Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Red-hot Owen within touching distance of first MENA Tour win


RAS AL KHAIMAH, UAE — Red-hot Daniel Owen fired back-to-back six-under 66s to move within touching distance of an elusive breakthrough victory on the MENA Tour going into the final round of the Ras Al Khaimah Classic at Tower Links Golf Club, United Arab Emirates. 

The Bahrain-based Englishman kept it clean, rolling in six birdies, three in each half, to reach 12-under for the tournament, five shots ahead of a five-man group which includes European Tour veteran Stephen Dodd, who carded a second-round 67.

Overnight joint leader Max Williams, along with fellow Englishmen Jordan Garnish and Jamie Elson and Australia’s Peter Stojanovski joined Dodd, a three-time winner on the MENA Tour, for a share of second.

Spain’s Francisco Perez and England’s Paul Dwyer, who were among a four-way tie for the lead overnight, left themselves with some work to do, though, after carding respective rounds of 73 and 72.

On a steamy day, it was Owen who took charge of the proceedings with a near-impeccable all-round game. “Played pretty solid and drove the ball very well,” the 27-year-old Englishman.

“I have been coming here since 2011 and know the course pretty well. It suits my eye. I did miss a couple of greens, but never really got into much trouble. I gave myself good opportunities and made a few putts. 
“Obviously, it’s hard to ignore where I am, but at the same time the game plan doesn’t change. Will try and make some early birdies to kind of settle the nerves and, hopefully, get the job done this time around,” said Owen who boasts a string of top five finishes on the tour.

A three-time European Tour winner, Dodd, who mixed six birdies with a lone bogey on the third in his second-round 67, could pose a significant threat to the leader if he manages to keep the momentum rolling all the way through.

1Daniel Owen -126666-132
2Stephen Dodd -77067-137
2Max Williams -76671-137
2Peter Stojanovski -76869-137
2Jordan Garnish -76869-137
2Jamie Elson -77166-137
7Stuart Archibald -66870-138
7Fredrik Lindblom -67266-138
7Paul Dwyer -66672-138
10Lindsay Renolds -57069-139
10Lee Corfield -56871-139
10Francisco Perez -56673-139
13Craig Hinton -46971-140
13James Ashman -47169-140
13Jack Doherty -47169-140
13Henric Sturehed -46971-140
17Todd Clements [Am] -37269-141
17Andrew Marshall -37170-141
17Leo Lilja -36972-141
20Simon Payne -27270-142
20Max Smith -27072-142
20Tyler Hogarty -26874-142
20Josh Walsh -27270-142
20Jesper Alm -26775-142
20Liam Crawford -27270-142
20Tim Gornik -27171-142
27Clarke Lutton -17172-143
27Wayne Stroebel -17073-143
27Adam Sagar -17172-143
27Mariano Ochoa -17370-143
27Henry Featherstone -16875-143
27Georg Schultes -17667-143
33Elliott Oxlade L6975-144
33David Anderson L7569-144
33Eddy Holland L6975-144
33Matt Killen L7371-144
33Toby Hunt L6975-144
33Ben Amor L7371-144
39Michael Harradine [Am] 17174-145
39Jake Shepherd 17669-145
39MG Keyser 17075-145
39Benjamin David 16877-145
39Joe Heraty 17174-145
39Robbie Busher 17174-145
39Salvador Paya Vila 17273-145
39Matt Carroll 16976-145
47Ryan Hunter [Am] 27670-146
47Cyril Suk 27373-146
47Edward Barry-Walsh 27274-146
47Tiago Lobo [Am] 27373-146
47Jean-Luc Burnier 27274-146
47Andi Dill 27472-146
47Christofer Rahm [Am] 27472-146
47Davide Albertini 27472-146
55Sam Hobday [Am] 37869-147
56Taylor Carter [Am] 47276-148
57Robert Horridge [Am] 57277-149
57Saleh Al Kaabi [Am] 57277-149
59Abdul Rahman Mohammed Al Mansour [Am] 78170-151
Missed Cut
917Jonathan Porteous37671-
147 (*)
1859Adam Ward47771-
148 (*)
1139Tom Boys57574-
149 (*)
2531Jordan Loft57772-
149 (*)
2559Charlie George57772-
149 (*)
1047Manish Goyal67476-
150 (*)
1610Petr Dedek67674-
150 (*)
1734Abdulrahman Sihag67575-
150 (*)
1970Oscar Hertzberg67575-
150 (*)
2103Rafa Culla67773-
150 (*)
2499Elliot Bradley67773-
150 (*)
889Mark Chamberlain77774-
151 (*)
1154Ahmed Almusharrekh77675-
151 (*)
2028Daniel Suchan77972-
151 (*)
2022Othman Almulla [Am]87379-
152 (*)
2115Louis Campbell 87874-
152 (*)
2474Ben Cain981--
81 (*)
1111Jonathan Fransson97578-
153 (*)
1798Daniel Kay97677-
153 (*)
2111Sam Towler97875-
153 (*)
2130Kevin Rhoderick 117778-
155 (*)
2521Ronan McGuirk118372-
155 (*)
1289Ganeev Giddie 137780-
157 (*)
2139Kevin Esteve137879-
157 (*)
2335Heino Havenga147979-
158 (*)
2471Aryavir Kumar147979-
158 (*)
1171Rachid Akl [Am]157881-
159 (*)
1995Arkesh Bhatia [Am]157782-
159 (*)
2204Saud Al Sharif [Am]158376-
159 (*)
2065Rocco Sanjust168179-
160 (*)
1994Kenny Benoit188082-
162 (*)
2520Scott Newell [Am]188082-
162 (*)
2501Sujan Shah208282-
164 (*)





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