Friday, August 21, 2015


                          SCHOOLS’ TEAM CHALLENGE

                                               MONDAY, AUGUST 31

Players should register in the Clubhouse (from 10.30 am) before going to stated tee at 11.40 am.  Shotgun begins at Noon.

GIRLS - RED TEES                  BOYS - WHITE TEES

     1     Lucy Buckley                                        The Gordon Schools
            Josh Leslie                                           Torry/Kincorth Academy
            Andrew Yule                                         Ellon Academy
     2     Callum Bruce                                        Banff Academy
            Shannon McWilliam                              Aboyne Academy
            Michael Lawrie                                      Robert Gordon’s College
     3     Jasmine Mackintosh                             Hazlehead Academy
Cameron Gray                                      Ellon Academy
            Jack Pirie                                            Aberdeen Grammar School
     4     Alastair Kinghorn                                  Albyn School
            Megan Robb                                         Aberdeen Grammar School                  
            Callum Irving                                        Banff Academy

      5    Cameron Fraser                                    Meldrum Academy
            Craig Leith                                            Hazlehead Academy
            Dylan Smith                                          Robert Gordon’s College
      6    Reece Smith                                         Kincorth/Torry Academy
            Jack Thomson                                      Banchory Academy
            Jonathan Bell                                        Aberdeen Grammar School

     7     Cameron Fraser                                    Westhill Academy
Harry Webster                                      Albyn School
            Luke Mackie                                         Meldrum Academy

     8     Ellis Gray                                             Banff Academy            
            Henri Charles                                       Robert Gordons College
            Kiran Nolan                                           Alford Academy

     9     Dominic Bradburn                                 Aboyne Academy
            Connor Brown                                       Hazlehead Academy
            Finlay Smith                                         Ellon Academy
   10     Evan Orr                                              Inverurie Academy                               
            Greg Carell                                           Cults Academy
            Glenn Murison                                      The Gordons Schools                          

   14     Cameron Strachan                                Cults Academy
            Matthew Lynas                                     Albyn School
            Keith Robertson                                                Westhill Academy

   15     Cameron McArthur                                Inverurie Academy
            Ferghus Milne                                       Banchory Academy
            Kyle Harker                                          Aboyne Academy


 16       Ross Hanna                                          Alford Academy
            Charlie MacDonald                                Westhill Academy
            Scott Sinking                                        Cults Academy

 17       Ben Martin                                            Banchory Academy
            Jack Chalmers                                     Alford Academy
            Brook Smith                                          Kincorth/Dyce Academy
 18       Ryan Stewart                                       MeldrumAcademy                                
            Ben Green                                            Inverurie Academy
            Adam McGowan                                   The Gordons Schools



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