Wednesday, December 31, 2008

John Daly suspended for six months by
US Tour ... according to the man himself

John Daly has told the meda today that he has been suspended for six months by the US PGA Tour for conduct that brought unwelcome publicity, including a night in a North Carolina jail to sober up.
"Is it fair that I got suspended? It's not fair in reality, but it's probably fair in perception," he told The Associated Press.
This is the second time the two-time major champion has been suspended. The 42-year-old Daly called this the lowest point of a wild 18-year career.
He has not played on the US PGA Tour since he missed the cut on October 17 in Las Vegas. Ten days later, police in Winston-Salem, North Carolina said Daly appeared intoxicated outside a Hooters restaurant, and he was taken to jail to sleep it off.
Daly decided to go public with the suspension "to be fair to my fans and tournament organisers" during the first three months of the season when he typically plays. His last victory was the Buick Invitational in 2004, and Daly said his five-year exemption as a past champion runs out this year.
Daly played in Australian events earlier this month and was involved in an incident which saw him smash a specator's camera against a tree. He said he would continue playing the European Tour, starting with a three-week swing in the United Arab Emirates.
"This is the lowest I've ever been," Daly said. "There's always light with me. Right now, my home tour is probably Europe. And I love the European tour. I always have. But my home is the United States. That's where I would rather play."
Daly isn't even sure when the suspension began, but he hopes it ends in May. He said US PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem sent a letter to his agent, Bud Martin, who passed along the news.
"Tim and his staff have to do what they do," Daly said. "Truly and honestly, I wish Tim would get to know the facts better before he makes a decision. I would love to sit down and have a nice talk with him, tell him what really happened. But perception is reality in the world, and sometimes they have to do what they have to do."


Wayward golf star John Daly is welcome back in Australia, despite being suspended from his home US PGA Tour.
Australasian PGA Tour officials and Australian Masters promoter David Rollo of IMG said he would be happy for the American to return.
"Our experiences with him on the (Australian) Masters were entirely positive. He was a pleasure to deal with so, if the circumstances were right again, we'd certainly look at giving him an invitation back," Rollo said.
Daly played the Australian Masters, Australian PGA and Australian Open tournaments with the only controversy coming when he snatched a fan's camera - cameras are not permitted in the crowd - and hurled it against a tree.
Rollo said that the US Tour had contacted Australasian Tour director of tournaments Andrew Langford-Jones and asked for a report on Daly's behaviour during the Aussie Masters at Huntingdale.
"It was exemplary in terms of everything we ever asked him to do in terms of media conferences and so on. He was outstanding and Andrew fed that back in," Rollo said.
"John Daly is a decent individual. There's no question in my mind about that and hopefully he gets his game back to where it should be."

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