Saturday's North Scottish Golfers Alliance fixture at Forres was postponed because of frost
Competitors will leave the tee at 8min intervals in Saturday's fixture at Nairn Dunbar. 
It is intended that play will start at 7.45am. This will be confirmed with Nairn Dunbar on Monday.
If the start has to be at 8.00, the times will revert to alternate 7 and 8 min intervals. Late entries and scratchings will be taken by telephone 01343812241  or e.mail   .
BG Boat of Garten, E Elgin, F Forres, FR Fortrose and Rosemarkie, G Grantown, I Inverness, LN Loch Ness, M Moray, MO Muir of Ord, ND Nairn Dunbar,  R Rothes, SB Spey Bay, T Torvean
7.45 G Mackenzie (M), B Cruickshank (SB), N Mcwilliam (E); S Mitchell (M), A W Mair (M), K Thomson (M)
8.00 R Laing (G), J A Grant (G), G A Hay (N/D); S Harper (E), K Stables (E), M Mcallan (E); D R Mackellar (G), G H Hay (G), J S D Campbell (G); I Macaulay (E), T Madden (E), S Wilson (I); A Thom (G), A Anderson (G), D Thom (G); R G Macpherson (M), S Duncan (M), R Stewart (N/D); W B Johnston (M), A Mcwilliam (M), D Johnston (M); S Taylor (BG), J R Ingram (BG), D F Sharp (BG)
9.04 A Casey (M), J K England (M), A J England (M); R Mckerron (F), J Simpson (F), B Fotheringham (I); B Murray (BG), L Dickson (BG), I Turner (BG); J Mcphee (BG), S Rooney (BG), R Quinn (BG); T Loynes (BG), A Boxx (BG), L Macbean (BG); A Waterson (BG), M Mcdonald (BG), L Stewart (G); D Ross (BG), A Grigor (BG), I Murray (BG)
10.00 F Hutchison (I), A Hutchison (I), W Hutchison (I); J Wright (F), J Macdonald (I), K Mackay (I); L Hutchison (I), A Macintosh (T), B Rennie (I); L Reid (F/R), M Windsor (F/R), A Cameron (F/R); J Shaw (BG), L Crawford (M); W J Donnelly (F/R), S Glen (BG), W Donnelly (F/R); J Treasurer (I), D Joel (I), B J Thomson (T); L Duncan (E), G Shanks (E), J A G Innes (E)
11.04 R R Adams (M), I Hamilton (E), W R Duncan (M); S Johnston (E), S Mullen (E), D Hector (E); M Mitchell (R), G Donaldson (E), G Allan (N/D); D Spence (F/R), D M Macleod (LN), C Small (N); R Mackie (R), A Jackson (R), P Masson (R); A Imrie (MOO), W Wetaherall (MOO), V Tilman (MOO); A Glass (T), M Logie (T), J Glass (T)
12.00 F Mackellar (G), I Laing (G),P Matheson (G); D Macleod (G), partners; G Lees (E), J Lees (M), J Greenwood (I); R Innes (T), W Rusk (T), R H Stewart (T); D Chisholm (F/R), S Chisholm (F/R), K Williamson (F/R); M Lyall (T), K Barnett (T), partner;  H M Bunker (N/D), D D Bunker (N/D), partner;