Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Golf Scoreboard

MyGolfRanking for Fife Golfing Association and its participating Clubs

                                         FIFE - Week 11, 18 March 2012

      Ranking      Name                   Club                                                                   Points
            1              Andy Hodge                        Earlsferry Thistle                             525.00
            2              John Paisley                       Earlsferry Thistle                             516.67
            3              G H Le Maitre                      Royal and Ancient                           375.00
                            A J N Loudon                     Royal and Ancient                           375.00
            5              Greg Walker                        Earlsferry Thistle                             366.67
            6              T W Corke                            St Andrews GC                               341.67
            7              David Redpath                   Earlsferry Thistle                             333.33
            8              Dwayne Johnson              Leven G S                                        333.33
            9              J S Clark                              St Andrews GC                               300.00
                            H Niall Scott                        St Andrews GC                               300.00
           11             C R Blair                               St Andrews GC                               291.67
           12             D A Comb                            Royal and Ancient                           283.33
                            H J Thomson                      Royal and Ancient                           283.33
           14             R D Muckart                        Royal and Ancient                           266.67
                            Fraser Thomson                Earlsferry Thistle                             266.67
           16             Adam Carnall                      Falkland                                           266.67
                            Colin Edwards                   Kirkcaldy                                          266.67
           18             A Cannon                            St Andrews GC                               250.00
                            G A Crichton                       St Andrews GC                               250.00
                            R Mitchell                             St Andrews GC                               250.00
                            J W G Patrick                      Royal and Ancient                           250.00
                            R Thomson                         St Andrews GC                               250.00
           23             Sam Harris                          Leven G S                                        241.67
                            Colin McMann                    Leven G S                                        241.67
           25             Sandy Syme                       Earlsferry Thistle                             233.33

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