Sunday, January 08, 2017

Have YOU bought shares in Wallace Booth yet?


Since announcing I was selling shares in myself for the 2017 golf season at the start of December, I have had a lot of interest and sold nearly half the amount of shares I am aiming to sell (£100 per share), which is a maximum of 150 shares.
 I have reduced this number so that it makes it more favourable to shareholders. 

1 - 100 shares, then I will split my winnings 70% me / 30% shareholders.
101 - 130 shares, then I will split my winnings 60% me / 40% shareholders.
131 - 150 shares, then I will split my winnings 50% me / 50% shareholders 

So basically what this means, is that, as long as I sell 131 shares or more, then you will get 50% of all the money I have won while competing in 2017. For example:

If I win £1000 in a EuroPro event then this is how it would
 break down:

£1000 - winnings 

£50     - EuroPro/PGA Levy

£950   - into my bank

Of the £950, £475 would go into my own account and the other £475 (50%) would go into the shareholders account. This will happen for every event (not just EuroPro) I win money in 2017. At the end of the year, all the money that is in the shareholders account will then be paid out to the shareholders. 

That way I can reward investors for a good season in 2017.
If you think you would be interested than you can download the contract on my website under Sponsors (shareholders) at or you can email me at for more information. 
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