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Newmachar, holders of the Northern Counties Cup, made a smooth start to their title defence in the annual foursomes match-play tournament with a second-round victory over the Tain 2 team at the latter's course today.

It was a family affair when Nairn 2  beat Elgin - all their players are members of the Asher family. George the father and his three sons, James, Rory and Finlay make up this team, which is probably a first for this tournament. They now  play Fortrose 1.
 Another surprise was last year's finalists Inverness 2 beating Cruden Bay 1 who were the strong looking line-up -on paper.
The scoreline in the Moray 1 v Royal Dornoch 1 tie had a bizarre look after 18 holes. Dornoch's first pair where seven up and their second pair seven down. Dornoch managed to win at the 19th. 

Fraserburgh bt Nairn Dunbar 2 by 5 holes
(G Munro, J Ritchie 5, R Johnson, G Anderson 0; J Ross, F Milne 0, D Lamb, D Bunker 0)
Moray 1 bt Duff House Royal by 8 holes
(M MacLeman, K Thomson 0, D Morrison, S Griffiths 0; C Stuart, K Godsman 8, G Buchan, I Angus 0)
Fortrose 1 bt Cruden Bay 2 by 3 holes
M MacDonald, C Gaittens 0, D Watson, K Duncan 1; A Cameron, L Reid 4, N Metcalf, D Milne 0;
Newmachar 1 bt Tain 2 by 6 holes
(C Simpson, M McKeichnie 3, P Austin, G Tonge 0; R Barr, J Duff 3, F Mackie, C Ilett 0)
Grantown bt Strathpeffer by 13 holes
(J Campbell, G Hay 10, M Wilson, S Duff 0, S Dingwall, I Anderson 3, G Ross, A MacBean 0)
Banchory bt Royal Aberdeen 2 at 20th
(A Lindsay, J Harling 0, M Wilson, D Purdie 4; R Black, A Ramage 4, A Joss, I Middleton 0)
Nairn Dunbar 1 bt Eriskay by 6 holes
(W Barron, G Burnett 0, N MacDonald, R Stewart 0; B Watson, F Brown 6, W Rusk, R Stewart 0)
Inverness 1 bt Moray 2 by 9 holes
(J Forbes, D Sanderson 0, B MacLeman, J Hendry 0; B Fortheringham, D Joel 9 A Mair, G Bethune 0)
Orkney bt Nigg Bay by 4 holes
(J McGregor, J Sim 2, R Forbes, L O'Conner 0; E Donaldson, P McKinlay 2, S Jamieson, C Grimmer 0)
Tain1 bt Wick by 10 holes
(M Ferries, D Thorburn 9, G Steven jur, A MacKay 0; B Ferries, A Everett 1, N Klimas, J Harper 0)
Brora bt Turriff bt 5 holes
(J MacBeath, R Cameron 6, A Ogg, M Singer 0; I MacDonald, C Stewart 0, C Ironside, W Horn 1)
Nairn 2 bt Elgin by 2 holes
(R Asher, F Asher 0, N McWilliam, F Baillie 3; J Asher, G Asher 5, S Milne, M Paterson 0)
Nairn 1 bt Newmachar 2 by 6 holes
(F Fotheringham, B Thomson  2, C Cheyne, C Chellerd 0; S Scott, R Smith 4, B Robson, M Barclay 0)
Inverness 2 bt Cruden Bay 1 by 1 hole
E Forbes, L Chancellor 0, M Buchan, D King 0; J Keith, K MacKay 1, M Christie, S Roger 0;
Royal Aberdeen 1 bt Deeside by 6 holes
(M Halliday, W Barclay 2, A Ross, D Halliday 0; N MacAndrew, D MacAndrew 4, K Willox, J Pryde 0)
Fraserburgh bt Muir of Ord at 19th
(G Munro, J Ritchie 0, J Whittet, S Johnson 5; J Ross, F Milne 5, S Forbes, A Begg 0)
Royal Dornoch 1 bt Moray 1 at 19th
(N Munro, D MacKintosh 7, M MacLeman, K Thomson 0; D Pearson, B Urquhart 0, C Stuart, K Godsman 7)
Murcar Links bt Forres by 3 holes
(A Bews, A Styles 3, J Wright, G Stuart 0; A Campbell, I Galbraith 0, R Proctor, R McKerron 0)
Fortrose 1 bt Fortrose 2 by 7 holes
(M MacDonald, C Gaittens 2, P Cameron, K Fowler 0; A Cameron, L Reid 5, W Donnelly, K Gaittens 0)



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