Saturday, September 21, 2019

+Sunday's semi-finals will tee off at 08.45 and 09.15. The final will start at 1.15pm


Royal Aberdeen 1 bt Forres by one hole
Nick Macandrew, Craig Leith 0, Jeff Wright, Grant Stuart 2
Niall Young, Daniel Sim 3, Bryan Fotheringham, Stuart MacLennan 0.

Elgin 1 bt Nigg Bay by one hole
Dave Hector, Andrew Moir 0, Gordon Grimmer, Steven Jamieson 1.
Richard Bremner, Danny Edwards 2 Lee O'Connor, Ryan Forbes 0.

Tain bt Cruden Bay by nine holes
Billy Ferris, A Everett 4, Gary McDonald, Don King 0.
Munro Ferris, S Kennedy 5, Curtis Stephens, Alister Kinghorn 0.

Nairn 1 bt Duff House Royal by seven holes
Andrew Burgess, Logan Gillies 3, Lewis West, Ellis Gray 0.
Fraser Fotheringham, Jamie Lloyd 4, Iain Galbraith, Alfie Smith 0

Banchory 2 bt Invergordon by one hole
David Brand, Craig Lindsay 4, Steven Buchan, Kenneth Hearton 0.
Blair Milne, Fergus Bisset 0, Gary Urquhart, David McCormack 3

Deeside bt Royal Aberdeen 2 by five holes
David Macklin, Tom Rennie 0, Don Macandrew, Grant Joss 0.
Jamie Hall, Alan Ross 5, Douglas Purdie, Mike Wilson 0.

Newmachar 1 bt Banchory 1 by 13 holes
Martin Lawrence, Mark Rae 10, Fergus Milne, Ben Reid 0.
Chris Simpson, Mark McKenzie 3, Adam Lindsay, Lindsay Smart 0.

Moray 1 bt Murcar Links by three holes
Malcolm MacLeman, Graham Murray 0, Bryan Innes, Terry Mathieson 0.
Kevin Thompson, Jordan Edwards 3, Anthony Bews, Chris Somers 0.

Elgin 1 bt Royal Aberdeen 1 by two holes
Hector, Moir 2, N Macandrew, Leith 0.
Bremner, D Edwards  0, Young, Sim 0.

Nairn 1 bt Tain by two holes
Burgess, Gillies 1, B Ferris, Everett 0
F Fotheringham, Lloyd 1, M Ferris, Kennedy 0

Banchory 2 bt Deeside by four holes
Brand, Lindsay 2, Macklin, Rennie 0.
Milne, Bisset 2, Hall, Ross 0.

Moray 1 bt Newmachar 1 by three holes
MacLeman, Murray 6, Lawrence, Rae 0
Thompson, J Edwards 0, Simpson, McKenzie 3.



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