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What to Look For When Purchasing Golf Clubs for Beginners

Buying your very first set of golf clubs can be a satisfying moment for any golfer, but it can also be somewhat daunting if you don’t know what you’re looking for. With this in mind, here’s some great information that should help you to get started.

Buying Golf Clubs to Fit
Just like buying golf wear, it’s important to purchase the right clubs for your height. In some cases, using the wrong sized clubs on a continual basis can cause injury not to mention affecting your golf game itself. Therefore it’s vital to get this right. If you know your correct height then most golf club retailers will have height to club ratio charts that are fairly easy to follow and this will allow you to find the perfect club for your height.

Identify your Golfing Goals
Golf clubs can range from reasonably priced to very expensive and a general rule of thumb is that the more expensive clubs won't necessarily improve your game. If you are looking to take the hobby up as an active sport and play every week, then you may want to look at paying a little more for your clubs. However if you’re simply looking to play a few times a year with your brother in law then you may want to look at cheaper clubs.

Half or Full Set
For anyone looking to take up the game you may want to consider a half set. Generally they consist of a four, six and eight iron, a sand wedge, pitching wedge and a putter. In addition you’ll probably get a four and five wood. These are all the clubs that a beginner really needs. Also, the limited selection means that it’s far less daunting when selecting the right clubs for the shot and if you prefer you can always add clubs to your set as you feel the need.

Try Before you Buy
The right golf clubs have to look and feel right in the hand, so it’s important to try before you buy. Most bricks and mortar establishments will have a mini driving range or area where you can try clubs out, before you part with your hard earned cash. If you do decide to shop online (and in many cases this is often where you find the cheapest offers) make sure that you choose a reputable retailer and one that has a no hassle returns policy. This way you can get that same try before you buy experience, by shopping online, as you can with Galvin Green Golf.

Finding the Sweet Spot
Golf club manufacturers are pretty ingenious and as a result, many beginners clubs have something known as perimeter-weighted heads. This gives the head of the club an expanded sweet spot making it far more forgiving. In addition graphite shafts are generally considered better for beginners because they carry less weight than steel shafts and are more flexible, meaning that more weight can be put through the head. Therefore in theory, the ball can be struck further with less of a swing.

Hopefully armed with this information you can go out and purchase the right set of golf clubs. Check out a wide range of golf clubs at 118Golf and enjoy your new found sport.

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