Sunday, June 02, 2019

Aberdeen Links Championship quarter-final draws for Wednesday evening:

4.40 B Edmond (BA) v A Doig (C)
4.48 C Johnstone (N) v M Beattie (C)
4.56 S Forsyth (N) v C Somers (ML)
5.04 M Dunn (BA) v P Stewart (H)

5.12 R Pirie (C) v T Gray (RA)
5.20 D Forbes (C) v S Allison (BA)
5.28 C Chalmers (N) v G Meade (C)
5.36 G Massie (C) v L Amos (C)

5.44 S Fraser (N) v G Clifford (BA)
5.52 A Pirie (N) v M Ogston (N)
6.00 B Kerr (N) v T Butler (N)
6.08 R Massie (C) v M Boyd (BA)

B Edmond (BA) beat S Murphy (BA) 4 and 3
A Doig (C) beat G Somers (BA) 1 hole
C Johnstone (N) beat N Walker (N) 1 hole
M Beattie (C) beat W Ross (C) 6 and 5

S Forsyth (N) beat R Allerton (BA) 4 and 3
C Somers (ML) beat S Whyte (C) 3 and 2
M Dunn (BA) beat J S Gray (C) 4 and 3
P Stewart (H) beat M Edmond (BA) 4 and 3

R Pirie (C) beat R Davidson (C) 6 and 5
T Gray (RA) beat L Ross (C) at 19th
D Forbes (C) beat A Sheldrick (C) 5 and 4
S Allison (BA) beat D Grieve (BA) 1 hole

C Chalmers (N) beat L Hadden (BA) 3 and 2
G Meade (C) beat G McBeath (C) 4 and 3
G Massie (C) beat J Muir (N) 1 hole.
L Amos (C) beat P Benson (N) 3 and 2

S Fraser (N) beat R Dunn (BA) 4 and 2
G Clifford (BA) beat A Sherriffs (N) at 20th
A Pirie (N) beat S McKenzie (N) 4 and 3
M Ogston (N) beat G Martin (BA) 3 and 2

B Kerr (N) beat S Guyan (BA) 3 and 1
T Butler (N) beat J McKechnie (BA) 5 and 3
R Massie (C) beat J Reid (N) at 19th
M Boyd (BA) beat S Leslie (C) 2 and 1


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