Thursday, August 25, 2016

Tony Jacklin's son Sean scores first win of summer on West Florida Tour

  Sean Jacklin with West Florida Tour co-ordinator Ross Hanson (don't ask us which is which!)

Sean, one of Tony Jacklin's family of six, was born at Biggar and he lists "Scotland" as his home country.
This was his first win of the summer on the West Florida Tour.
Another Scot, Paul Ferrier, finished out of the money on this one. 
SCROLL down past the scores to find out more about Sean Jacklin.
RankingPlayer Name
Day 1Day 2Day 3ScorePrize MoneyPoints
1Sean Jacklin666666198$3,000.0030100
2Charles Wang676766200$1,800.0018100
3Kevin Aylwin676867202$1,350.0013600
4Chris Kennedy666869203$1,120.0011300
T5Sebastian Mark706569204$870.008800
T5Ryan Gildersleeve706668204$870.008800
T5Patrick Williams647268204$870.008800
T5Jordan Massey676869204$870.008800
T9Daniel Chopra697165205$580.005900
T9Jake Sherwin666871205$580.005900
T9J.C. Horne637270205$580.005900
T12Michael Visacki686870206$525.005350
T12Hernan Borja706670206$525.005350
T14Cole Taylor686871207$505.005150
T14A.J. Morris746766207$505.005150
T16Spence Fulford736867208$480.004900
T16Andrew Gain726868208$480.004900
T16Evan Harmeling716869208$480.004900
19Domenico Geminiani667370209$460.004700
20Hunter Cornelius707169210$310.003200
21Daniel Hoeve706972211$310.003200
T22Sam Osborne707171212$310.003200
T22Dillon Board717071212$310.003200
T24Mike Andre7369100242$0.00100
T24Tony Hajek6874100242$0.00100
T24Aaron Sherry7369100242$0.00100
T24Andy Hess7072100242$0.00100
T24Blake Biggs7270100242$0.00100
29Devin Spies7370100243$0.00100
T30Jordan Miller7569100244$0.00100
T30Rocky Khara7371100244$0.00100
T30Paul Ferrier6975100244$0.00100
T30John Chaney7470100244$0.00100
T30Alex Lodge7371100244$0.00100
T30Clayton Gregory7074100244$0.00100
T36James Tisdale7372100245$0.00100
T36Jason Hnat7273100245$0.00100
T36Andrew Wilkinson7471100245$0.00100
T36Samuel Chavez7174100245$0.00100
T40Geoff Moore7670100246$0.00100
T40Matthew Garcia7571100246$0.00100
T40Colin Van Es7274100246$0.00100
T40Zachary Alligood (am)7670100246$0.00 (v)100
T44Xander McDonald-Smith7077100247$0.00100
T44Tyler Sluman7374100247$0.00100
T44Zach Golembiewski7275100247$0.00100
T47John Lento7772100249$0.00100
T47Abdul Sihag7475100249$0.00100
T47Daniel Caban (am)7178100249$0.00 (v)100
T50David Good7476100250$0.00100
T50Andrew Seeman7377100250$0.00100
T52Thomas Stirling7675100251$0.00100
T52Thomas Joiner7477100251$0.00100
T52Keith Greene7477100251$0.00100
55Landon Weber (am)7776100253$0.00 (v)100
T56Spencer Schultz (am)7777100254$0.00 (v)100
T56Scott Lamb7678100254$0.00100
T56Brian Karman
59Brendan Worthy (am)
7982100261$0.00 (v)100

Sean Jacklin named after Sean Connery
HE is the son of one of England’s greatest golfers but Sean Jacklin is proudly flying the Scottish flag as he bids to follow in his dad Tony’s footsteps. 
Named after his father’s good friend Sean Connery, Jacklin junior was born in Biggar during a four-year spell when Tony and his second wife, Astrid, lived in Quothquhan Lodge close to the South Lanarkshire town. 
Sean’s spent most of his life in the United States, where his parents moved in 1993 to coincide with two-times major winner Jacklin senior becoming eligible for the Champions Tour.



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