Friday, December 11, 2015

TrackMan's amazing technology can make

you a better golfer
PGA teaching pro at Craibstone Golf Club
Marshall Leisure Craibstone Golf Academy are proud to announce the launch of their Indoor Golf Studio, fully equipped with TrackMan Launch Monitor, the choice of the world's best golfers .
TrackMan uses radar technology to track the movement of the golf clubhead and the golf ball to provide incredible feedback as to just why the golf ball behaves the way it does.
The technology in TrackMan was designed to track missiles for the US Military, so tracking a golf ball is no trouble.

With the use of amazing graphics and on screen ball flight tracer, as shown in the picture below, the golfer  gets unparallelled feedback as to just what really happened, No Guessing Anymore. 
All this accelerates learning and results in faster improvement and extra distance off the tee using the Driver Optimizer Feature.
In the space of 5 minutes one of my clients went from slicing her driver off to the right , to hitting high draws and gaining 20 yards extra in the process.
If you have not already had a session with TrackMan and you are serious about improving your golf game, you need to take advantage of this amazing technology for clearer understanding and improved ball striking!

Another great feature in TrackMan, is the TrackMan Combine Test, a 60 shot challenge which measures your overall game from Sand Wedge to Driver culminating in a Total score out of 100. You can benchmark your game alongside the world's top professionals as all scores are logged and readily accessible.
All of this and much more in the comfort and warmth of our fantastic studio, fully equipped with GASP video analysis and Indoor Putting Studio makes this a TOTAL GOLF IMPROVEMENT CENTRE.
If you would like to take your golf game to a new level in 2016 and find out more about our Player Development Programmes and Christmas Golf Lesson Gift Vouchers contact Craibstone PGA Professional Lee Vannet on 07968025781 or email

Lee Vannet Tip For Longer Drives
Tee up your ball high and strike it out of the toe of the club.

The toe of the club moves faster than the centre of the clubhead,and also promotes a right to left ball flight,  thus adding  at least an extra 10 yards.
Make sure you are using the correct ball for your clubhead speed!


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