Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Ukraine golfers are reading this ....

The Ukraine is not the place to which you would want to go your holidays but, amazingly, we had 841 page views from, presumably, golf-minded people in that country last week. 

Even though, according to the European Golf Association website, Ukraine has only:

Total Golfers   547
Male: 394
Female: 46
Junior Male: 86
Junior Female: 21

Total Courses  
9 holes: 2

18 holes: 1
36 holes: 1

Driving Range: 1
Others: 6

+Another interesting readership fact. We had 570 page views from 

Norway last week. Possible answer to that is they are coming from 

British workers on Norwegian oil rigs.

+If you have called up www.scottishgolfview.com or 

www.kirkwoodgolf.co.uk from somewhere "different," E-mail 

Colin@scottishgolfview.com and tell him about it.



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