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Competitors must report to the recorder 15 mins prior to their starting time.

Competitors are reminded that jeans, denim trousers, trainers, collarless or sleeveless shirts, shell suits are not permitted in the clubhouse or on the course. Distance measuring devices ARE  allowed.                  

1.          8.00                 L INNES                       R CLOSE                  K LUTTON
                                 Colville Pk                    Bothwell Castle          Bellshill                           

2.        8.07                 J EWING                       W WILSON             B HARVIE           
                                       Shotts                             Shotts                         Shotts            

      3.       8.15                 D MACLEAN             T MILLER                  I DANSKIN
                                        Larkhall                        Shotts                           Strathaven

      4.       8.22                 D WEBB                        A McEWAN             I DONALDSON
                                       Hamilton                         Hamilton                   Hamilton

      5.       8.30                 R McCRUM                   J THOMSON             S MURRAY
                                       Strathclyde Pk                Kirkhill                        Hamilton

      6.       8.37                 J GREEN                        A FAITH                   D DAVISON
                                       Kirkhill                           Bothwell Castle          Strathaven

      7.       8.45                 T DUNCAN                   R BLACK                   F J BOYD                     
                                       Kirkhill                          Easter Moffat               Bothwell Castle                                                     

      8.       8.52                 D CRUDEN                   R  READ                      T MacNIVEN
                                       Kirkhill                           Bothwell                        Kirkhill

      9.       9.00                 J KENNEDY                  R MAC CORMICK     A BYRNE                                                                  
                                       Wishaw                           Strathaven                      Kirkhill                   

      10.     9.07                 G KILMURRAY            E FRULLIANI              R WYLIE
                                       Wishaw                            Strathaven                     Kirkhill    

      11.     9.15                 P CARTY                        K HAMILTON             D COLLINGTON
                                       Wishaw                            Strathaven                     Strathaven

      12.     9.22                 N WILLIAMSON           J O’DONNELL            H TWADDLE
                                       Strathaven                        Kirkhill                          Kirkhill

      13.     9.30                 N McKINVEN                I FORREST                   M CHICARELLA
                                       Strathaven                        Kirkhill                          Kirkhill

      14.     9.37                 E SMITH                         J N RENNIE                    J JOHNSTON
                                       Kirkhill                             Bothwell  Castle                Lanark

      15.     9.45                 M GILLESPIE                 T OSPREY                           G BURNS
                                       Kirkhill                             Kirkhill                                 Hamilton

      16.     9.52                 M STRAIN                       D DONALDSON                  W KERR
                                       Kirkhill                              Bothwell Castle                    Hamilton  

      17.     10.00               I RAE                               G DONALDSON                        I RANKIN
                                       Kirkhill                              Bothwell Castle                          Colville Park

      18.     10.07               J GORMAN                       T WATT                                    A EDEN
                                       Kirkhill                               Kirkhill                                       Crow Wood

      19.     10.15               D McCANDLISH              B McINTOSH                           W WILLIAMSON
                                        Kirkhill                              Kirkhill          Bothwell Castle
      20.     10.22               H CAVANAGH                 A SADDLER                            R JONES
                                       Kirkhill                                Kirkhill                                     Torrance House

      21.     10.30               G GRAY                             D BENNIE                                A RITCHIE
                                       Torrance House                   Lanark                                       Bothwell Castle

      22.     10.37               A GRAY                             H WATERS                             S KENWARD
                                       Bothwell Castle                   Bothwell Castle                        Hamilton

      23.     10.45               M BROWN                         A D MC GHIE                         B ROBERTS
                                       Hamilton                              Hamilton                                  Hamilton

      24.     10.52               T WELSH                             D ALLAN                               B HAWKE
                                       Hamilton                                Hamilton                                 Hamilton

      25.     11.00               J CARMICHAEL              E SOMMERVILLE                   L TAYLOR
                                       Airdrie                                 Shotts                                        Bothwell

      26.     11.07               G PRIMROSE                    A H THOMSON                         C REVIE
                                       Bothwell Castle                   Bothwell Castle                          Hamilton

      27      11.15               F TURRELL                          W RAE                                 S POLLOCK           
                                       Bothwell Castle                     Hamilton          Hamilton

      28.     11.22               J LOGAN                                G NEILSON                         J HOEY
                                       Hamilton                                  Hamilton                               Wishaw

      29.     11.30               M YANNETTA                        A MOFFAT                        A TOAL
                                       Crow Wood                                 Crow Wood                       Crow Wood

      30.     11.37               K MCLEAN                              G SHANKS                        J KANE
                                       Drumpellier                                Drumpellier                       Crow Wood

      31.     11.45               A WILSON                                 D MORRISON             R SHEVILL
                                       Hamilton                                      Airdrie                          Airdrie

      32.     11.52               M MURRAY                          R MILTON                   J BLACKWOOD
                                        Torrance House                       Hamilton                       Torrance House

      33.     12.00               A HENDERSON                        G MARTIN                 B CRUIKSHANK
                                       Cambuslang                                 Cambuslang                 Hamilton
      34.     12.07               R BUCHAN                                J BARR                              J BROWN
                                       Bothwell Castle                        Torrance House                     Cambuslang

      35.     12.15               W HOUSTON                            I SHORT                          D MILLER
                                       Torrance House                       Torrance House                    Airdrie

      36.     12.22                 J MAIN                                  N SHAW                           I COCHRANE
                                         Airdrie                                    Airdrie                                Airdrie

      37.     12.30               M PRESTON                          B MCCRANOR               F CRAIG
                                       Hamilton                                  Hamilton                           Hamilton

      38.     12.37               J MILES                                    J LEGGATE                    S RUSSELL
                                       Carluke                                      Larkhall                             Carluke

      39.     12.45               B FINDLAY                            B BURTON                     C McLACHLAN
                                       Carluke                                     Hamilton                            Carluke

      40.     12.52               M GOODWIN                        B STIRRAT                     J YOUNGER                        
                                       Carluke                                    Larkhall                            Hollandbush

      41.     1.00                 M ROBERTS                     J CALLAGHAN                      J HUGHES                                                             
                                       Bothwell Castle                    Kirkhill                                    Kirkhill

      42.     1.07                 D L HILL                          W McCALLUM                       W BROWN
                                       Bothwell Castle                       Kirkhill                                Strathaven

      43.     1.15                 R M MANSON                   H MC CARTNEY          R MCFARLANE
                                       Bothwell Castle                     Kirkhill          Strathaven     

      44.     1.22

      45.     1.30             W DICKIE                         B CHEYNE                 A MURPHY
                                     Bellshill                             Kirkhill                         Kirkhill
      46.    1.37             D MURRAY

      47.     1.45             P BERRY

       48.     1.52

       49.      2.00        WSO SHARPE                     D LOUDON                G CUMMING
                                  Hamilton                               Hamilton                      Lanark

        50.      2.07       A WYLIE                             J RALSTON                 P O’NEILL
                                 Mt Ellen                                Shotts                           East Kilbride

       51.       2.15      M BROWNLEE              J HUNTER              R HART
                                 Hamilton                         Hamilton                 Strathaven




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