Wednesday, May 15, 2019


The first day of the Seniors Northern Counties Cup was played at Brora in hazy sunshine although there was a fresh north-easterly breeze. I
n the morning Boat of Garten overwhelmed Elgin by 14 holes, both pairs winning by 7 holes.
The first Murcar Links pairing of M Lornie and A Fiddes gave their team an excellent start by defeating their opponents from Nairn Dunbar 2 by eight holes, and the Brora 1 team from the host club had an emphatic, eight-hole win against Eriskay Whisky Galore.
Neil Harper, representing Deeside, had a hole in one at the 6th hole in their match against Duff House Royal 2. However, it was to no avail as their first pair lost by five holes.
 In Round 2 Moray squeezed through by one hole, and the big winners were Royal Dornoch 1 and Royal Aberdeen by 15 and 12 holes respectively. 
Nairn, the  holders, progressed safely through to the quarter-finals


Boat of Garten bt Elgin by 14 holes
J A Grant, S Ritchie 7, B Inch, M Kearney 0; G Hay, J Ingram 7, I Hamilton, G Paterson 0.
Brora 1 bt Eriskay Whisky Galore by 8 holes
R Cameron, T Gill 5, P Bannerman, E Morrison 0; N Elliot, C Tulloch 3, W Rusk, G McNeil 0.

Murcar bt Nairn Dunbar 2 by 8 holes

M Lornie, A Fiddes 8, K Campbell, D Lamb 0; D Allan, B Holbrook 0, H Bunker, B Ford 0.

Duff House Royal 2 bt Deeside by 4 holes
A Smith, E Thomson 5, S Ritchie, K Ingram 0, A Cruickshank, G Kelly 0, D Rennie, N Harper 1.


Cruden Bay bt Strathpeffer by 3 holes

S Hutcheon, M Smith 6, P Gair, D Krzyzanowski 0; W Livingston, J Cooper 0, J Garrow, S Kennedy 3.

Moray bt Brora 2 by on3 hole
M Macintosh, J Murray 0, W Stewart, P Laird 2; R Wilson, R Sim 1, K Harrison 0, K Scott 0.

Brora 1 bt Boat of Garten by 7 holes
J A Grant, S Ritchie 0, R Cameron, T Gill 4; G Hay, J Ingram 0. N Elliot, C Tulloch 3.

Murcar Links bt Duff House Royal 2 by 4 holes

M Lornie, A Fiddes 0, A Smith, E Thomson 0; D Allan, B Holbrook 4, A Cruickshank, G Kelly 0.

Nairn Dunbar 1 bt Duff House Royal 1 by 4 holes

A Kennedy, P Gordon 0, C Duffy, G Robbins 4; M Jenkins, I Angus 0, I Duncan, D Bunker 0.

Royal Dornoch 1 bt Orkney by 15 holes

D Pearson, D MacDougall 7, A Donaldson, S Fotheringhame 0; J Seatter, K Fraser 8, E Donaldson, A McGinn 0.

Royal Aberdeen bt Inverness by 12 holes

J Johnston, S Houston 7, L Chancellor, J MacAulay 0; N Forster, A Laird, 5, E Brown, W Hutcheson 0.                                  
 Nairn bt Royal Dornoch 2 by 9 holes

R Smith, P Saggers 6, K Taylor, I Thomson 0; P Tomisson, W Morris 3. R Murray, A Ramsay 0.




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