Tuesday, January 12, 2016

NE Alliance switch from Murcar Links to 

Buckpool tomorrow

Tomorrow's North-east Golfers' Alliance competition has been switched from Murcar Links to Buckpool because of water on the Murcar course following sustained heavy rain on Monday night.

Tee times for the new venue:

8-20 A Campbell G Esson B Harper C Cassie
8-29 P Morrison G Riley J Morris
8-38 S Davidson D Lawrie M Brown R Brown
8-47 M Rendall L Roger H Roulston
8-56 D Mackay K Nicol G Chalmers
9-14 R Reid D Booth S Ross
9-32 S Finnie J Duff P McLean H McNaughton
9-41 W Beattie K McGillivary L Duncan
9-50 J Crawford J Stewart S Mackie S Kiloh
9-59 S Shand P Walker C Duffus M Forster
10-26 D Fleming L Fowler M Duncan D Nelson
10-35 A Gall R Davidson S Allison
10-44 D Leslie G Homer D Wright P Cheyne
10-53 J Forrest J Sunley B Lumsden
11-02 N K Parker K Beveridge L Murray
11-11 J Murray D Bisset T Collie
11-20 D Brown M Lawrie W Skene R Duncan
11-29 G Thom D Lane M Rogers
11-38 P Low J Borthwick W Middler N Chisholm
11-47 M Merchant R Lamb J Duncan G Milne
11-56 K Duncan R McKen



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