Thursday, June 10, 2010

Grey v Du Toit, Arthurs v Champness in semi-finals

of world one-armed championship at Nairn Dunbar

Scotland’s hopes of providing a home winner of the world one-armed golfers’ championship at Nairn Dunbar Golf Club this week were snuffed out in the first round of the match-play stages today.
Only two Scots qualified and Stuart Griffin (Stirling) was beaten by two holes by American Gary Marshall while Douglas Jopp (Craigielaw) went down by 6 and 5 to Sweden’s Alex Hjalmarsson.
Marshall and Hjalmarsson were themselves KO’d in the quarter-finals. The American lost by one hole to Hugo Du Toit from South Africa. The Sweden went down by 2 and 1 to Nick Champness (Royal Ashdown Forest).
In Friday morning’s semi-finals, its Du Toit against Darren Grey (Darlington) who beat Marcus Malo (Sweden) 2 and 1 in the round of the last eight, and Champness against Ireland’s Cian Arthurs, a 3 and 1 winner over compatriot Brendan Swan.
First round
Marcus Malo (Swe) bt Dave Schutsander (Swe) 5 and 4.
Darren Grey (Darlington) bt David Waterhouse (Upton by Chester) 2 and 1.
Hugo Du Toit (SAf) bt Alistair Calvert (Tasmania) 2 holes.
Gary Marshall (USA) bt Stuart Griffin (Stirling) 2 holes.
Brendan Swan (Ire) bt Robert Paul (Walmer and Kingsdown) 2 holes.
Cian Arthurs (Ire) bt Keith Dewhurst (Bolton Old Links) 4 and 3.
Alex Hjalmarsson (Swe) bt Douglas Jopp (Craigielaw) 6 and 5.
Nicholas Champness (Royal Ashdown Forest0 bt Michael O’Gray (Ire) 2 holes.
Grey bt Malo 2 and 1.
Du Toit bt Marshall 1 hole.
Arthurs bt Swan 3 and 1.
Champness bt Hjalmarsson 2 and 1.

John Condie (Ireland) (26) 36pt
David Bailey (Whittington Heath) (17) 35.
Tony Jones (Northrop Country Park) (18) 32.
George Bradley (Dunaverty) (20) 32.
Gary GArdner (Dalmahoy) (19) 31.
Darren Masters (Feltwell) (18) 31.
Mary Fahey (Ireland) (36) 30.
David Braddick (Parklands) (20) 29.
Jussi Nuorti (Finland) (28) 29.
Michael Crowston (Dunstable Downs) (17) 28.
Hugh Ross (Cawder) (17) 27.
Gusta Emilsson (Sweden) (18) 26.
Peter Priscott (Swaffham) (28) 26.
Graham Cole (Onneley) (23) 25.
Bobby Park (Indonesia) (22) 21.
Bill Boyes (McDonald Ellon) (26) 21.
Don Allen (Northern Ireland) (28) 18.
Malcolm Guy (Old Meldrew) (23) 17.
Ken Nicholls (Ireland) (24) 15.



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