Tuesday, February 16, 2016

PGA Winter 4 Ball @ Western Gailes
Monday, February 22

 Tee  Time      Name

  1   9:00 am   Steven Maxwell
                David Orr
                Mark Loftus
                Simon Payne

  1   9:10 am  Graham Forbes
                Paul Robinson
                James Dick
                Scott Grieve

  1   9:20 am   Derek Watters
                Andrew Fullen
                Graham Fox
                Alan Reid

  1   9:30 AM   Jason McCreadie
                Robert Arnott
                Craig Everett
                Stewart Savage

  1   9:40 AM   Nigel Scott-Smith
                Vincent Brown
                Colin Fisher
                Fergus Smith

  1   9:50 AM   Alastair Forsyth
                Greg Paxton
                Paul O'Hara
                Steven O'Hara

  1   10:00 AM  Paul Wardell
                Fraser Mann
                Andrew Oldcorn
                Ross Drummond

  1   10:10 AM  Callum Beveridge
                Cameron Marr
                Norman Huguet
                Gareth Wright

  1   10:20 AM  Paul Malone
                Craig Gordon
                Ian Young
                Paul McKechnie

  1   10:30 AM  Tom Eckford
                David Stein
                Michael Bradfield
                Christopher Billows

Complete information is available at Tournament Information Page (TIP)



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