Thursday, May 02, 2013


When Bubba Watson has an opinion, he regularly shares it on social media via Twitter. On Tuesday, Watson wrote a supportive tweet to Chris Broussard, an ESPN NBA analyst who on his network's show "Outside the Lines" had made comments about NBA player Jason Collins, who disclosed that he is gay.
Watson's Twitter post was brief:
@bubbawatson: Thanks @Chris_Broussard for sharing your faith  and the bible!! #God Is Good 4/30/13 11:48 a.m.
Watson’s support of Broussard is not surprising; the 2012 Masters champion has made known how important his faith is to him. But the overt support of Broussard rubbed some the wrong way.
When asked about his public support of Broussard, Watson was open about his feelings about Broussard, Collins and how he felt about the disclosure.
“The Bible says you're not supposed to be gay, and so I never downed Jason,” Watson said. “I've met Jason, said, 'Hey,' to him, because he used to play for the Suns when I had the Suns tickets. I respect anybody that's gay.”
Watson went on to say that he held no ill feelings toward anybody, but could not dismiss his faith and the Bible's teachings about gays.
Watson also was forthcoming about his own issues with his faith as a self-described sinner.
“I'm not saying I'm better than anybody else,” Watson said. “I'm not saying he's wrong; I'm saying I love him. If he called me right now and said, 'Hey,' or any person that was gay called me, I'd go to dinner with them any time. It's just my belief system on the Bible says you can't be gay. That's a sin. So somebody living in sin I believe to be wrong.”
Watson’s attitude on the golf course has been an issue, and he is aware that some of his actions need improvement.
“The Bible says how to act, and I try to act that way,” Watson said. “Now, I don't do it every time. We've seen me get mad before. I do wrong, too. Every time I hit a bad shot, I'm pretty mad about it.”



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