Thursday, September 08, 2011


08.15 - A Campbell- I bratton- g esson    10.21 -d leslie- c clark- g homer
08.22 - b harper- c cassie- k watson        10.28 -a graham- d nelson- f bissett
08.29 - j Nicolson- p cornfield- s mackie   10.35 - d randall- j murray- d bissett
08.36 - j dalgarno- j hosie- c nelson        10.42 -j jessimon- a petrie- m rodgers
08.43 - a smith- c Carnegie- r fitzpatrick  10.49 -k beverage- j callum- free
08.50 -r lamb- m merchant- e kennedy     10.56 -free- free- free
08.57 -j kinsella- j scott- s kennedy         11.03 -free- free- free
09.04 -j hamilton- h raulstone- m rendall 11.10 -free- free- free
09.11 -m Lawrence- c phillip- n chisolm    11.17 -w mckenzie- m may- free
09.18 -m brown- r brown- s davidson       11.24 -d mckay- s finnie- j gall
09.25- p mcintosh- j Duncan- s allen       11.31 -free- free- free
09.32 -free- free- free                           11.38 -free- free- free
09.39 -j forest- n stewart- m duncan       11.45 - free- free- free
09.46 -d bingham- a pirie- l fowler           11.52 -free- free- free
09.53 -hamish- d wright- k stephen          11.59 -free- free- free
10.00 - I grant- m smith- r orr                12.06 -c Alexander- w Urquhart- j bothwick
10.07 -t collie- d brown- m lawrie            12.15 -d Wilson- d mckay- m boothe
10.14 -h mc naughton- I Strachan- d lawrie 12.22- free- free- free
12.29- free- free- free
12.36- free- free- free
12.43- free- free- free

The booking sheet will now be handled by D Wilson only as there were at least 5 double bookings on this sheet. Please make sure that if someone else is booking a time for you it is only done once. Thank you



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