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Graham Fox hole in one on way to finishing T2 behind Robert Coles in PGAs of Europe Beko Classic in Turkey

Robert Coles (p)The PGA in England’s Robert Coles carded a two-under par 70 in the final round of the 2016 Beko Classic Pro-Am at Gloria Hotels & Resorts to add another Beko Pro-Am title to his collection.

Coles’ past wins came in 2009 and 2013, with the latter also taking place at Gloria in Belek, Turkey, where he again finished on a -12 total (204).

Watch interview highlights with Robert Coles, John Daly & Graham Fox -
Watch interview highlights with Robert Coles, John Daly & Graham Fox -
“It’s been a great week – I got off to a reasonable start and had a great day yesterday and scrambled through today really…so delighted to win three times,” explained Coles.

“It’s quite bittersweet with the sad loss of Mustafa.  I think golf in Turkey is better for Mustafa – it’s a great week with the tribute and trophy named after him and hopefully it’s not just this week but it’s years to come that his legacy lives on.”

Coles began the day with a four-shot lead but had lost three of those shots in his opening four holes on Gloria’s New Course.  But a birdie on the 18th hole, his ninth, followed by a further three birdies in a row allowed him to recover that deficit, with a further birdie at hole nine to close out the event.

Four shots behind Coles, ending the round as he had begun it, was the Champions Tour’s own and two-time major winner, John Daly, alongside the PGA in Scotland’s number one on the 2016 moneylist, Graham Fox.

Daly, beginning on hole one, made his way out in one-under par, but mid-way through his back nine had a bogey at the par-four 13th hole.  But bouncing-back on the next hole with a birdie recovered that drop-shot and then a further birdie on hole 18 brought him into the second position.
“As always with the last five or six years I’ve been coming here, it’s a class act,” said Daly.  “The course was great and all the amateurs and pros loved it and that’s what it’s all about.

“Unfortunately Mustafa wasn’t here to see it this year and I know it was dear to his heart like it is to mine, and that’s why we keep coming back: for him.”

Fox, who also made a hole-in-one during Round 02 of the Pro-Am, began the round at five-under par, but advanced his way up the leaderboard with four birdies and a bogey for a three-under 69.

“But getting an invite and coming out here to this weather and mixing with all the Turkish guys is great and they’re great guys to play with,” added Fox.  “You’ve got to be on top of your game here as it’s a great test of golf, both courses are and I love coming here.”

The Team Pro-Am was won by Opet 2, made up of amateurs Huseyin Demirag, Nida Cireli and Richard Ozatacan.  They were joined in Round 03 by England’s Jamie Moul, having also been helped along by Liam Bond (PGA in Wales) and Jamie Little (England).

After rounds of 88 and 89 points, a further 89 points gave them an outstanding overall total of 266 points (-50).

Team Opet 1 maintained their hold on second position with 259 points (-43) whilst Team Sarum Diamond earned third place with 253 points (-37). 
         -2 F -12 706470204
Robert Coles 
John Daly (p) -2 F -8 726670208
T2 Graham Fox (p) -3 F -8 716869208
T4 Bjorn Pettersson (p) -3 F -7 716969209
T4 Pierre Relecom (p) -4 F -7 717068209
T6 David Lynn (p) E F -5 716872211
T6 Pontus Widegren (p) -3 F -5 746869211
T8 Garry Houston (p) -2 F -4 717170212
T8 David Griffiths (p) +2 F -4 677174212
T8 Oscar Floren (p) -3 F -4 727169212
T8 Raymond Russell (p) +2 F -4 657374212
T12 Erol Simsek (p) -3 F -2 727369214
T12 Phil Golding (p) +2 F -2 657574214
14 Christopher Mivis (p) +1 F -1 756773215
T15 Jamie Elson (p) +3 F E 717075216
T15 Jamie Little (p) E F E 717372216
T15 Jamie Moul (p) +1 F E 707373216
T18 James Hepworth (p) -1 F +3 747471219
T18 Liam Bond (p) +1 F +3 767073219
20 Philip Archer (p) +2 F +4 757174220
T21 Joakim Rask (p) +3 F +5 747275221
T21 Ediz Kemaloglu (p) E F +5 797072221
T21 Sion Bebb (p) +2 F +5 757274221
24 Jon Bevan (p) +2 F +7 767374223
25 Peter Scott (p) +5 F +17 768077233
26 Simon Forrest (p) +15 F +33 788487249



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