Thursday, February 19, 2009

Loch Ness Juniors, Luckless Leadbetters

lead way in Fairways Target Golf Leagues

The Loch Ness Juniors kept up their unbeaten run in the Monday night league, maintaining their four-point lead at the top but now over just one team. It was the Neverwillbees, who have never found their form this season, who fell to the Juniors in what was another low-scoring night for all teams.
The Specialists saw off BM Trucks to be alone in second place as Trilight lost to a Fairways team that still could not manage a full team line-up. This leaves Trilight and Fairways tied on 6 points, just two behind the Specialists but a distant six points behind the Juniors.
With four games left to play, the battle is on the second qualifying spot in the Top Team Play-offs.
The Neverwillbees 12 - 34 Loch Ness Juniors
Fairways 28 - 16 Trilight
BM Trucks 19 - 28 Specialists.

The Tuesday league provided two big results, one at either end of the table. At the top, first played second and it was an encounter that kept everyone on the edge of their seats until the final ball was counted.
The Luckless Leadbetters, who tasted defeat for the first time this season and saw their air of invincibility diminish in subsequent matches, were taken all the way by a plucky Coastguards team who, despite not scoring big, have been grinding out results.
The match score couldn't have been closer with just one shot separating the teams and it was in favour of the Leadbetters who now find themselves two points clear at the top with the Coastguards dropping to third.
The Coastguards are on the same points are Darren's Dazzlers who top scored in their easy win against a lacklustre Raigmore Motel but the Dazzlers have the better shots-scored record and therefore leapfrog the Coastguards.
With the league split just one game away, Patsy's Pets loss to Muirton could be crucial as the Pets are in fifth place, tied on points with Raigmore.
However, they play each next week in a winner-takes-all game for a place in the top half. The Sainties lost their chance of making the top four with their part in the night's biggest result as the Fairhurst Fore finally made an impression, scoring 36 shots which was good enough to beat the Sainties by six, thus securing Fairhurst their first points of the year.
Fairhurst 36 - 30 The Sainties
Raigmore Motel 12 - 52 Darren'sDazzlers
Patsy's Pets 9 - 40 Muirton Marvels
Coastguards 29 - 30Luckless Leadbetters
1Loch Ness Juniors 6 12
2 Specialists 6 8
3 Trilight 6 6
4 Fairways 6 6
5 The Neverwillbees 6 2
6 BM Trucks 6 2
1 Luckless Leadbetters 6 10
2 Darren's Dazzlers 6 8
3 Coastguards 6 8
4 Raigmore Motel 6 6
5 Patsy's Pets 6 6
6 Muirton Marvels 6 4
7 The Sainties 6 4
8 Fairhurst Fore 6 2



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