Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Late entries will be accepted, during office hours, on 01224 704354 or enter at for the Murcar Links' Men's Open  on Sunday, July 23. 
Competitors will tee off in threes at 10min intervals and are from the home club unless stated. 
Abbreviations: B, Banchory; BA, Bridge of Allan; BP, Balbirnie Park; BT, Berwick upon Tweed; Bu, Buckpool; C, Cowglen; CB, Cruden Bay; Cr, Craibstone; D, Deeside; DH, Dunecht House; DHR, Duff House Royal; E, Eyemouth; G, Glenbervie; H, Hirsel; Hz, Hazlehead; L, Littlestone; N, Newmachar; New, Newburgh; Ph, Peterhead; RA, Royal Aberdeen; RC, Ranfurly Castle; RM, Royal Musselburgh; S, Strathlene.
8.0 – M. Grant (D), G. Cox (N), A. A. T. Campbell; D. Raitt (RA), D. Paterson (B), K. McPherson (DHR); A. Holbrook, B. Holbrook and partner.
8.30 – D. Walker (RC), N. Cruickshank (RA), J. Ramsay; J. Buchan (Ph), R. Simpson (Ph) and partner.
9.0 – F. Mandracchia (N), S. Boyce (N) and partner; M. McIntyre (BP), R. Watt (BP), and partner.
9.30 – S. McGaulley (BP), R. Beaumont (BP), and partner; D. Smeaton (G), D. Macgowan (BA) and partner.
10.0 – R. Merson, S. Fairless and partner; M. Innes (Bu), M. Innes (Bu), M. Robertson (Bu).
10.30 – R. Buchan (New), P. Manson (New), M. Clark (New); M. Auld (S), B. Auld (S), S. Auld (S); C. Watson (CB), S. Wilson (CB), S. Watson (CB).
11.0 – J. Lauder (C) and partners.
11.30 – R. Tait (H), D. Purves (H), I. Methven (E); T. Morgan, A. Bean (DH), N. Webster (DH).
12.0 – D. McKinlay (BT), M. Jones (BT) and partner; D. Miller (BT), S. Clark (H) and partner.
12.30 – D. Pinto (Cr), J. Strachan (Cr), G. Pinto (Cr); J. Palmer (L) and partners.
1.0 – A. Mackenzie (RM), I. Scott (Hz) and partner.




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