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Golf Improvement courses to be staged at 

The Marcliffe at Pitfodels Hotel

 Duncan Wilson is a qualified Trainer and Diagnostic practitioner of Thought Field Therapy and is currently a part-time employee at The Marcliffe at Pitfodels Hotel near Aberdeen and a consultant for the new Golf Improvement courses.
 I have always been amazed having worked at the Marcliffe Hotel in two different spells by the heart felt attachment people have from around the world to play the finest courses.
Here in Scotland we have much to be grateful for, “ Scotland The Home Of Golf “, with this crown comes great responsibility, what extra can we offer here in Scotland to the people who travel hundreds of miles and spend their hard earned money in our country and what else can we offer our local people?
It is human emotions driving the desire to come to our wonderful country to experience Golf and other things Scottish. The incredible Open final round between Phil Mickelson and Henrick Stenson highlights the ability to control emotions under great pleasure.The resilience shown in particular in the last round will live with many of us forever.

                                                        Thought Field Therapy
After 15 years of being qualified in Thought Field Therapy the time has come to focus specifically on Golf. TFT is remarkably quick way of eliminating negative emotions. In 2002 I trained with Dr Roger Callahan an American Psychologist who is responsible for millions of people being taken out of trauma, phobia, anxiety and more by teaching a Self Help Method that the United States Health Department have deemed as effective in resilience/self concept/self regulation/truama and more.
                                                             Tackling the issues
When Golfers step out on the course they are on their own with their clubs, ball, conditions, playing partners and of course their THOUGHTS. Imagine being able to deal with negativity before you step out on the course simply by tapping on acupressure points that take anxiety away. Imagine examining every aspect from first tee nerves, driving issues, bunker fears, chipping and putting challenges along with past errors that still hang about years later but present themselves sub consciously at vital moments. How about the Comfort Zone that allows you to make a great first nine only kicking in  to spoil the last nine just because your handicap is a number! The great news we can reduce or eliminate these issues. Many times the core issues are actually outside the Golf Course but present on the course. I remember a friend telling me his boss saying to an employee don’t take your problems to work – as if we had two entirely different Brains to switch on and off depending where we are.
                                                                              “ Yips “
The “ Yips “ effect 30% of Golfers during a lifetime, Golfing greats such as Sam Snead, Tommy Armour, Sergio Garcia, Ernie Els, Mark O’Meara, Berhard Langer, Ben Hogan, Tom Watson, Ian Baker Finch, David Duval , Jonny Miller and  even Hank Haney wrote an article on How Tiger Got the Yips ( February 2015  Golf Digest). 
This menace has even been studied by the Mayo Clinic.  Although they believed the Yips was probably psychological , Focal Dystonia a Neurological condition that affects muscle groups was also a cause. EFT  practitioner Lynn  Francis in a pilot study with 6 golfers had 100% cure rate.
 I have found the basic TFT Algorithm works with up to 90% of golfers with negative emotions. TFT or tapping as it is called has been subject of dozens of clinical trials.


Starting in January 2017 I will be running Golf Improvement courses to benefit local North east Golfers. The courses will be run at The Marcliffe at Pitfodels Hotel, a mile or two to the west of Aberdeen,  where many of the World's best Professional Golfers have stayed. 
It is a marvellous location with the host Stewart Spence one of the most knowledgeable hotel owners in the land. The Marcliffe  is a very popular destination for overseas Golfers and  the ideal venue to launch this revolutionary approach that many golfers have yet to experience.
                                                                     Post-Course Introduction
Immediately after the course I will give an introduction to a Health Technology that has wonderful applications for Golfers. I was introduced to it via Thought Field Therapy in 2005. It has changed my life and health. I have seen Olympic Gold Medalists, World Cup Winning Football Team, hundreds of  athletes in sports of all disciplines use this technology to improve results. A least two Senior Golfers have won National  P.G.A. titles using the technology.
We will be addressing Energy improvement, pain relief, strength, stamina, flexability, stress management, improved sleep and much more making this a very special morning at the Marcliffe!

For further course details please contact :

Mobile phone contact : 077453 60287



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