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FORTROSE and ROSEMARKIE GOLF CLUB – Men’s 18-Hole Open Saturday, September 7 

Players go out in groups of THREE at NINE minute intervals. If there are any withdrawals or late entries please telephone the Golf Shop on (01381) 620733. Players from the HOME Club unless otherwise stated.   
Abbreviations: A Aberdeen Motor Trades; B Bonnybridge; C Carnoustie Caledonia; D Duff House Royal; DN Dunblane New; DU Dunbar; E East Renfrewshire; EM Easter Moffat; F Falkirk Tryst; H Hopeman; I Inverness; K Kingsknowe; L Loch Ness; N Newmachar; NW North Weald; O Oldmeldrum; R Royal Dornoch; S Stockport; STR Strathpeffer; T Turnhouse; TA Tain; TY Tytherington; W Williamwood;
7.39 – K. Patience, D Chisholm, L. Patience; S. Chisholm, K. Williamson, A. Cameron; I. Duff, Scott Patience, G. Leonard;
8.06 – A. Brown, J. Nicholas, P. Schnier; A. Murray, I. Lewis, C. Alexander; K. Ross, A. Fraser, G. Dick;
8.33 – J. Hearmon, R. MacKillop, C. Young; M.M. Brown, D. Neil Ross, N. Jaffrey; Partner, Partner, Partner;
9.0 – C. Ross (R), A. MacBean (STR), K. Fowler; B. MacKenzie, Stuart Patience, R. Skelton (R); E. Skinner, S. Mitchell (C), C. Yeaman (H);
9.27 – D. Newbigging, J. Lackie, M. McArthur; S. Hasson, I. Bremner, J. Bradley (TA); partners.
10.03 – K. Gaittens, S. Murray (I), D. Simpson; N. MacLeod (TY), B. Spence (S), R. Carey; A. MacKie (DN), M. Galloway, E. MacPherson (L);
10.30 – A. Young (T), P. Pentland (T), S. Anderson (T); I. Henderson (D), F. Millar (T), K. Jardine (T); J. McDonald (T), D. Bullen (T), S. Johnston (T);
10.57 – P. Dryburgh (T), T. Paterson (K), T. Skene (T); L. Mack (K), E. Jackson (T), D. Lister (T); R. Connell (E), K. Williamson (F), S. Mack (T);
11.24 – K. Wilson (W), S. Millar (E), Partner; G. Donaldson (T), R. Day (T), B. McReynolds (T); N. Durrant, R. McPhee (I), J.A. Thow;
12.0 – P. Moodie, D. Bridger, W. Gardiner;  partners.
12.27 – W.M. Jack, S. Duncan, Partner; B. Duncan, C. Fraser, Partner; B. Forrest (O), D. Allen (A), A. MacArthur;
12.54 – L. MacLeman, K. Scott (O), J. Jack; A. Tait, G. Moore, S. Hislop (NW); A. Gray, G. Gill, B. Shaw (B);
1.21 – P.L. Taylor, S. Christie (F), R. Ferguson (B); Partner, Partner, Partner; Partner, Partner, Partner;
2.06 – R. MacLeman, A. Rowney (EM), S. Rowney (EM); Partner, Partner, Partner; Partner, Partner, Partner;
2.42 – J. Ewen (N), E. Fraser (D), Partner; M. Ewen (D), N. Todd (D), Partner;

Mike MacDonald
 [Club Secretary]
Fortrose & Rosemarkie Golf Club
Ness Road East
IV10 8SE
Tel: 01381 620529
Fax: 01381 621328



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