Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Top seed Mike Dewsbury (Brocton Hall) was beaten in the second round of the match-plays tages of the Eden Tournament in St Andrews today.
M Dewsbury (Brocton Hall) bt T Morgan (Frilford Heath) 2 and 1.
R Storey (Woodhall Spa) bt D White (Crail) 1 hole.
L Reed (Ealing bt J Leek (Millbrook) 2 holes
J Melton (Nuneaton) bt M Conley (Northamptonshire) 6 and4.
S Prescote (Hedley Wood) bt R Ward (Longcliffe) 4 and 3.
S Henfrey (Northamptonshire) bt J Showell (Telford) 5 and 4.
A Slater (Longridge) bt I Bullimore (West Herts) 3 and 2.
C Harrison (Sandiway) bt C Coward (Oaks) 2 and 1.
D Waugh (Baberton) bt A Anderson (Cawder) 4 and 3.
C Dixon (Hadley Wood) bt P Johnston (Hawick) 1 hole.
B Adelberg (USA) bt E Gibson (Drumpellier) 1 hole.
D Jackson (Hadley Wood) bt G Cochran (Irvine Ravenspark) 3 and 2.
N Johnstone (Carlisle) bt C Pierce (Holywell) 4 and 3.
G Walker (Deane) bt J Farson (Colchester) 3 and 2.
I Yule (Thetford) btr M Hendrick (Pollok) 3 and 2.
J Houlston (Telford) bt A Macnaught (Colchester) at 19th.
K Murphy (Ire) bt K Rayner (Royal Winchester) 1 hole.
D Allison (Cotswold Hills) bt J Massey (Holywell) 2 holes.
J Hawksby (Millbrook) bt D Gray (Penrith) 7 and 6.
D McCoy (Houldsworth) bt T Robertson (East Kilbride) 7 and 6.
M Saunders (Gullane) bt E Jonasson (Swe) 3 and 1.
F McArthur (Ullesthorpe) bt R Cowe (Kelso) 3 and 2.
G Nixon (Carlisle) bt S Simpson (Leven Th) 4 and 3.
L Richardson (Ellesborough) bt M Betts (Vicars Cross) 2 and 1
D Thomson (Glencorse) bt D Fish (Ludlow) 3 and 1.
S Marshall (Baberton) bt S Harriman (Nuneaton) 3 and 2.
M Hogg (Rushcliffe) bt M Marshall (Sale) 3 and 2.
P Patane (Arg) bt J Holroyd (Vicars Cross) 4 and 2.
R James (Nuneaton) bt J Murray (Huyton and Prescot) 3 and 1.
S Kelly (West Herts) bt D Evrall (Ullesthorpe) a6 and 5
D Ronan (West Herts) bt F Blom (Swe) at 20th
A Collman (West Herts) bt C Carney (Morecambe) 3 and 2.
Storey bt Dewsbury 1 hoe
Reed bt Melton 2 holes.
Henfrey bt Prescote 5 and 4.
Harrison bt Slater 2 and 1.
Waugh bt Dixon 4 and 3.
Adelberg bt Jackson 1 hole.
Walker bt Johnston at 20th.
Yule bt Houlston 2 and 1
Murphy bt Allison 1 hole
McCoy bt Hawksby 3 and2.
Saunders bt MacArthur 5 and 4.
Nixon bt Richardson 4 and 3.
Thomson bt Marshall 2 and 1.
Hogg bt Holroyd 3 and 2.
James bt Kelly 4 and 3.
Collman bt Ronan 3 and 2.



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