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Hertfordshire player Jackie Foster (Bishops Stortford Golf Club), current holder of the England senior women's stroke play championship (see Leaderboard Photography picture below), was the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the 2016 Senior Women's Home Internationals which ended at Alyth Golf Club, Pertshire on Friday.

A key player in England's 10th title success in the series, Jackie won five of her six matches, winning three out of three singles, and two out of three foursomes outings. Her only defeat was in parthership with Katherine Russell (Royal Ashdown Forest) in the Day 2 foursomes against Scotland whose Mary Smith and Lorna McKinlay beat them by two holes.
Next best points-earners for champions England were Catherine Rawthore (Sale) and Julie Brown (Trentham) with 4pt apiece.
Senior British Open champion Laura Webb (East Berkshire) and Sheena McElroy (Grange) shared the honour of being the most successful players for European champions Ireland, who were officially designated runners-up at Alyth after a countback involving Wales and Scotland, who also finished with 1pt from three matches.
Both Laura and Sheena gained 3.5pts from three wins and one halved match apiece.
Wales had two players who earned 4pt each - former Senior British champion Ann Lewis (Royal St David's) and Jane Rees (Minchinhampton).
Scotland's best player over the three days was Lesley Lloyd (Hayston) with 3.5pt, half a point ahead of Fiona De Vries (St Rule). Neither player was fielded by captain Lorna Bennett in the final singles against Ireland.


Lesley Lloyd       P5 W3 H1 L1  Pts 3.5
Fiona De Vries    P5 W3 H0 L2  Pts 3
Gillian Kyle         P6 W2 H0 L4  Pts 2
Lorna McKinlay P5 W2 H0 L3  Pts 2
Mary Smith        P4 W2 H0 L2  Pts 2
Sheena Wood     P6 W2 H0 L4  Pts 2
Alex Glennie     P2 W0 H0 L2  Pts 0

Jackie Foster          P6 W5 H0 L1  Pts 5
Cath Rawthore       P5 W4 H0 L1  Pts 4
Julie Brown           P5 W4 H0 L1  Pts 4
Aileen Greenfield P4 W3 H0 L1  Pts 3
Helen Lowe          P4 W2 H1 L1  Pts 2.5
Karen Jobling      P5 W1 H2 L2  Pts 2
Kath Russell        P4 W1 H1 L2  Pts 1.5

Sheena McElroy     P5 W3 H1 L1  Pts 3.5
Laura Webb            P6 W3 H1 L2  Pts 3.5
Carol Wickham       P5 W3 H0 L2  Pts 3
Gertie McMullen    P5 W2 H0 L3  Pts 2
Mary Sheehy          P5 W2 H0 L3  Pts 2
Maria O'Reilly        P4 W1 H0 L3  Pts 1
Suzanne Corcoran  P3 W0 H1 L2  Pts 0.5


Ann Lewis            P6 W4 H0 L2  Pts 4
Jane Rees              P6 W4 H0 L2  Pts 4
Denise Richards   P5 W2 H1 L2  Pts 2.5
Sharon Roberts    P6 W1 H1 L4  Pts 1.5
Olwen Davies      P5 W1 H0 L4  Pts 1
Chris Harries       P4 W1 H0 L3  Pts 1
Patricia Fernon    P1 W0 H0 L1  Pts 0

Day 1 - Scotland 5, Wales 3 (foursomes 2-1)
             England 5.5, Ireland 2.5 (foursomes 2.5-0.5)

Day 2 - Ireland 2.5, Wales 5.5 (foursomes 2-1)
             England 5.5, Scotland 2.5 (foursomes 1-2)

Day 3 - Wales 2.5, England 5.5 (foursomes 1-2)
             Scotland 2, Ireland 6 (foursomes 1-2)

                                  P   W   D   L    F         A      Pts
1 England ................ 3    3    0    0   16.5    7.5      3
2 Ireland .................. 3    1    0     2   11     13         1
3 Wales ...................  3    1    0     2   11     13         1
4 Scotland ..............   3    1    0     2     9.5  14.5      1

+Ireland won a countback against Wales to be official runners-up.
The countback went back three or four stages, coming down to a comparison of the number of holes played by the tie-ing teams, discounting halved matches. Ireland played fewer holes than Wales.

+More than one player expressed the view that as no trophy is awarded for finishing second in this tournament, Wales, Ireland and Scotland should have been classed as tied second. Wales, in particular, having beaten Ireland, felt hard done by that a complicated countback placed them below the Irish in the final table.


10 - England (last three in a row: 2014-2015-2016)
  2 - Ireland
  1 - Scotland, Wales 



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