Monday, August 24, 2015

Senior Golf Circuit moves on from Meldrum House to Germany

Steisslingen 36-hole Showdown 

2nd Round Draw and 1st Round Scores

9:00 Burkhart, Bruno Entfelden 91

Rothermel, Klaus Bensheim, GC 94

Ruoff-Marty, Anne Kyburg 89

9:09 Bikindou, Gaetan Ausland-Frankreich 86

Burkhart, Gabriele Steisslingen, GC 85

Capaul, Marcel Ausland-Switzerland 82

9:18 Rathnayake, Yapa Ausland-Sri Lanka 82

Geary, David Konstanz, GC 82

Mink, Bernd Bensheim, GC 81

9:27 Puisset, Pierre Ausland-France 79

Waite, Richard Ausland-Germany 79

Mitchell, Nick Ausland-England 79

9:36 Price, Tony Ausland-England 78

Mc Bride, John Ausland-England 78

Limb, Andrew Ausland-England 77

9:45 Young, Doug Ausland-England 77

Kami, Kumar Ausland-England 75

Davidson, Scott Ausland-England 75

9:54 Ramsden, Stephen Pforzheim, GC 75

Sturm, Joachim Ausland-Germany 75

Kraljic, Daniel Gast 75

10:03 Pugh, David Steisslingen, GC 74

Roper, Roger Ausland-England 74

Pyatt, Martin Ausland-England 73

10:12 Rodriguez, Emilio Ausland-Spain 73

McDonald, Colin Glashofen-Neusaß, GC 73

Buendia, Jose Maria Ausland-Spain 72

10:21 Blakeman, David Ausland-England 71

Li Puma, Franco Ausland-Switzerland 71

Ray, David Ausland-England 70

10:30 James, David Ausland-England 69

Briggs, Matt Ausland-England 69

MacDonald, Andrew Sonnenalp- Oberallgä 68

+The Senior Golf Circuit, of which a Scot, David James (pictured below) is the Chief Exec, is open to any professional age 48 and over. Also open to amateurs aged 40 and over with a single figure handicap.

And also open to any lady professionals. Tournaments are held all over Europe.

To find out more, log on to the Senior Golf Circuit website


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