn) (+1)
80 Stewart Robertson (Fortrose and Rosemarkie) (9)
82 Roy Crane (Moray) (10), Michael Moran (Invergordon) (10), Jeffery Gable (Moray) (13), Hamish Bunker (Nairn Dunbar) (6), David Sharp (Boat of Garten) (7), Ian Cooper (Nairn) (5)
83 Eric Brown (Inverness) (5)
84 Bruce Casburn (Moray) (18)
85 Alexander Souter (Moray) (11)
87 Iain Nicolson (Nairn) (11)
92 John Disbury) (24)
NRs Keith Ingram (Maverston), Laird Kennedy (Maverston).



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