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No changes at the top of the South of Scotland Golf Association Order of Merit, updated after the MacRobert Salver but it is good to see another two stalwarts of South golf get on to the OOM!
Stranraer's Colin Hamilton has made a move in the last couple of weeks and home advantage at the South could see him finish well up.
Still all to play for but the South Championship and Matchplay is going to have a big say in who wins the OOM.
 2014 South of Scotland Order of Merit
Positions after MacRobert Salver

Position Player/Club Points Total

1 Michael Grunwell (Powfoot) 370
2 Craig Hill (Dumfries and Galloway) 280
3 David Brodie (Wigtown and Bladnoch) 280
4 Rory Thompson (Dalbeattie) 260
5 Gary King (Southerness) 180
6 Iain Thomson (Powfoot) 169.2
7 Colin Hamilton (Stranraer) 162.5
T8 Jamie Telfer (Wigtown and Bladnoch) 160

T8 David McCreadie (Newton Stewart) 160
10 Liam Johnston (Dumfries and Co) 150
11 Clark Riddick (Southerness) 145
12 David King (Southerness) 135
13 Alex Chalk (Castle Douglas) 130
14 Mick Whalen (Southerness) 110
T15 Chris Finnie (Lockerbie) 100
T15 Kyle McClung (Wigtownshire Co) 100
T15 Andrew Kerr (Crichton) 100
T15 Alan Birdsall (Dumfries and Co) 100
T19 Robert Hughan (Newton Stewart) 80
T19 Jim Graham (Lochmaben) 80
21 Ian Brotherston (Dumfries and Co) 75
22 Ben Irving (Dumfries and Galloway) 70
T23 Greig Marchbank (Thornhill) 67.5
T23 Scott Gibson (Southerness) 67.5
T25 Matthew McCulloch (Portpatrick Dunskey) 65
T25 Robbie McBeth (Lochmaben) 65
T25 Fraser Hughes (Newton Stewart) 65
T25 Martin McNae (Lochmaben) 65
29 Stephen Cairns (Southerness) 60
30 Shaun McCulloch (Stranraer) 50
T31 Neil Hamilton (Powfoot) 45

T31 Graeme Hoodless (Newton Stewart) 45
T33 Ian Reid (Dumfries and Galloway) 40
T33 Rowan Marchbank (Dumfries and Galloway) 40
T33 T Monteith (Newton Stewart) 40
T33 Chris Corbett (Dumfries and Galloway) 40
T33 Malcolm Kirkwood (Southerness) 40
T33 Graeme Sharp (Dumfries and Co) 40
T39 Craig Smith (Dalbeattie) 35
T39 Graham Finlay (Castle Douglas) 35
41 Ryan Hyslop (Lochmaben) 31.7
42 Ken Chung (Stranraer) 22.5
T43 Nairn Riddick (Powfoot) 20
T43 Stuart Kennedy (Powfoot) 20

T43 Ainsley Bagnall (Lochmaben) 20
T43 Connor Bennewith (Newton Stewart) 20

T43 Matthew Robinson (Wigtown and Bladnoch) 20
T48 Derek Douglas (Southerness) 15
T48 David Davidson (Kirkcudbright) 15
50 Colin Holden (Dumfries and Galloway) 11.7
T51 Jamie Parker (Southerness) 10
T51 Scott Campbell (Stranraer) 10
T51 Scott Whannell (Newton Stewart) 10
T51 Michael Kyle (Stranraer) 10
55 Gregor Cannon (Wigtown and Bladnoch) 7.5

Next event: South Championship (Stranraer), August 17
Points Available:
1st: 150
2nd: 125
3rd: 100
4th: 80
5th: 60
6th: 50
7th: 40
8th: 30
9th: 20
10th: 10
Next Counting Event: South Matchplay (Stranraer), August 23-24



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