Thursday, October 25, 2018

Craig Ross (T11) leads Scots on EuroPro Tour

1England Nick McCarthy
  Moortown Golf Club
-8F-136764 131
2England Steve Surry
  Cumberwell Park Golf Club
-7F-126765 132
3England Dave Coupland
  Woodhall Spa Golf Club
-7F-116865 133
T4England Robbie Busher
  Salisbury and South Wilts
-7F-97065 135
T4Ireland Brendan McCarroll
  West Cliffs Golf Links
-6F-96966 135
T4England Hugo Dobson
  Woodbridge Golf Club
-6F-96966 135
T4England Sam Connor
  Alsager Golf
-5F-96867 135
T4England Haydn McCullen
  Delamere Forest
-4F-96768 135
T9England Matthew Cort
  Beedles Lake Golf Club
-7F-87165 136
T9England Billy Spooner
  Boston West Golf Club
-1F-86571 136
T11Scotland Craig Ross
  Kirkhill Golf Club/ G4L
-7F-77265 137
T11England Will Whiteoak
  Shipley Golf Club
-4F-76968 137
T11Ireland Stuart Grehan
-2F-76770 137
T14Scotland Paul McKechnie
  Braid Hills Golf Centre
-6F-67266 138
T14Ireland Niall Kearney
  The Royal Dublin Golf Club
-5F-67167 138
T14Wales Adam Runcie
  Abergele Golf Club
-5F-67167 138
  Centurion Club
-3F-66969 138
T18England Chris Gane
  Lefthandedgolf at Silvermere
-4F-57168 139
T18Wales James Frazer
  Pennard Golf Club
-4F-57168 139
T18England James Freeman
  Retford Golf Club
-4F-57168 139
T18England Sam Forgan
  Stowmarket Golf Club/ ISEKI
EF-56772 139
T22England Jordan Wrisdale
-5F-47367 140
T22England Will Enefer
  Retail Furniture Ltd
-3F-47169 140
T22Wales Jack Davidson
  Llanwern Golf Club
-3F-47169 140
T25England Scott Fallon
  North Middlesex
-2F-37170 141
T25England Oliver Clarke
  White Rose Sport Management
EF-36972 141
T27England Joe Dean
  Hillsborough Golf Club
-4F-27468 142
T27England Daniel Gavins
  Howley Hall Golf Club
-1F-27171 142
T27Isle Of Man Tom Gandy
  Rowany Golf Club
-1F-27171 142
T27Ireland Brian Casey
  Team Ireland
-1F-27171 142
T31Scotland Daniel Young
  Kingsbarns Pro Academy
-1F-17271 143
T31Wales Mark Laskey
  Brocket Hall Golf Club/HLBS
EF-17172 143
T31England Craig Farrelly
EF-17172 143
T31Scotland Paul O'Hara
  NL Leisure
+1F-17073 143
T31England Mark Young
  Longridge Golf Club
+2F-16974 143
T31England Billy Hemstock
  Teignmouth Golf Club
+2F-16974 143
T31Northern Ireland John-Ross Galbraith
  Whitehead Golf Club
+3F-16875 143
T38Ireland Tim Rice
  Limerick Golf Club
-3FE7569 144
T38England Richard Mansell
  Beau Desert Golf Club
-2FE7470 144
T38England Ashton Turner
  Kenwick Park Golf Club
-2FE7470 144
41England Jack South
  Hagley GC / Taymar Homes
+3F+17075 145
T42Scotland Craig Lawrie
  Paul Lawrie Golf Centre
EF+27472 146
T42England Thomas Robson
  Parkstone Golf Club
+2F+27274 146
T42England Steve Robins
  Hull Golf Club
+3F+27175 146
T42England Joe Brice
  Ashton Under Lyne Golf Club
+3F+27175 146
T42England James Webber
  The Rayleigh Club
+5F+26977 146
T42England Miles Collins
  Stoke by Nayland Golf Club
+5F+26977 146
48England Luke Cornford
  Cooden Beach Golf Club
EF+37572 147
T49England Nick Watson
  Stoke Rochford Golf Club
-1F+47771 148
T49England Joe Brooks
  Hanbury Manor Golf Club
+3F+47375 148
T49England Neil Raymond
  Corhampton Golf Club
+3F+47375 148
52England Mike Bedford
  Bramhall Park Golf Club
-1F+57871 149
T53England Josh Hilleard
  Farrington Park/G4L
EF+67872 150
T53England Marco Pengely
  Golf at Goodwood
+1F+67773 150
55England Ashley Mansell
  Clevedon Golf Club
+1F+77873 151
T56England Max Smith
  Foxhills Club and Resort
+4F+107876 154
T56England Jack Yule
  King’s Lynn Golf Club
+9F+107381 154
58Scotland Ryan Campbell
  Falkirk Golf Club
+3F+128175 156
59England James RuthJ. Ruth
  China Fleet Golf and CC
+13F+187785 162

* denotes a 10th hole start



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