Thursday, February 25, 2016


Reference Colin Farquharson's article, saying that the Nations Cup is becoming a farce.
It is not just this event that is farcically organised by the Spanish Federation.
At the recent Spanish Seniors Open it was the same and has been for some years now. One of the more silly things that they do is not to take any reserves in if someone does not turn up or withdraws after registration closes. 
This year  they had at least half a dozen two-balls in a field of three- balls when there were at least five Brits there who had played in the doubles, entered the singles but did not get in the main field but would willingly have made the numbers up but were not allowed to by the organisers.
This has happened in the past and when asked why the reply is simply that is what we do !

Like this week's Nations Cup there is no computer link to a running scoreboard but they do post a sheet of paper with returned scores on it somewhere in the clubhouse just like club opens used to do before the days of computers.
All in all, very amateurish which is surprising when the Spanish Golf Federation charges around €80 for club members to be federated. Much much more than the SGU or the EGU.



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