Thursday, June 28, 2018


Hillside GC, Southport, Lancs
A Bergner (Ger) bt E Esborn (Swe) 2 holes.
A Fuller (Roehampton) bt P Mack (Ger) 6 and 5.
L M Humphreys (Stoke by Nayland) bt E Moosmann (Switz) 5 and 4
H Muse (West Lancs) bt H Screen (Berkhamsted) 3 and 2.
E A Paltrinieri (Ita) bt A Ruiz (Mex) 2 holes.
G Batty (West Linton) bt D Forbrigd) 3 and 2.
L M Gomez Ruiz (Spn) bt C Don (Ita) 5 and 3.
I Fierro (Mex) bt M Stark (Swe) at 19th.
A Nobilio (Ita) bt S Hausmann (Ger) at 19th
O Mehaffey (Royal Co Down) bt J Hall (Bishop Auckland) 2 holes.
S Lau (USA) bt L Bettel (Aut) at 21st
C Whitehead (Carus Green) bt J Ross (Clandeboye) 2 and 1.
E Overas (Nor) bt E M Hualde Zuniga (Spn) 3 and 2.
T Larsson (Swe) bt R H Grimstad (Nor) 1 hole.
L Hartlage (USA) bt E Spitz (Aut) 4 and 3.
C R Sattelkau (Ger) bt L Brunt (Royal Birkdale) 4 and 3.
A Backman (Fin) bt E Henseleit (Ger) 1 hole.
A Wilson (Lurgan) bt Y Saso (Phi) 1 hole.
L Pinthier (Fra) bt B Fernandez (Spn) 4 and 2.
K Fredgaard (Den) bt C Salort (Fra) 1 hole.
E Broze (Fra) bt O Cason (USA) 4 and 2Ga
J Lee (Can) bt P Roussin-Bouchard (Fra) 4 and 3.
S Zeeb (Ger) bt C Lopez-Chacarra (Spn) 5 and 4.
S Kouskova (Cze) bt M Balcazar (Mex) at 19th
A Krauter (Ger) bt E Chapelet (Fra) 2 holes
L Hillier (Newport, Gwent) bt M Garcia-Llorca (Spn) 4 and 3.
L Harm (Ger) bt T Diez Moliner (Spn) 1 hole
F Kinhult (Swe) bt G St Germain (Can) 2 holes
M Perez Sanmartin (Spn) bt A Laisne (Fra) 3 and 2
G Blackman (Chelmsford) bt H Naveed (Australia) 5 and 4
P Schmid (Switz) bt C Goadby (St Regulus) 1 hole.
B Morris (Tenby) bt H McCook (Grantown on Spey) 4 and 3

Bergner bt Fuller 3 and 2
Muse bt Humphreys 3 and 2
Paltrinieri bt Batty 5 and 4
Fierro bt Gomez Ruiz 5 and 4
Nobilio bt  Mehaffey 1 hole.
Lau bt Whitehead 3 and 2.
Overas bt Larsson 2 and 1
Sattlekau bt Hartlage 1 hole

Backman bt Wilson 4 and 3.
Fredgaard bt Pinthier 3 and 2.
Lee bt Broze 1 hole.
Kouskova bt Zeeb 1 hole.
Krauter bt Hillier 1 hole
Harm bt Kinhult 2 holes
Blackman bt Perez Sanmartin 2 holes
Schmid bt Morris at 20th



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