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                 THOMAS BJORN .. King of the Mountains
                 Picture by courtesy of Getty Images(c)

Great Dane Thomas Bjorn holed a 12ft birdie putt to beat Stirling's Craig Lee at the first hole of a sudden-death play-off conclusion to the European Tour's Omega European Masters at Crans-sur-Sierre today.
Extra holes were required to separate Björn and overnight leader Lee, who struck 65 and 67 respectively on the final day.
The former made quick work of sealing victory thereafter, birdieing the 18th with a fine putt that sealed his 14th success on The European Tour and second in this tournament, following his triumph two years ago.
“It was nice,” he said. “I had a really good run through the summer and did not really get close enough.
“I had to grit my teeth for a while and I really wanted to get out and try to win a golf tournament again.
“I came in this week not playing particularly great but promised myself I’d stick to how I play this golf course.
“I did that and had two bogeys in 72 holes, which is good going around here. I felt good and I got over the line.
“It was nice to do that in a playoff. I’ve had a hard time dealing with pressure situations and there is no more pressure than that.”
That Björn required a playoff was thanks to a valiant effort from Lee, who is still seeking his first triumph on tour.
It appeared the more experienced Björn, who has been a model of consistency in the tournament thus far, had taken control after making five birdies in an outward 31 that featured some stupendous play around the greens.
With the Dane dropping only two shots over the first three rounds, it certainly seemed like he had the necessary consistency – particularly given he required just nine putts on the front nine.
However, Lee – who yesterday carded a stunning 61 having threatened to produce the first sub-60 round in the history of The European Tour – caught fire on the back.
Amid Björn picking up just one more shot on the way in, Lee enjoyed gains at 12, 15 and 16.
He headed into the final hole knowing a birdie would be enough to secure victory but – after seeing his first putt lip out – ultimately settled for a par to join Björn in the clubhouse on 20 under par and force extra holes.
In the end, just one was required in heavy mist as Björn once again found the Midas touch on the greens.
Par 284 (4x71)
264 Thomas Bjorn (Denmark) 66 66 67 65, Craig Lee (Scotland) 71 65 61 67 (Bjorn  bt Lee at first hole of play-off). Bjorn 366,660 Euros; Lee 244,440 Euros


154127FRA↓-13DUBUISSON, Victor-1918-568656666265

165210ESP↓-24CAÑIZARES, Alejandro-1818-469656567266

1107139ENG↑+2T5FISHER, Ross-1518-571696366269

12855ESP-T5JIMÉNEZ, Miguel Angel-1518-465686967269

196318FRA↑+10T7HAVRET, Grégory-1418-868697063270

1129114USA-T7KOEPKA, Brooks-1418-468666967270

11858THA↑+8T9JAIDEE, Thongchai-1218-668697065272

11464SCO-T9GALLACHER, Stephen-1218-367657268272  44,587 Euros

136167ENG↓-4T9FLEETWOOD, Tommy-1218-165686970272

15565SCO↑+1212LAWRIE, Paul-1118-668707065273  37,840 Euros

1438RSA↓-1T13STERNE, Richard-1018-369667168274

178332GER↓-1T13KIEFFER, Maximilian-1018-368696968274

1128398SWE↑+17T15KARLBERG, Rikard*-918-569697166275

1176685ENG↑+9T15LEWIS, Tom-918-471706767275

1159667AUS↑+2T15DODT, Andrew-918-369726668275

1778AUS↓-3T15RUMFORD, Brett-918-268687069275

13098ENG↓-5T15CASEY, Paul-918-165697170275

15097AUS↑+4T20FRASER, Marcus-818-369716868276

1116373CHI↓-3T20TULLO, Mark-818-268667369276

180341NIR↑+10T22MAYBIN, Gareth*-718-370697068277

1--353PHI↑+2T22QUE, Angelo-718-270706869277

174170ENG↑+2T22DYSON, Simon-718-271696869277

1100119RSA↑+10T22VAN ZYL, Jaco*-718-368687368277

1156226IND↑+6T26KAPUR, Shiv*-618-270697069278

198301ENG↓-2T26BENSON, Seve-618-170687070278

156172ENG↑+6T26HOWELL, David*-618-270677269278

12401370WAL↓-2T26DODD, Stephen-618-169726770278

1149754DEN↑+19T26HANSEN, Soren*-618-369717068278

1157231AUS↓-9T26HEND, Scott-618Par69706871278

1137424ENG↓-14T26FINCH, Richard-618+167667372278

158107ENG↓-16T26WILLETT, Danny-618+269647273278

1126321FIN↓-2T34KORHONEN, Mikko-518-172696870279

1125366RSA↓-10T34HORNE, Keith-518Par69697071279

1174393USA↓-2T34HENSON, Berry*-518-167727070279

1--429THA↑+11T34JUNHASAVASDIKUL, Pariya*-518-267727169279

1121399ESP↑+11T34OLAZÁBAL, José María*-518-267717269279

1531ITA↑+15T34MANASSERO, Matteo*-518-370697268279

1114364SCO↑+18T34HENRY, Scott*-518-470707267279  15.620 Euros

16091IRL↓-24T41HARRINGTON, Padraig-418+270657273280

193238FRA↓-24T41QUESNE, Julien-418+272696673280

197349ESP↑+17T41CAMPILLO, Jorge*-418-571707366280

119118FRA↓-12T44BOURDY, Grégory*-318+169716972281

12280NED↑+1T44LUITEN, Joost*-318Par70716971281

1162288ENG↑+5T44WALL, Anthony*-318-170717070281

1220448THA↑+5T44NIRAT, Chapchai*-318-171707070281

12583THA↑+10T44APHIBARNRAT, Kiradech*-318-371687468281

12948ESP↓-17T49FDEZ-CASTAÑO, Gonzalo*-218+270677273282

1--969SUI↓-37T49ULRICH, Damian-218+571696676282

1179673ENG↑+5T49COLES, Robert*-218-269717369282

185198NIR↑+11T49HOEY, Michael*-218-467737567282

1122465ENG↑+15T49FISHER, Oliver*-218-677647665282

1--959CHN↓-22T54LI, Hao-tong*-118+368697274283

190145SWE-T54BROBERG, Kristoffer*-118-170687570283

161175DEN↑+12T54KJELDSEN, Søren*-118-670717765283

1131384ENG↓-25T57WAKEFIELD, SimonPar18+472696875284

1231178IND↓-25T57LAHIRI, Anirban*Par18+463717575284

152131ESP↓-5T57DE LA RIVA, Eduardo*Par18+168717372284

1178641FRA↓-6T60GONNET, Jean-Baptiste*+118+172697272285

12451445FRA-T60CÉVAËR, Christian*+118-170717470285

199146IND↓-30T62BHULLAR, Gaganjeet*+218+668717077286

1--1562SUI↓-4T62AMACHER (AM), Edouard*+218+172697372286

1221519AUS↓-2T62BARR, Scott*+218Par69727471286

1160422ITA↓-5T65TADINI, Alessandro*+318+168737472287

1165496FRA↑+1T65LEVET, Thomas*+318-268727869287

1192435AUS↓-367PRATT, Kieran*+618+271697773290

1258352USA↓-268MOORE, Jonathan*+918+469727775293



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