Wednesday, October 31, 2018

North-east Alliance @ Newburgh GC on Wednesday, November 7

North East Alliance
Wednesday 7 November 2018 at Newburgh GC
From First Tee
08:45   A Smith (Duff House Royal), D Booth (Tarland), R Reid (Tarland), R Blackmore (Tarland)                     
08:54   S Allison (Bon-Accord), R Davidson (Caledonian), P Morrison (Portlethen), S Finnie (Caledonian)

09:03   M MacKay (Kemnay), G Gibson (Kemnay), M Downie (Portlethen), R Bruce (Edzell)                   
09:12   G Chalmers (Alford), S Hanson (Kemnay), C Dempster (Paul Lawrie GC), C Stuart (Moray)      
09:21   B Ritchie (Inverallochy), J Duff (Newmachar), P Craig (Kemnay), C Craig (Kintore)      
09:30   D Lawrie (Deeside), G Leslie (Deeside), P Cornfield (Newmachar), J Nicolson (Newmachar)     
09:39   D Leslie (Bon-Accord), G McLaggan (Bon-Accord), D Adam (Kemnay), D Craigie (Kemnay)      
09:48   P McLean (Peterhead), R McKen (Trump International), C Angus (Kemnay), S Shand (Kemnay)
09:57   L Fowler (Royal Aberdeen), J Emslie (Royal Aberdeen), D Fleming (Portlethen), M Duncan (Murcar Links)

10:06   K Zeynalov (Portlethen), S Kiloh (Portlethen), B Murray (Portlethen), G Angus (Newmachar)   
10:15   P Low (Craibstone), J Borthwick (Craibstone), D Bisset (Banchory), F Bisset (Banchory)
10:24   G Allan (Newmachar), S Kidd (Longside), M Fraser (Longside)                                     

From Tenth Tee
08:45   C Cassie (Nigg Bay), D Cassie ( Nigg Bay), S Ross (Hazlehead)                                    
08:54   J Calder (Newmachar), K Nicol (Dunes Golf Centre), S Griffiths (Dunes Golf Centre), I Taylor (Kemnay)                                   
09:03   D Templeton (Murcar Links), D McLean (Kemnay), R Cameron (McDonald Ellon), M Findlay (Cullen)
09:12   J Chalmers (Kemnay), Reece Mitchell (Paul Lawrie GC), P McKenna (Unattached), Michele Thomson (Meldrum House)                                            
09:21   P Cheyne (Northern), R Wright (Northern), S Christie (Aboyne), R Smith (Craibstone)             
09:30   J Scott (Peterculter), B Munro ( Newmachar), N Chisholm (Kemnay), D Wilson (Paul Lawrie GC)
09:39   M Brown (Kemnay), R Brown (Kemnay), S Davidson (Northern), C Redman (Aboyne)              
09:48   R Coupar (Duff House Royal), K Bedborough (Deeside), I Birnie (Deeside), M Denholm (Deeside)
09:57   R Denning (Inverurie), J Forrest (Northern), N Stewart (Northern), B Lumsden (Northern)   
10:06   S Moore (Kemnay), M Forster (Cruden Bay), A Sorley (Newmachar), D Nelson (Aboyne)
10:15   R Ruddiman (Royal Aberdeen), W Skene (Deeside), A Clark (Newmachar), G Thom (Murcar Links)
10:24   P Guthrie (Trump International), G Travis (Auchmill), R Mathieson (Auchmill), M Rogers (Kemnay)
10:33   K Beveridge (Kippie Lodge), K Duncan (Cruden Bay), C Gilbert (Cruden Bay), C Robb (Meldrum House)
10:42   J Hosie (Hazlehead), G Riley (Craibstone), E Wheat (Montrose Links)                                      
10:51   D Townsley (Peterculter), K Mathieson (Kintore), C Duffus (Royal Aberdeen), N Hardie (Kintore)
11:00   R Lamb (Newmachar), M Merchant (Newmachar), C Lamb (Newmachar), I Esslemont (Paul Lawrie (GC)



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