Monday, September 26, 2016

Bell Baxter's narrow win over Madras FP at Scotscraig

Bell Baxter High school FP recorded a narrow golf victory over Madras FP at Scotscraig Golf Club, Fife.
Bell Baxter took a 3pt lead after the opening four-ball matches, but Madras started to claw back with a 2-1 victory in the greensomes.
In the six singles it came down to the final game where Ball Baxter captain Roddy Cameron  birdied the last hole to secure a half-point in his match against Iain Landsburgh, which was enough to give Bell Baxter victory.
This puts Bell Baxter 4–3 ahead in the series of matches.  
9 holes Better-ball

Madras College         FP      (0)                      Bell Baxter High School FP (3)

Craig Mackie / Iain Landsburgh  lost to  Jacky Montgomerie / Paul Wytrazek 3 and 2
Cameron West / David Landsburgh  lost to  Ally Hain / John Bruhn 1 hole.

Michael Braidwood / Gordon Landsburgh  lost to  Roddy Cameron / Alan MacKenzie 2 and 1
9 holes Greensome

Madras College  FP        (2)                   Bell Baxter High School FP  (1)

Craig Mackie / Iain Landsburgh  bt Jacky Montgomerie / Paul Wytrazek 2 and 1.
Cameron West / David Landsburgh bt Ally Hain / John Bruhn 2 and 1.

Michael Braidwood / Gordon Landsburgh lost to Roddy Cameron / Alan MacKenzie 2 and 1

9 holes singles (3.5-2.5)

Match 1           Cameron West   bt     Ally Hain 3 and 1.         
Match 2           Michael Braidwood  lost to Paul Wytrazek  3 and 2.
Match 3           David Landsburgh  lost to   Jacky Montgomerie  1 hole
Match 4           Craig Mackie bt Alan MacKenzie 3 and 2.
Match 5           Gordon Landsburgh  bt John Bruhn 2 and 1.     
Match 6           Iain Landsburgh  halved with Roddy Cameron       
Total                           Bell Baxter FP   5.5, Madras FP     6.5                  



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